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for I will always find you

10/9 c2 Guest
Please update i really love your story.
9/4 c1 D4fFT
Veri n1c3H7Tst0riVo
9/4 c1 8zmx3
Veri n1c3advst0rijS
7/15 c2 finderlov
Awesome and please find your kitten
7/14 c2 yukino76
Oh oh Asami is in the place, Akihito hang on your saviour is coming
5/25 c1 Guest
Please update
5/19 c1 yukino76
good story waiting for more
5/8 c1 7Yuuri Tsuzuki
Please update soon
4/30 c1 7NikkiS71
Ryan Smith?! LOL... That's a good alias. Totally careless on Akihito's part to drop his passport! Then to have the bad guys pick it up? Tsk...tsk...tsk... Aki, I know better than that! After all the years with Asami, come on! Losing your edge? Well, at least the baddies haven't found him yet. Now it's a game of who's going to get to Akihito first? Asami or this Richard guy? Nicely done!

B reading U!
4/28 c1 48Shiranai Atsune
I love it! So exciting and suspenseful!

Can't wait for Asami's wrath!

"Ryan Scott" or "Ryan Smith"?
4/27 c1 Guest
Please update soon
And yes this is a good story
4/28 c1 Deadlycake
4/27 c1 Asami's clown
More please!
4/27 c1 Jambee
Good start. I wonder if those goons that caught Aki will end up selling him to a sex place.
4/27 c1 finderlov
Come on that was way to short i can't wait for next one
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