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5/31/2018 c14 13SALLYSAYSRELAX
I loved the symbolism of their cups! And I loved that Kiss. I just wish we could have read more about Henry and Elizabeth. Hope that will come soon. Great job!
5/31/2018 c14 75AnonymouslyAddicted
Oh that kiss, why did Jason have to get in their way? I love this!
5/31/2018 c13 2risingdancer
I’m so glad they are back together! Can’t wait for them to be alone.
5/29/2018 c12 Guest
I woke up at 5am our time to check this.. and there it was.. thank you for this heart wrenching chapter.. i normally dont cry but this made me cry.. cant wait for the next chapters
5/30/2018 c13 15lilacmermaid33
Beautiful chapter! I've been imagining this night ever since you posted the one-shot, and I love what you did with it. I love that Stevie SAYS (not asks) that she's not taking her eyes off Henry - I can't wait to see where things go with her. And Jason suddenly seeming like a little boy again is heartbreaking. Alison being shy around Henry was unexpected, but I love how that's playing out. I thought something like that might happen eventually, but not that early, and I didn't see it being her.

Elizabeth is calmer than I expected, but I imagine that won't last! Even though they've been struggling without him, I think you can really see ways in which she's become accustomed to being a single parent.
5/30/2018 c13 13SALLYSAYSRELAX
Thank you for updating at this pace. It is much appreciated. Hope Henry and Elizabeth will get a moment to theirselves without all kids being in the middle. Will that be in one of the next couple of chapters? Thank you for all the hard work and for keeping the fandom alive!
5/30/2018 c13 75AnonymouslyAddicted
This was beautiful. As much as I feel for the kids, I need them to reunite properly, they deserve that.
5/30/2018 c13 2not-politics-as-usual
I really really love this story! Can’t wait for more!
5/27/2018 c11 Guest
FINALLY! Can't wait for the next chapters
5/27/2018 c11 Sarah
Oh my Lordy - I cannot wait for their reunion! Like ahhhh this story has me feeling all the feels and I just can’t wait for your updates :D
5/27/2018 c11 Guest
OMG! Please post the reunion can't wait to see how they adjust. Also sex after six months! Hope u include that.
5/29/2018 c13 952queens1prince
Jason asking if Henry was going to be there when he woke up. Broken heart!
5/27/2018 c1 Guest
Pls have mercy of us... we are waiting huhuhu
5/26/2018 c10 Kris
This is so good, I feel myself crying with Elizabeth.
5/26/2018 c10 Guest
bring him back!
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