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11/5/2021 c30 1rkkey123
Are you going to continue this? I've read all of it from the Halfa Hiccups to here and I really like the story you have going. Please finish it.
5/1/2019 c30 Guest
Hey ojala continues pronto tu historia es bastante entretenida y graciosa!
4/27/2019 c1 Mark
Just a word about the Lemony Snicket/Matilda crossover you reviewed. By the end of the original book Matilda's powers had gone. It mixes up the book and the film version.
11/22/2018 c30 Neeko96
At least they weren't TARED and FEATHERED since that might have ruined the whole joke. -
11/10/2018 c30 7speedyowl152
*le sigh* what a waste of chocolate and gummy bears. It's a shame the crew weren't there to record the earlier parts of the fight, now it's a question of if the geeks and the nerd herd are able to duck out of there before they get caught -
11/9/2018 c30 34GhostWriterGirl-1
Poor Lex. I feel sorry for him. Though Paulina doesn’t deserve you waiting on her hand and foot!
Spoiled, bratty princess is a more accurate description.
Is it weird that I want to see what happened with the jester juggling waffles?
Yep, you should NEVER prank the Pranking Master Danny Fenton/Phantom, especially when he has ghost powers on his side. And you should NEVERrank against a ghost, ESPECIALLY if they’re a poltergeist.
*tries to take the crown off of an undeserving Paulina*
What crimes are we talking about exactly?
The start of a school—and possibly town—wide prank war, Mr. Lancer
*sits back and gets the popcorn, M&M’s and tissues for tears of laughter, smiling like the Cheshire Cat* AND NOW THE WAR COMMENCES! LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE! MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOUR! AAAHHH!
OH NO! Your poor dad! He’s really been in the wars! Hope he’ll be okay!
That’s okay! I’m glad that you like them!
Looking forward to your next chapter; keep on writing!
GhostWriterGirl out!
11/2/2018 c29 GhostWriterGirl-1
Why do I feel like Team Phantom was innocent here? And yes, BRING IT!
*yawns* The tour is making ME bored while reading it! And I would be just as shy as the members of the science club if a television group visited.
TOBY planted the water ballon?! *applauds him* And I agree with Angie; how DID he get the locker combination.
JONESIE’S BACK!*screams happily*
Yeah, maybe it’s because of that.
Why did he throw that thingy at Clay and Chris?*reads on*Oh. Never mind!
*is speechless from laughing so much*
Technically, Clay and Chris ARE right, since Tucker threw it at them, but since Jonesie didn’t see that, he’s got no reason to believe them.
That... actually would be cool to have a device that could control the sprinklers for dramatic rain and stuff.
So Lester and Clark were responsible for turning the sprinklers on and off, huh?
The JANITOR is on Team Phantom’s side as well?! *grins*
I’m glad that your dad’s getting better! Hopes and prayers that he’ll be okay by Christmas!
Looking forward to your next chapter; keep on writing!
10/28/2018 c28 Aphaxy
Hi! I just wanted to say that I love your writing and that I'm excited to see what's next!
Also, I'm glad your dad is doing better.

God bless~
10/27/2018 c28 GhostWriterGirl-1
Ooh, can’t wait to see the episode!
That’s gonna be a light show when the Critical Crew uses the ray on Sam and Dash to get rid of the effects.
I can’t wait for Carrie and Toby’s pranks!
Geez! Team Phantom must be taking over the school by this point!
Same here, as well. But, I would hold myself back.
Same here, Tetslaff. Same here.
DEFINITELY the calm before the storm.
Nah, I don’t want it to be Box Ghost-proof... I LOVE Boxy annoying Team Phantom to death too much!
Ooo, I’ve got several suggestions! And they are:
. Honey and melted chocolate bombs with jellybeans and gummy bears
. Stuffed animal catapults, with the animals being both large and small
. Silly string and confetti and feathers and streamers
. Balloons filled with neon green slime that could be mistaken for ectoplasmic goo
. Cujo and Marty being unleashed on the A-Listers
. Using Ghostwriter’s keyboard to create zombies(though if a zombie bites someone, they won’t turn into one) and UFOs and aliens.
. Ghost-ice fighter jets that release ectoplasmic goop bombs!
. Playing a recording of Box Ghost yelling, “I AM THE BOX GHOST! BEWARE!” on repeat and blasting it from HUGE speakers
. Using Halloween masks and costumes to scare the A-listers!(like what Jazz did with Sam and Tucker’s costumes to scare Danny to get rid of his hiccups from The Halfa Hiccups)
. Have Danny use his duplication powers to make a dozen or so other Danny Fentons to freak out the A-listers!
. And last, but certainly not least, clown posters!
Looking EXTREMELY forward to your next chapter; keep on writing!
GhostWriterGirl out!
10/27/2018 c27 GhostWriterGirl-1
The Fentons are going to convince someone that ghosts don’t exist!? WHO KIDNAPPED THE REAL FENTONS AND WHO ARE THESE IMPOSTERS!?
Lies on top of more lies on top of even more lies... and you guys have got yourself a nice lie sandwich! Though, I have to admit, Jack and Maddie’s lie IS kinda believable, if I didn’t know the truth.
... I don’t want to even ask.
YAY! The Turkey-Leg nickname is back! “Turkey-Leg ate my socks.” “I DID NOT EAT YOUR SOCKS!”
Ray, if you think NORMAL Boxy is a Blue Demon... then you should have seen him on his rampage in The Core Cold(but he probably would have run off screaming to the hills)
Yay! I’m so happy for you! :)
Looking forward to your next chapter; keep on writing!
GhostWriterGirl out!
10/27/2018 c26 GhostWriterGirl-1
Shadow seems to be enjoying himself in destroying the GIW’s base.
All those tapes were hilarious! Especially the pipe and toilet one!(why do I have a feeling Johnny and Shadow were responsible for that one?)
Agreed, although a part of me wanted that machine to be destroyed.
Love their reactions! Box Ghost is the best; he should get the award for Most-Persistant Villain. But, how did they manage to hear that? Since the machine is deep underground, wouldn’t they have been unable to hear that?
I feel sorry for Ray. That ghost beaver has him traumatised.
Oh no! Prayers to you and your family that your dad gets better!
Looking forward to your next chapter; keep on writing!
GhostWriterGirl out!
10/27/2018 c25 GhostWriterGirl-1
Maybe you were secretly a genius and being delusional helped unlock it a bit?
*whispers*Machine from the GIW!
Oh dear, what’s happening to the A-listers?
Poor Boxy. He doesn’t know when to stop.
Let me guess... garden gnomes being launched from catapults?
*cackles madly at the jello prank*
If Dash hadn’t been redeemed at this point, Sam would have been horrified that she is telepathically linked to Dash now!
So, will Sam and Dash gain basic ghost powers? And will the energy awaken dormant nature powers in Sam after being mind-controlled by Undergrowth?
Wow. That’s... pretty straight forward.
Unfortunately not, guys.
What did Angie find out?
Oh my God! I hope your dad gets better.*prays for your dad*
Looking forward to your next chapter; keep on writing!
GhostWriterGirl out!
10/27/2018 c24 GhostWriterGirl-1
*imagines the crew piled up on top of one another like a pile of sleeping dragons*
Why did they split up? Rule 101 in scary/horror movies, DON’T split up!
Why do I feel sorry for the ghost beavers? Also, that part with the dream was too hilarious! Love Toby’s reasoning to crawling into bed with his sister; I was cackling like a witch at it.
I don’t have red hair, so I don’t know whether to be relieved or terrified if ghost beavers happen to be real and decide to attack.
Is it just me, or do Carrie and Ray remind me of Hermoine and Ron?
Oh boy, I have a bad feeling about that machine. And why is it in the colours of Christmas? Can it be in yellow or white or something like that?
Good question!*looks at author to get the answer as to why they were underneath the school*
Like I said, I’ve got a bad feeling about that machine, especially since it might be that ray gun thing.*bites fingernails nervously*
Looking forward to your next chapter; keep on writing!
GhostWriterGirl out!
10/27/2018 c23 GhostWriterGirl-1
Glad that Dash’s telepath problem is solved... somewhat...
Sorry boss-person, but we ALL know that’s a toupee(what in the Ghost Zone is a toupee, by the way?)
If you guys stayed longer, you would have found out that Maddie and Jack DON’T hunt ghosts anymore.
Me when I’ve been on a writing spree and go into the night. You’re not alone there, Ray.
Do I even want to know what the Critical Crew are planning?
That jello prank was hilarious!*imagines the A-listers as angry blue Smurfs*
Ooo...*grins evilly*
Yes! They’re gonna watch the videos!*bounces up and down in excitement*And yes, I remember THAT.
THEY DIDN’T TELL DASH AND KWAN ABOUT THE DANNY-SITTING!?*flips table and throws chairs, books, Fenton Anti-Creep Stick, empty thermos, Infinity Gauntlet, escape-proof container with the Venom symbiote inside and Riptide in it’s pen form around the room in anger that Team Phantom didn’t tell Dash and Kwan about Delusional!Danny*I swear, if they don’t tell Dash and Kwan about Dan Phantom, I’ll unleash an angry Box Ghost on you!
And here’s BOXY!
*is speechless from laughing at the “conversation” at the end of the chapter*
Looking forward to your next chapter; keep on writing!
GhostWriterGirl out!
10/27/2018 c22 GhostWriterGirl-1
Not for long, Dani.
Wow, way to be blunt about THAT, Danny.
Maddie isn’t a good liar. Wow.
AND NOW EVERYONE KNOWS! Yay!*throws confetti*
Ooh, yes. COUNTERATTACK! And it’ll be even better since Team Phantom has ghost powers and telepathy on their side...*grins evilly and rubs hands*
Man, the destroyed GIW base is SO creepy!*shivers*
Those... those MONSTERS! Why would they DO that to a sentient being!? I am SO glad that the GIW are shut down permanently, and that no ghosts will have to face that cruelty no longer.
And now the Critical Crew knows that ghosts ARE real!*breaks fourth wall and screams at them*AND IT TOOK THAT VIDEOTAPE AND FILE TO REALISE THAT!? YOU ARE COMPLETE AND UTTER MUTTONHEADS!
Oh boy, I am afraid for Danny and Dani since the Critical Crew now know that half-ghosts DO exist...
Of course. Stairs.*laughs*
Looking forward to your next chapter; keep on writing!
GhostWriterGirl out!
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