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for And Now For Something Completely Different

8/22/2006 c27 15donahermurphy
*Crossing my fingers and really, really hoping you didn't abandon this story permanantly*

Just wanted to tell you that I really love AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

I've known about it for over a year and a half now, but I seem to keep coming back every few months to re-read it.

It really is very good.

The Draco-Sirius interaction is especially interesting. I usually like my Malfoy a little less redeemed and a little more snarky (I recommend Rurouni Star's Shattered Moments for that particular characterization) but you've pulled this off well. Draco is very believable here.

I understand real life is probably making things difficult, but I do hope you update soon. I'll leave a lovely long review if you do!

(Considering how many times I've stumbled upon this story on someone's favorites list, you can expect quite a few of them.)

8/13/2006 c27 29ApollaCammi
Oh my god. It's amazing! I like SBHG but I'm not a huge fan, but this story is just... different. I love that the chapters sweitch from the present to the past and back again. I also love the spell that Hermione came up with, and the relationship between her and Draco. It's really nice to see them as friends for a reason other than being forced together at Hogwarts under some wierd spell - although those are entertaining. Waiting breathlessly for an update. :) Keep up the incredible story!
8/10/2006 c27 19dead2self
I was a few chapters into this story when I noticed that it was unfinished and hadn't been updated in about a year. I was probably insane or masochistic to keep reading, but you already had me hooked.

Thank you SO much for writing a romance fic in which the dynamics of the Trio isn't ignored! Too often in the romances like Sirius/Hermione or Remus/Hermione ect. the fanfiction authors tend to forget about Harry and Ron. I really loved how each chapter switched between the past and the present. You have a real talent for tying a plot together in that way.

My only disappointment was your lack of originality concerning Bankotsu's name... Honestly, Shichinintai? Seven Man Army is hardly a good last name. =P

I'm putting this on my favorites list and crossing my fingers for updates, but I'm not going to get my hopes up. Wonderful fic nonetheless. Thanks for the entertaining read!
7/14/2006 c26 1MiOnEGraNgeR741
Did you abandon this story? Because if you did, could you put an A/N letting us know?

And PLEASE don't have abandoned it!
6/29/2006 c27 Snicker16
This is a great story.

One of my favorites.

I just finished and I have an urge to reread it.

Do you know why?

Because you haven't updated in a year.

And a half

A whole year.

And I've lost hope that you'll update.

The only excuse you have is dieing.

And you better not be dead, you have too much talent.

I really really like this story.

Just like I loved Their Room. I was a bit skeptial about reading this because it was a Hermione/Sirius and I only like those if they are written really well.

Your stories are amazing.

And one of them isn't finished.

Its called "And Now For Something Completely Different"

I'm also reviewing it write now.

This is what you said

"Fic Update 5-15-04

The next two chapters ANFSCD will be up today."

That was a year ago.

Update soon.

PS: "I'm going to try to be more prompt about updating. I already know how the fic ends, I just need to get it out. I think that I should be able to finish this fic off in 5 or 6 chapters." Thats what you said on 01-04-05.

Good job being so prompt and all.
6/24/2006 c27 Jasmine
PLEASE update! This fic is too amazingly good for you to abandon.
6/18/2006 c27 32WitchatHeart77
ACK! You haven't updated this in over a year! I hope you have it somewhere! Please! I need to find out what happens!
6/18/2006 c1 WitchatHeart77
Hello. Got your name from a faves list of a fave list. LOL. I am starting to thoroughly enjoy Sirius and Hermione, so of course I saw your description and started reading right away. I was quite shocked to see that you had killed off Harry and Ron with Voldemort still alive. One problem I had was I didn't quite understand how Sirius was there. I can only guess that this was written before OotP. Anywho, I like anyways. It was the last little bit at the end after the scene change, that I started thinking in the back of my head. No, they're not dead. Something is going on. And the last line confirmed it. HAHA! I like your writing style. I didn't see any mistakes, and the chapter flowed quite well.
6/18/2006 c27 6Zamos
this is one of the most engrossing fanfictions i've ever read. you're like a real autor, you know. i cant believe that you stopped right there, but i guess you need time to work your magic. update soon please. good luck!

muchlove, amber
6/5/2006 c22 tutucute4u
That was horrible. "It was nice being loved." Gosh! Your awesome. If only you would update.
6/5/2006 c1 tutucute4u
They're alive! Don't joke with me. Pulez don't joke with me! And I know how to spell please don't think I'm an idiot.
5/24/2006 c1 marissa
that is so piggish and stupid dude whoever you are how can you take a whole year to write a new fanfic if you cant take a year to continue an already half written brilliant one? your weird
5/21/2006 c27 rachhulk
ah no no!

you cant just end it there. its immoral? hahaa but come on you have to start this up again! i mean i prety much read this non-stop because it was soo catchy! and gah its been like a year and a half almost and you havent updated! i mean you dont really intend on leaving all your your 900 and some reviewers here.. without us ever find oout what's really gunna happen are you? that would just be cruel!
4/30/2006 c27 46Novocain
4/14/2006 c13 7onedamnloyalfan

*heart melts* :)
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