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for It's Bailey's War Now Too

5/24/2018 c3 179King in Yellow
Well, eight digits is conventional in animation. But you're working hard to include some real animal anatomy... To the extent we can apply our real animal characteristics to animals that have so many attributes our real animals could not possess. (Not sure how many times 'hand' appears in my Zootopia stories. Too many, I'm sure. Not sure I've used finger for a digit on a hand, but know I certainly wanted to use it.) Rabbits have five toes on the front paws, four on the back. On the assumption that base ten originated from the number of fingers on the hands, would rabbits have base eight or base ten? (And exactly where did the Babylonians get their twelve - the reason we have 360 degrees in a circle, and twenty-four hours in a day?)

Good characterization.
5/23/2018 c3 EscherVox
Yeah, good luck getting Sel to repost that... certainly not here, but for those interested, Heart of the Dream is up on Ao3 I think.

5/1/2018 c2 King in Yellow
Liked the attention to economics and land production.

A lot of land in the US was appropriated for military use during the war... Well, there would be a payment of some sort made that the government said was fair. Perhaps is was. In the patriotic fervor of the time those whose land was taken didn't want to speak out in protest even if they thought the land was undervalued. Some of the land went back to original owners after the war. Some became parks. And land with more value, which had been owned by a minority, tended to not to go back to the original owners.
4/28/2018 c1 Robert Escher
Interesting in that in another world, Baily Hopps is Judy's younger brother who participates in Gymnastics until an injury causing him to switch sports to ... Biathlon. :)

But that's another story, and sadly one I had to remove from this site when Selaxes took down "Sounds of the Heart". Should he ever repost that, I'll put "Heart of the Dream" back up.

4/27/2018 c1 King in Yellow
You're writing in an established AU, which I don't know – so I can't make any comments about how it fits in continuity. What I can say is wonderfully atmospheric in the search for family treasure and well written throughout.
4/27/2018 c1 23stevegallacci
OMG. You're going to go off and do things with Bailey? It won't, by chance, have anything to do with some foxes? And perhaps how he was inbittered to red foxes in particular? (if you are going to support that version of Pop Pop) Or is this going to be a very divergent spin-off from what Selaxes has promised to threaten us with? We wait with eager anticipation.

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