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5/16/2018 c6 60Animorphgirl
I think you uploaded the wrong chapter here...
5/7/2018 c5 25godfreyraphael
Looks like Maddy and Litniss aren't exactly going to be friends just yet. And I have a sneaky feeling that Litniss will still try to recruit Peter to the Sharing in subtle and maybe not-so-subtle ways. I look forward to more.
5/6/2018 c5 Animorphfan

I really like this chapter and the conversation between Litniss/Maddy. -Litniss looks to be a relative young yeerk by the way.
But: Your dont must use "bold" when she speaks, italic for thoughtspeak in general does it very well and the readers can see that it is thoughtspeak througt the " ( )" symbols. Sorry I dont know the correct english word for that.
To your question: Ive read the AO3 version too and really like the extras !.
5/5/2018 c5 60Animorphgirl
Promising chapter. Some grammatical errors, but that's easy enough to fix. I enjoyed the interaction between Maddy and Litniss. One thing-you don't need to bold what Litniss is saying. Since Maddie is considered voluntary, she may want to ask her Yeerk for "small favors", as her Yeerk put it. Some control, for one thing, and even if her family has to be taken, she could ask that they be assigned to decent Yeerks. Looking forward to the next chapter.
5/3/2018 c3 25godfreyraphael
Well, now things are about to get interesting... I wonder what kind of relationship will develop between Maddy and Litniss. And I also wonder what's the deal between Akeno and Cordid. Looking forward to more!
5/1/2018 c3 Animorphfan
This get a little bit too fast I think!
I mean, the Sharing-leaders try the people to convince at first , so that they can come willingly, right?
So, when it come to the infestation, I would put more information in because of this.
This way Maddy will get the chance to do it voluntary or to fight at least.

Sure, I know, all decisions will finaly lead to the same result when you are at the point to become a full member : A Yeerk in your head.
But it could give the story more depth when you "stretch" this part of the plot and (thats just my opinion!) I just like it to see how yeerks try to be polite to get a voluntary human, especially in Controller-storys.

I mean , if Maddy still decide to flee after the talk , the Yeerks could still catch and drag her to the pool as a screamer .

To her Yeerk: Its a pity to see so little of conversation here too, because I am very curous about Litniss.

Would be nice to read more soon and I really hope Maddys Yeerk isnt to bad!
4/30/2018 c3 60Animorphgirl
Hope Cordid turns good. Also, you should use some sort of differentiation in font so we can tell when Maddie and Cordid are speaking. Something as basic as italics, even. Makes it much easier to follow. Add more soon.
4/30/2018 c2 Animorphfan
Uh-oh, what a sneaky yeerk , poor Maddie who fall in love and dont know whats really going on here...
Please add more soon !
4/29/2018 c2 25godfreyraphael
Hey there! I believe I already said this before in my PM to you but, while I really like the story and I am very interested as to where this is going, I feel like everything is going very fast. Yes, we all want to get to the action soon enough but sometimes, maybe a little more buildup will do wonders for this story. That being said, I still like and I eagerly await more.
4/28/2018 c2 60Animorphgirl
And the plot thickens! Add more soon.
4/27/2018 c1 25godfreyraphael
Hey there! I've been going through a bit of an Animorphs phase, rereading the books and trying to catch up on some fanfiction and I saw that there's a new story up. I read through it and I have to say that I like the concept.

However, I do have some little nitpicks. The first chapter was quick. Maybe too quick for my tastes. And the jumps in between scenes are a little bit jarring for me. Maybe try building things up a little bit more or try and use the line dividers next time to separate the scenes. Just some words of advice from a fellow writer! ;-)
4/27/2018 c1 60Animorphgirl
Promising start. I hope that Maddy's Yeerk will end up being a decent one...
4/27/2018 c1 Animorphfan
Hey ,

A little bit too short for the first chapter but very well written with a nice cliffhanger!
To be honest, in the first moment when Ive read "Maddie" I was thinking shes Visser Ones daughter Madra.
Especially if you menitioned that she have a brother and her mother is gone .

Very funny how you brought me(and maybe some others? ) on the wrong track with her family history ; ) , and I will keep on reading and add this zu my favos.
My last questions now are: Will Maddie come voluntary when she get the offer to become a host or will she be drag to the pool by the hork-bajirs as one of the screamers?

How is her yeerk?
Will she be decent or cruel?
You see, I am very curious and like Controller-Storys .
Therefore I cant await the continuation here !

Greetings from an austrian animorphs fan !

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