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3/22/2014 c27 GnCdwll
This is so cool. Draco makes me wanna roar haha. I hope at some point in your story something interesting happens between Hermione and Draco ;))) either accidentally or not so accidentally. haha I just think that Draco deserves a woman! I love your fic by the way. Keep updating pleeaaase.
9/19/2013 c27 TristanNikole
8/23/2013 c27 Ragnell
This fanfic ranks among the best I've read. If you return to writing it certainly deserves the effort to complete it after so much plot and character development. I'm sure I speak for many fans who hope you will continue it.
8/17/2013 c19 literallyeveryusernameistaken5
Great story. Please update soon.
7/20/2013 c27 9Wenddyyxo
Please finish this story - even though it's been 8 years since you've last updated. It's an amazing story and I'm eager to know how it ends.
6/30/2013 c27 32Newtinmpls
Hmmm. ... getting the distinct impression that you are no longer actively updating. Hope you are okay.
6/29/2013 c23 Newtinmpls
Very well done. Ugly and icky, and well done.
6/29/2013 c1 Newtinmpls
I have to admit this was well enough foreshadowed that it's not a complete surprise. However it is a very well done one.
4/4/2013 c27 3coolalisa
Oh sweet Merlin... I just saw once I finished this chapter that you haven't updated this fic in waaaay too many years. Your story is amazing. Hands down the best Hermione/Sirius fic I've ever read and I will set an alert to it just in case you might update it in the future. I hope so. Please do.
2/11/2013 c27 pprjevara
This is the best fanfic I have ever read. Hands down. You're a gorgeous writer, the way you play around with the flashbacks in the story is something only a few can do. You made me so happy while reading this and I'll come back to see if you ever continue this pure awesomeness. Even if it will break my heart eventually. How did you make all the characters so complex and alive i just dont understand. Hermione is so strong keeping her head just above water, and Sirius is so fragile, just like anyone who's in love. And still, the "it was nice to be loved" comment from her and Sirius keeping his love to himself to protect her made this story to just jump out of the screen into reality. Loved it :)
12/7/2012 c27 Hermione24
i hope you'll finish this story... I'm really curious with the ending. I love sirius/hermione fic. Thanks again!
10/16/2012 c27 5Debate4life
Quite enjoyed this. I'd like it if you came back to it and finished it.
8/12/2012 c27 1zebrababii72
great story i wish u would pick it back up
7/4/2012 c27 Guest
.. Please please please finish the story...
I have nothing to do whole day but reading this,,
Its just so fun and makes me feel inspired (:
6/14/2012 c27 Hannah
Oh my goodness, so I know you will probably never read this since you published this about 7 years ago, but this fic is amazing. I keep getting it confused with what happened in JK's story. But, I am very upset that you didn't finish it. :( Especially since you stated that you knew how it was going to end. Oh well, I guess I shall just have to make up my own ending (which won't be half as good as yours would have been).
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