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7/30/2023 c4 4Leapyearbaby29
Snape named the Kneazle. Who took care of Crookshanks while Hermione was on the run?
7/30/2023 c3 Leapyearbaby29
Red hair. Like the Weasley’s. Lol.
7/30/2023 c2 Leapyearbaby29
Interesting. Is it only Frank who could potentially be saved? I like that Snape is helping Neville. Even if Neville doesn’t know it.
7/30/2023 c1 Leapyearbaby29
Damn. Neville has truly grown up. Love that he brought Snape his prized plant. :)
7/4/2023 c4 2Alm.Tree
omg snape realising fiend is cute is so funny.. i am just loving this so far.. such a good balance between tenderness angst humour and our sweet sweet neville
6/9/2023 c28 mysticreaderz
This was really amazing and funny! Thank you for writing this!
3/10/2023 c28 3Lilly Talons
This was really cool. The world building was super interesting, and I love Neville of course
2/18/2023 c28 Marinochka
A wonderful story! I wish you success in your next projects.
You clearly have a talent for writing))
1/27/2023 c28 Guest
This was a really interesting story. It's rare to consider them infiltrating St. Mungo's. Also, the appreciation the characters gain for those they hadn't before is great. I picked it up now to avoid spoilers because I was reading the Gates of Azkaban
12/27/2022 c28 2BrokenWingFlying
I loved this story! You have such a compassionate view of characters. Thank you for sharing this!
12/21/2022 c28 Guest
You are wonderful and talented and I’m so glad I stumbled across your stories ! Keep writing please !
12/20/2022 c28 11BowieQueen
This was beautiful...exquisitely even...written.

I usually find my attention wandering if my ship isn't shipped in a fic (thanks to the wya my brain is wired) but your writing held me in its thrall and I didn't just cope with reading this non ship fic, I gained pleasure from it.

Neville is an underrated character IMO and this fic...encapsulated so much of what needs to be resolved with him. My goodness it was brilliant. Well done. :)
12/14/2022 c28 Maggiewall
Loved this! Going to read the sequel, now! Thank you for sharing!
7/4/2022 c28 zergling101010
Damn… this hits different after reading The Gates of Azkaban first lmao

The scene where Snape kisses Fiend’s nose was so cute I’m gonna throw up I love it so much. Awesome story OP, thank you!
6/1/2022 c28 Dobby-chan5
This was brilliant! Thank you so much for sharing
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