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4/8 c1 Slibbs
Dude I‘m reading this in 2022 and the first sentence from the story made my cry
10/13/2020 c11 2LunaBianca
I felt such anguish along with Peter when he has to step through the white door and away from Tony and Bucky.

And then Venom! I've read Paint it Black so it all made sense...Dammit, now I'm writhing for the other Peter Parker. ;)
10/13/2020 c10 LunaBianca
An infinity stone could change things. I wonder if it will keep Peter in this universe longer?
10/13/2020 c8 LunaBianca
Val Kilmer. LOL.
10/13/2020 c6 LunaBianca
What? This'll be interesting...
10/13/2020 c5 LunaBianca
I was getting anxious for Pete to exit. But space...bad memories. :(
10/13/2020 c4 LunaBianca
Pow! Whap! Boom!
10/13/2020 c3 LunaBianca
Everyone was kung fu fighting...*realize I don't know the lyrics and stop singing*

Action packed! I figured Natasha was the "friendly" in car 2. ;)

Not sure about what's up with Pete-his flashbacks wile in the rafters and... falling asleep? Is this an effect of staying in an alternate reality?

Oooh. And the bombshell about Ultron and the Sokovian wonder twins is huge.

Thanks for keeping me guessing. :)
10/13/2020 c2 LunaBianca
Oooh boy! This is just getting better. :)
10/12/2020 c1 LunaBianca
Interesting. I read the first chapter twice to better wrap my mind around the universal forces and I feel steadier now. Let's do this! ;)
1/22/2020 c19 1LDSMorningGlory
This is so awesome! I am so amazed by your writing and all the awesome ideas you have! I love the paint it black connection but that also made soo much trouble and pain for the other Peter. XD
I want to read more of the story, to see what Peter thinks about the events of endgame, but also that’s almost too heartbreaking to think about now, I just want Peter and Tony to have a break. XD
1/15/2020 c2 LDSMorningGlory
So. I just finished reading all of QueenofCrystallopia’s fics and THEYRE SO AMAZING pleaseee tell her to update? :) jk, I understand she probably has a lot going on right now. But still... anyway now I’m back to your stories (and you are just as amazing!) and usually I wait til the end of a fic to review but I just had to right now cuz I love this SO MUCH and I’d probably forget if I waited. Anyway, Peter’s parents and Ben being alive made me so excited and I was really worried that Peter wouldn’t be spiderman or something cuz so much else is different, but I absolutely love how he told/showed them he’s spiderman, I was squealing with delight! And I was also super worried he was going to just walk out the door and leave this reality, I’m sooo happy he’s staying! XD
One last thing-thank you for these high quality fics, I was browsing some other fics earlier and it’s hard to find authors who write like you or crystal do so thank you! ;) :D I’ll review again when I’ve finished the story (or maybe in between if I feel the need- does it bother you if people review every chapter? Just wondering) :)
8/5/2019 c19 9gamma1243
Dude where do you get your ideas from? The multiple realities in this story were SO unique and original! It made for a thrilling read and an excellent adventure!
I agree with you on the end though...I think we’ve all just been wrecked by Endgame and we aren’t going to heal from it anytime soon...
But really, I enjoyed reading this a little too much. Thanks for writing!
I look forward to reading more of your stories!
7/22/2019 c19 4Pretendimacarrot
I will never forget this story. The idea of a doorchard of an afterlife really grabbed my attention. I love the alternate universe take on this too and how it still lines up with endgame. The way you wrote Peter is just amazing. He had a great balance of emotions that that seem fairly natural. Like yeah, he's Peter. He's sarcastic and humorous, but he's still dead. He's worried about Earth, sad he can't see May or Ned, and sick of being in the doorchard. Anyways, I'm really glad I came upon this story and I'm looking forward to reading more of your work.
7/21/2019 c19 WilliamAD
I love it! And i conpletely agree on you of indulging further cause seeing Tony die is like a bomb dropping on top of my head. . .
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