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8/10/2018 c17 7speedyowl152
One paragraph in and you've already roasted these boys into cinders danggg.
Someone other than Danny being dissected? Wild.
Yo Danny Fenton he was just 15 when he laid a finger on Paulina's latté and instantly died the rest of the way.
I'm living for the concept of Dash and Kwan hovering around the herd like protective siblings who have no idea what's going on, safety in numbers, join them you cowards.
8/7/2018 c16 1SkreeSkraa
This fic is amazing! I can't wait for the next chapter! (By the way, I laughed so much when I read Core Cold that it made my stomach sore. Why do you have such a crazy awesome imagination? And the ability to write it down?)
8/6/2018 c16 Janelle22
So excited to read the ending! It’s so close!
8/4/2018 c16 7speedyowl152
He's your ghost boy at heart let's be real.
*jumps up and down in excitement of reveals looming over*
8/3/2018 c16 18ani.writes
7/28/2018 c15 ani.writes
Whoooo! Dash and Kwan made a guess that was close...so closeeee
7/25/2018 c14 ani.writes
7/23/2018 c14 34GhostWriterGirl-1
Oh man, I loved it! And, the Crew’s reactions to finding out about Skulker’s true form was hilarious!
PLOT CONVENIENCE! THAT is how Ray got that ecto-blaster!
Go home, Dani. You don’t need to stay any longer in a place where ghosts used to be tortured in and experimented on.
Oh, NOW you think they MIGHT be the real deal? What was your first clue? When Dani and Youngblood destroyed that file about half-ghosts?
Oh man, I couldn’t stop laughing at how Ray was freaking out about Skulker nearly killing him and laughing about it! Comedy gold!
Wonderful ending to a brilliant chapter!
Ooo, I’m looking forward to that Danny-centric chapter.*grins evilly*
Looking forward to your next chapter; keep on writing!
GhostWriterGirl out!
7/23/2018 c13 GhostWriterGirl-1
Oh, I can just smell the chaos those ghosts are gonna do with the Critical Crew...*smiles eagerly*
Oh, you’re so close, Kwan! So close!
No, that’s just Dash FINALLY realising what jerk he had been and trying to make up for it.
Oh, I’m scared about what Maddie will uncover.
Finally! Dash is reforming! I wished this happened in the show!
You have NO idea how right you are, Maddie. No idea...
Oh yeah, you’ve got a point there, Ellie.
I like how you wrote that Johnny and Shadow have the same ecto-signature.
Oh cool! I hope you had fun at the wedding reception! And...*grabs a rolling pin and summons a Fenton Bazooka and a butterfly net from her imagination and looks with murderous intentions at the remaining procrastination fairies before running straight at them*I’LL HELP YOU, ELLIE! CHARGE!
Looking forward to your next chapter; keep on writing!
GhostWriterGirl out!
7/16/2018 c13 18ani.writes
NOICE. Sorry, went on an art spree especially helping with a DP reboot thing'
7/13/2018 c13 7speedyowl152
Danny Fenton? A ghost? Please, with that pale skin, non existant vitals, mysterious blood stains, sleeping during the day, hanging around a goth, and sneaking out during the night; the kids totally a vampire smh Kwan
7/11/2018 c12 34GhostWriterGirl-1
I understand Dani's urgency to tell her parents, but I also understand Youngblood's fear about staying in there alone. I would be too. Still, I'm glad that they're going to tell Dani's parents together.
I would probably be the same if I walked over the chalk outline of where a dead person laid. And, that Scale 7 EP is a reference to what Agents O and K classified Danny as a power level, right?
Oh man, I love Danny's former enemies annoying him! And, Ember has a point there, Danny.
Ooo, Skulker, Ember and Johnny are gonna help Ellie and Youngblood spy on the Critical Crew and keep them from discovering anything else that might lead to half-ghosts?*smiles evilly as she rubs her hands*This is gonna be good.
Oh yeah, those weapons are SO not ripped off from inventions that the Fentons built like the Fenton Thermos, Boooomerang and Fenton Finder.*also written with complete sarcasm*
Oh man, I love the Fenton Finder and it's snark! And this time, the Critical Crew totally believe a ghost is near, and this time it isn't Danny!
Looking forward to your next chapter; keep on writing!
GhostWriterGirl out!
7/11/2018 c11 GhostWriterGirl-1
Just you wait until Dani and Youngblood start to like each other as MORE than friends when they're older, Danny. Just you wait...
I'm still getting a bad feeling about the Critical Crew investigating the GIW headquarters, ghosts of GIW agents or not. And Dani and Youngblood aren't helping matters.
Why do I get the feeling that with Dash and Kwan following Team Phantom and Dash's new powers they'll discover Danny's secret?
I LOVE Ellie messing with Dave!
Why does that folder make me nervous?
I think that bit of love drama will keep Dash from reading the minds of teenage girls from now on.
Good for you, Dash! Good for you!
They AREN'T holograms after all? What was your first clue? When they destroyed the file, or when you played with them?*written with complete sarcasm*.
Then again, Youngblood and Ellie went a bit TOO far with destroying the file.*reads next paragraph*Okay, I take it back! That WASN'T too far if it meant that's it kept Dani and Danny's identities secret!
How are you going to do that, guys?
Looking forward to your next chapter; keep on writing!
GhostWriterGirl out!
7/11/2018 c10 GhostWriterGirl-1
Come on, Dash and Kwan! Both Danny AND Boxy are giving you HEAPS of hints towards Danny's secret identity! Just figure it out already! And Danny trying, AND failing, to lie about why he uses Fenton tech to Dash and Kwan ISN'T helping either!
Quoting all of the Star Wars movies ever, I'm getting a bad feeling about the Critical Crew investigating the abandoned GIW headquarters.
Why do I feel like screaming "IT'S DASH!" to Team Phantom?
Looking forward to your next chapter; keep on writing!
GhostWriterGirl out!
7/6/2018 c12 7speedyowl152
Scale 7... Ecto Person? Episodic Villain? Ecto Plasm(ic thing)? Wowie 5 whole ghosts, that's an awesome number of ghosts and I'm having a great time I love the emotional range that ghosts can have now that the giw has been taken down. Good luck in your procrastination fighting endeavours!
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