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12/19/2021 c8 NxNaMe
Omg thank you soo much for the update! (I‘d definitly be interested if you decided to write a Dr. Stone story)
12/18/2021 c8 Guest
So excited for the next chapter keep up the good work!
12/18/2021 c8 2Zecrea
I’d like Sese to win, only because I wanna see her take out Bakubrat as revenge for the second round, haha!

Can’t get enough of Miyaka as a character; these snippets of her past are amazing to read. I’ll wait patiently but am definitely eager for being let in on the full picture soon! Happy Holidays w/
12/15/2021 c8 1Zachary Boyd
Fucking finally. I love this story. It needs more attention.
3/12/2021 c7 Cee
Ahhh, what a cliffhanger! I'm so excited to see the two face off!

I absolutely love Miyaka's personality! Every interaction she has with a character is so fun to read. I especially find it super funny that she keeps getting Izuku's name wrong (Iida correcting her was the icing on the cake last chapter lol).

Every time you give us those little flashbacks/echoes from Miyaka's past I get really curious about what exactly she had to endure before being rescued. I can't wait to see when it gets delved into more~~

This is such a great story to read to take your mind off the real world, and I'm so thankful towards you for taking the time to write it and share it with us! I enjoyed every minute I spent reading your story. I look forward to seeing how you immerse Miyaka into the BNHA universe and the other effects she'll have on the plot.

Hope you have a great day! Thanks again for the chapters you've written so far
3/11/2021 c7 LKyellow
Nice! This was a really entertaining chapter! The more I read, the more I love Sesera’s personality. I’m also really excited to learn more about her backstory. I’m looking forward to the next chapter
3/4/2021 c7 Vosck
Just read this, truly incredible looking forward for more
3/2/2021 c7 3Adhara Snow
Is this the best original character in the Fandom? Yes yes yes.
People are so tired of meek, sweet little girls - give us powerful girls with a dark past!
I really love Sesera, thank you for sharing.
(Also Team Bakugo here!)
3/2/2021 c7 zevrine
Thanks for the update can't wait to read more.
11/11/2020 c6 zevrine
Oh love it pls continue to update. Can't wait to read more
9/23/2020 c3 2Zecrea
This is one of those stories that I love coming back to because the volume of information and theories presented, along with the reasonable and logical deviance from canon, make it super enjoyable to dissect and reread- I am honestly floored by how little attention this story is getting... but I sincerely hope that that will change soon, just so you receive the accolades you deserve.

It just struck me that the Keigo that Miyaka talks to online is actually Hawks himself and she just doesn’t know it- can’t believe I missed that, but holy hell that is cute!

Like you, I too get peeved when everything sticks too closely to canon because, seriously I’d be watching/reading the actual BNHA anime/manga instead of reading FanFiction if I wanted a play-by-play. Another the one pet peeve I have about some OC stories in BnHA is an author’s compulsive need to keep the entire original cast there in class 1A, thus making the class numbers uneven, or add multiple OCs to even out numbers- to me, it makes complete sense if someone misses out on a spot due to their OC’s presence- that’s life after all, and I am certainly not interested in a placeholder character whose sole existence is to even out the numbers either. Not many people seem to agree with me though, because the above mentioned scenarios are too widespread than they should be, haha...
6/26/2020 c6 WhEdgy
Ahh! Legit so hyped for July rn! Ended up rereading the whole book again for the hundredth time and I just continue finding these little details that provide so much reread value it’s insane! Every time I go through these chapters it feels like I’ve found another piece of the puzzle to only get wholeheartedly duped in the next chapter! Every answer raises more questions and it’s friggin amazing! Legit hyped af now that July’s only a few days away! Ahhh! Can’t wait!
6/11/2020 c6 aeviou
Ohhhh this is a cool take on the story. Looking forward to the next update! I like how she gets right up into the boys faces and makes them flustered hehe :3
6/7/2020 c6 jinchaa
ahhhh i binged all of this so quickly but it was over so soon ;-; i can't wait for the next chapter! this has quickly become my favorite MHA fanfic lol thank you and stay safe out there!
6/2/2020 c3 WhEdgy
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