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9/21/2018 c23 3CeleneTheAngel
HAhahahaahahhahahhahahhahahh... OH GOD! That was hilarious! ha haha. Great Job!
9/10/2018 c21 Janelle22
Awesome update! Finally they all came together!
9/7/2018 c21 Guest
What do yuou mean your not good witht them that was amazing
8/27/2018 c19 Janelle22
Great chapter!
8/27/2018 c19 Janelle22
I can’t wait till the all meet each other!
8/24/2018 c19 7speedyowl152
I can't believe you gave him temporary amnesia *flips table* that's a lie I can completely believe this! Why are all of the A-listers Like That, big meanies, boooo! How are none of the herd noticing that Sam is projecting her thoughts, like theyll experience it but wont notice or comment on it, cmon guys you're supposed to be the smart ones! Everyone in amity is blind how do they live like this? Except Dash, he's doing well I'm dead proud of him.
8/18/2018 c18 34GhostWriterGirl-1
So THAT’S what happens when Skulker gets involved with catching Boxy.*sniggers*Can’t say, I’m disappointed with how hilarious that image looks.
It looks like Sam is getting some sort of sixth sense. And that man was totally Ray, wasn’t he?
But I ship Jazz with Wes Weston!
Oh god, please don’t tell me some of the plans including Paulina trying to murder Dash? Or suck his blood until he’s dead because she’s secretly a vampire? BECAUSE SHE TOTALLY IS! SHE IS TOTALLY A SECRET VAMPIRE!
Is it weird that I feel bad for Dash now and I want to hug him? Because I really, REALLY want to.
Now SAM is getting paranoid? What’s the world coming to? I tell you, it’s a SIXTH SENSE!
The jocks who are bullying Mike are getting beat up! I love it!*cackles madly*
Oh man, can I please see an image of Trent doing the Cold Slushie In His Shirt And Trying To Get It Out? Please?
Of course, you would record the most spectacular beat down of those bullies EVER. Who wouldn’t?
Oh man, I would TOTALLY be Lester with slamming the textbook over Chris’ head. But, I would probably be more savage and go for complete beating-him-up-by-textbook. But question: Did Danny and Clark trip Manny, or did they bite his ankles like complete savages?
I would be either cheering, or participating in the beatdown. Most likely the beatdown. What am I saying? GIVE ME A TEXTBOOK AND A JERKY JOCK SO THAT I CAN SMASH HIS NOSE IN OVER AND OVER AGAIN AND PUMMEL HIM WITH IT! ARRRGGGGHHH!
Maybe everyone has gotten pub smackdown fever, Pirates of the Caribbean Tortuga-style?
Of course Tetslaff would be proud of the smackdown, considering the dodgeball war in the Core Cold. She would have probably joined in if she had been there earlier.
Good for you, Mikey! And, I feel sorry for Mr. Lancer.
GO SAM! Because yeah, those jocks are getting WAY too spoiled. Why is Ishiyama still principal again? No, better question: why are half the teachers who are in the A-listers’ pockets still teachers there?
REALLY!? Well, it WAS an entire bus-full of kids taking each other out instead of just two girls taking out an entire team. But still, WOW!
Suddenly, I like Tetslaff more than I did in the show.
Uh oh, I’m getting a really bad feeling, and... Yeah. Dash has read your mind when you were thinking that.
Also... NOW you find out? *facepalms*Muttonhead.
Okay, Dash is in shock from learning that his former punching bag and his idol are one in the same. Let’s keep calm and... Yep, he’s fainted. Anyone know CPR?
Wow, GREAT lie, Kwan.*sarcastically claps*
Good that Valerie and Lester saw through Kwan’s lie.
Looking forward to your next chapter; keep on writing!
GhostWriterGirl out!
P.S. Also, I’ve been on a Pirates of the Caribbean splurge, as evidenced by the references in this review and the one for chapter fifteen.
8/18/2018 c17 GhostWriterGirl-1
Again, you guys STILL haven’t figured it out? And now you have concocted a conspiracy theory to explain what Dash has been hearing from people’s thoughts?*sighs and rolls her eyes*But, at least you’re now protecting the herd. I wish you luck.
Well, THAT escalated quickly.
Yikes. I am terrified about what would happen if Paulina would suddenly become a vampire... if she already isn’t one... oh my God.*now begins to go into conspiracy theory mode about Paulina being secretly a vampire*
Well, you being allergic to thinking is a good way to sum up that you nearly DIED, Dash.
What about Spider-Man?
Well, if you get detention, Dash, at least you’ll have it with the Nerd Herd. And THEN, you can find out Danny’s secret... hopefull...
Looking forward to your next chapter; keep on writing!
GhostWriterGirl out!
8/18/2018 c16 GhostWriterGirl-1
The Crew are cracking down! And, I feel sorry for Ray, but at the same time I am still mentally begging you to have more instances where Ray is tormented(by Skulker or Maddie, or maybe both at the same time? Please?)
Oh my God, I LOVE Toby and Angie’s new disguises!
At first, when I read Gibbs-slapped, I thought “JOSHAMEE GIBBS!” from Pirates of the Caribbean. But, it’s an entirely different Gibbs.
Oh, even with Angie and Toby thinking that Dani could be half-ghost, you STILL haven’t figured it out?*sighs*
Forgot to mention it in the last chapter, but I’ll mention it here: Yep, duct tape can do ANYTHING. Except help capture ghosts. Although, it’s my favourite method to silence my OCs.*all my OCs glare at me.*What?
Okay, Ray is starting to figure it out, but Angie still hasn’t?*sighs again*
Looking forward to your next chapter; keep on writing!
GhostWriterGirl out!
8/18/2018 c15 GhostWriterGirl-1
OH MY GOD! I LOVE BOX GHOST! I LOVE HIM TOMRENTING DANNY! But, I feel sorry for him. There MUST be a way to capture Boxy.
I love Youngblood teasing Dani! Makes me think about what will happen when they are older and feel MORE than friendship towards each other? Oh, NOW you find out about what Youngblood did before he changed, Dani?
Oh my God, even with Danny’s secret laid out bare, you two muttonheads STILL haven’t figured it out?
Looking forward to your next chapter; keep on writing!
GhostWriterGirl out!
8/17/2018 c18 Janelle22
FINALLY! I can’t believe it took Dash this long. Amazing chapter can’t wait for the next update!
8/17/2018 c18 3CeleneTheAngel
AHAHAHAHAHAH! *dies of laughter*
I was waiting so long for Dash to find out. It was long overdue.
Seriously, being able to read minds, and being around the herd a lot meant that someone was bound to think it at some point.
Great Chapter! Keep up the good work!
8/17/2018 c18 7speedyowl152
If Dash forgets this because of head trauma I'm going t mind you I'll probably spend the next chapter screaming no matter what he thinks and concludes
8/10/2018 c17 jiffy185
it got up and danced away
8/10/2018 c17 18ani.writes
Awesome! I love it!
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