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2h c7 8The cat with blue eyes
I like the whole plot and the idea behind it. with just them two knowing the dynamic is different. I also liked the fact that Rose had still all her marks and had to think about something on the spot. it made for some very good comparison with her old self and showed how much she matured since then
6/19 c7 antipyro
Love this fic now that it’s on solid ground. The beginning was so different, it made it a little hard to follow, but I made it through.
4/10 c7 LilLinkGirl
Sweet! Please let more follow soon 'cause I can't wait to see what happens when the school gets the fake transcripts.
3/10 c7 725Radiant Arabian Nights
Love it!:)
More please:)!
Hope you continue soon!
12/2/2021 c7 Sara
This is a great fic! Please keep writing!
11/24/2021 c7 Guest
Looking forward to more :)
11/1/2021 c7 1The View From Up Here
I really hope Abe shows up for at least a chat!
10/27/2021 c7 cornalia rosalie hale
OMG! Thank you for the update, I absolutely hate compared to AO3 but stories like yours are why I still keep checking my account, so thank you for updating it
10/27/2021 c7 DrakiSwan
Oh por dios, estoy tan emocionada, muero por ver cuánto tarda nuestro querido Dimitri en fall in love con su Roza
10/27/2021 c7 aDarkKindOfCalm
i love this story so much! everything about it so far is amazing :)
10/25/2021 c7 David12leca
Hell yes so stoked this was updated well done.
10/23/2021 c7 Isahh
YES! I was ecstatic when I got the update notification. Chapter 7 is finally out and you did not disappoint. How is that you're so good at cliffhangers? Before I was dying to know the outcome of Rose and Dimitri's sparring and Abe's response, now I'm dying to know what's coming! When will Abe demand explanations? When will Janine hear about Rose's status not only as a Guardian, but as a Promised Guardian? Dammit! I'm hooked on this story! I was then and I still am now, around a year later. I want to growl with anxiety (ha ha), but I'm holding myself for the sake of politeness.

You nailed this chapter! Spirit's Call keeps getting better each time I come back.

Looking forward to the next chapter,
10/22/2021 c7 AuroraAstera
Great chapter! I'm so glad you're still updating. This fic has been rolling around in the back of my head, loudly, since I first came across it. I'm so excited to read more! I hope Abe sends her a silver stake and a phone because I don't know where else she can get either of those, especially the stake since she would have gotten one after graduation and it would be strange if she didn't have one at all.

I'm really looking forward to seeing Abe become involved the way you've set it up. Will he come to meet Rose at school? Or possibly at the ski lodge? He must be so curious, and the truth must obviously be told in person rather than over the phone or by email, for safety and secrecy. He's going to be an amazing ally for Rose and Lissa. I can't wait to see Lissa go up against Tatiana as well, and no doubt Adrian will be just as drawn to Rose this time around. At least he won't get his heart broken by her now.

I admit, I really love that it's only Rose and Lissa who remember the future, and hope it stays that way. I like how you described them as soulmates, which makes it all the more fitting. I can't wait to read more, and hope it won't be a long wait! Thanks so much :)
10/22/2021 c7 Feluda99
This is amazing <3
10/22/2021 c7 Jayash43
Finally! I'm so glad u continued w the story. You're the best. Love this story
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