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9/18 c1 Anonymous
Will there be a sequel?
4/7/2021 c12 22edboy4926
Awesome story.
Hope it continues, at least see the meeting between the Saito twins.
11/15/2019 c12 ZeEinKaizerIA
Pls update
9/17/2019 c9 Cookas1688
Why do sams attack ground? If so can’t avatars just aim their guns up? Lol
8/23/2019 c12 Justanothereader
I am starting to dislike GDI Saito.

He’s thinking NOD purge by Killing ALL people with contact to NOD.

I hope someone bashes his head in when he suggest that to the Princess.
4/9/2019 c12 Vercingetorix Rex
is this story dead? I'm awaiting the inevitable clash of Nod Saito and Gdi Saito and to see their reactions to their alternate selves.

update soon please
4/3/2019 c12 12Danen5
Great the omega girl...just great...also will we be looking forward to seeing any other red alert tech and weapons? I kinda think it'd have been way cooler if you'd had led with that but I like this one either way. please continue. I'm anxiously awaiting the inevitable clash of nod saito and gdi saito and would love to see their reactions to their alternate selves...they are alternate personas from parallel universes, right? coz what better way to mess with their minds than to show that they could support opposing doctrines so fervently...the resulting clash of beliefs and ideologies would be interesting to see from their perspectives as well as those of their respective supporting characters...boy wouldn't that be interesting!
1/15/2019 c12 Guest
Please tell me this will eventually receive another update. I want to see the war of the Saitos
12/21/2018 c2 Mr.Destructo
"Alright, new objective, preserve environment and kill anyone who tries to defile it "
evil saito just became the ultimate tree hugger
8/14/2018 c12 2revan193
To be honest with you, I hope the meeting between the two Saito will not end in a ridiculous conflict of ideologies, I've seen enough of that in Code Geass with Lelouch and Suzaku...
8/14/2018 c9 revan193
I want to understand one thing, how the hell the Inquisitor's forces suffered such losses? C&C tech is way more advanced than anything else in the "Familiar of Zero" world and the NOD faction from C&C3 can take a lot of damage from GDI alone, I just don't believe that NOD forces can lose units that easily to "Magic" and arrogant nobles...
8/6/2018 c12 Guest
Great story.
Keep writing. :)
8/8/2018 c12 2mactan01
I'll wait for your next chapter,very good story as always.
8/3/2018 c12 Peroroncino
Man nice chapter ..pls update soon
8/3/2018 c12 10Just a Crazy-Man
Love. :)
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