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8/17 c4 Bensport Expere
When is the nex chapter?
2/15 c4 Persistent Dreamer
I have a suspicion once Hermione finds out about how Harry is continuing his non-magical education she'll figure out a way to do the same.
I also expect Harry to have to end up displaying his sword skills against the troll on Holloween...unless, of course, the situation is avoided (seriously once they did a headcount they should have noticed that Hermione was missing and had a house-elf pop her over to everyone else...) I can see his wand serving as the hilt for his Jurian 'energy sword/beam saber'... now can Lighthawk wings block the killing curse as they are both energy and a physical barrier that can block all sorts of attacks?
Also, I fully expect Snape to end up in legal trouble as technically sabotaging grades like that would keep people out of any jobs that require potions skills/knowledge and intentionally preventing people from becoming eligible to be Aurors would technically be sabotaging the government... which could get Snape a one way paid trip through the Veil... plus it would cause a hell of an international stink with Japan to find out that Snape is intentionally sabotaging one of their citizens... I won't be surprised if Harry decides to not come back for Year 2 on the grounds that Hogwarts is NOT safe (Troll on Holloween, the Stone incident with the DADA professor with a Voldemort as a Tumor on the back of his head) and a pathetic learning institution (Binns is a horrible history teacher, Snape is actively sabotaging him and other students, and the DADA professor will no doubt try to kill Harry before the end of the year.)
2/14 c4 KrisB-71854
I don't get why Harry and his grandfather would send Harry off to Hogwarts.

It doesn't make any remote sense. Hogwarts would need to come beg and actually try making a stink about things. That Harry is living with a loving blood grandparent all things are fine.

AD would be pissed that he couldn't drag Harry back. Snape and the rest would be pleased that they don't actually have to deal with Harry. It would also be one of those out of sight out of mind bits.

It would be interesting if there were actually family blood wards that kept the busybodies that wanted to push Harry's family around away.

I find it odd and interesting that Harry will enjoy going to magical cram school with Ami. After that first year, I could see him just sending a note. Sorry don't care about your 3rd rate school. I had to put up with you two for one year, I'm not willing to put up with either of you for 6 more.

Justin doesn't get it. Harry isn't going to leave magic, but he isn't planning on having a magical job. He'll basically be able to work/live anywhere in the world. Sort of interested if he does end up with Ami though.
2/14 c4 176Firehedgehog
2/14 c4 Jostanos
Very wise, Harry. Very wise indeed.

*sighs* I have a feeling that White Bee may be missing a Spy/Potions Professor in the near future, but I may be mistaken.
2/14 c4 1davycrockett100
awesome :)
2/14 c4 3WhiteElfElder
I am surprised Harry has not reached out to his grandfather or anyone else he knows about Snape's behavior, and also Albus'.
7/18/2019 c3 Jostanos
Oh I believe that there is at least one word that describes what the Hogwarts population is feeling right now, and what Harry may feel like exclaiming at any given moment.
That word, if you haven't already guessed it by now?

7/18/2019 c2 shypunk
you know most writers dont do 3 way cross overs well but i really like this one
7/17/2019 c3 1davycrockett100
7/17/2019 c3 3WhiteElfElder
I had hoped the other two would join Harry at Hogwarts.
7/17/2019 c3 10ultima-owner
that was amusing
5/16/2018 c2 1davycrockett100
5/16/2018 c2 Jostanos
Harry has a Royal Tree Phoenix Wand!

Oh-ho-ho if White Bee finds out about _this_ he'll be ticked! XD
5/16/2018 c2 3WhiteElfElder
I do not know why I did not notice before, but Harry is friends (maybe more later) with Mercury and Mars...I wonder if that is going to be some sort of omen for his life?
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