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9/9 c2 wtf
really you put her with that faggot's son wtf dumb faggot should never have any kids ever
7/31 c45 Guest
lily was cast out which means she CANNOT take her place as Head of the Guant family. Also when witches and wizards are cast out of their families THEIR MAGIC IS REMOVED! the same cannot be said of squibs since they cannot access their magic. HOW THE FUCK DO YOU NOT KNOW THIS?!
7/31 c33 Guest
in love with michael jackson? are fucking kidding me? that is so wrong
7/30 c26 Guest
bella had better challenge Lily for the Guant Family title as well as Slytherin's title... Salazar will NOT be pleased upon Lily's actions
7/29 c18 guest999
you need to check your spelling on some words throughout the story...
iCarly really? that show wasn't all that good... i mean it wasn't bad but it wasn't good either
7/12 c53 1CarpetGang3
PRAYING for more of this. Best fic I have read in a very long time.
7/3 c53 evymel
A beloatrix dairy, an horcrux, nice
7/1 c40 evymel
the lily situation is amusing, even if she gets pregnant, currently, with the time acceleration Bella just might reach majority before nine months pass, plus the attempts to get pregnant
7/1 c39 evymel
wtf is her kneazle doing? she's supposed to nark on fake moody!
7/1 c36 evymel
mmm Hermione on a 48 hour schedule Is not good, it means 18 months pass between each semester, a few chapters ago you wrote it's important to return home and not use magic, at least Snape wrote such, for the children to get their growth spurt, Bella spends half her time in muggle area, not practicing magic, Hermione on the other hand does what the purebloods go through in ancient wards, too much time at Hogwarts, not enough without magic, although she is close to majority so the effects are lessened, but still, a minor miscalculation on her part
6/29 c10 evymel
did Bella manage to hook zabini and nott? on dangerous risky things that is, maybe sha awakened their adventure sense, in ancient times notts and zabinis probably were lords and such and often did crazy things, and Dumbledore wanted to train a potter a few years ago, he might try with her
6/27 c1 evymel
so disturbing, I already hate lily and James, you did great job on that, also, a good Dumbledore? truly? so rare, love that, unless he is manipulative, hopefully not, it's nice having good Dumbledore
6/3 c1 Abyssalwhale
I'm sorry I can't finish it. It was a good story though. It just hits too close to home.

At first I was like hell yeah! Revenge. And prunella got hers. She's just a spoiled brat. But then I remembered that it's common for an abused child to be obsessed with material things. To fill the void.

Because the parents often use material things to bribe the child. And the child equates that to the parents love. But it's not real love of course.

That's why she loves the Weasley's. And it's heartbreaking. Because she thinks wealth is love. And she keeps trying to essentially bribe them for theirs.

And she doesn't understand that they already love her. Or why they would love her. She doesn't doesn't see herself as worthy of love. And her only escape. The only thing she cares about is quidditch...just like mine was reading.

Then you mention pedo Lockhart. And I just thought I can't.

I have read some bad things on here. Including other harry Potter fictions, where harry gets sexually assaulted or even raped. But it was so...over the top I guess.

But. You seem like the type of author to be able to write that properly.

In real life. The child predators rarely straight up rape a kid like in the other fics. They use subtle manipulation over time. Gaining the child's trust.

Sometimes making the victim feel worthless and that they are the only one that cares about the child. Alienating them as much as possible so they are easier to coerce. Even making them think what they're doing is love.

And I can see it easily heading that way with prunella.

As I said. It hits too close to home. I'm sorry. It is a good story.
6/2 c4 Abyssalwhale
'filler chapters'. You mean the story?
4/29 c53 2Gingersnappedcookie
Ahhhhh I can’t believe I finally caught up! Now I have to wait. Off I go to check your other fics for updates. Wish me luck!
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