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2/17/2021 c28 10Dereki
Excellent fanfiction! I love it very much, and your multiverse project looks so cool, I look forward to it! Thanks for sharing this. I needed some NevilleSnape fic, and the way you handled the horrific destruction of the Longbottom’s minds... much more poignant than a mere mention of torture. The memories of Snape’s past are quite painful too. The damage done to minds is scary. This will have a place in my heart.
1/31/2021 c4 heptamorph
Great chapter! The picture of Snape burning down down Spinner’s End with Fiendfyre stays with you.
And of course Harry gets it.

A black-clad deadly Snape wandering about with his plant and a cute but claw-y kitten by his side always gives me serious Léon vibes.
1/30/2021 c3 heptamorph
Awww. I see those two getting along like a house on fiendfyre. <3
1/30/2021 c2 heptamorph
Have to admit, at this point Frank seems entirely too verbal to me. That someone possessing this level of communication skill would choose not to utilise it, try to improve it and establish contact with his regular visitors, seems implausible.

Love your description of post war Harry, though. Reminds me a bit Frodo at the end of LotR; possessing an otherworldliness that’s shimmering through his humanity.
I can only hope that these are already Chekhov’s topics that are being so savagely introduced.
1/30/2021 c1 heptamorph
Aaaah. This feels like the first drink of water after days in the scorching sun.
When I discovered this story and its sequel I couldn’t help myself but burn through them. They are so incredibly great. Then the terrifying wait whether you were still updating. Now that I got the notification, instead of devouring the new chapter, I’ve decided to start at the beginning again; taking my sweet time, and leaving you the reviews I owe you.

This is such a compelling start! I really like your Neville voice. Calm, reflective and full of kindness and empathy. Grown up enough to be secure in his place a little on the side. Not completely in the know. Such a great contrast to Snape with his aggressive defence, already thinking around corners after having barely awoken from a coma.
Their interaction would have been interesting all on its own and then you drop that bomb with Neville’s dad. How anyone would be able not to immediately turn the metaphorical page is beyond me.
1/15/2021 c28 8Booklover1314
wow this so good! wish there was more
12/17/2020 c5 3Ferm
This is so beautiful. I love that Harry and Neville understand Snape. Trauma buddies 4eva
12/17/2020 c2 Ferm

I wish both parents are healed, but this is still incredible!
12/17/2020 c1 Ferm
Holy fuck. This is great. What an opening chapter
11/9/2020 c28 annoyedErma
I thoroughly enjoyed this story. Snape is, of course, always a fascinating character, but I was especially impressed with how you brought Neville's character to life while not making him out of character. That last line about his favorite color just made me smile
10/7/2020 c28 kbt01
Sooooo good. Thank you for this
10/7/2020 c18 kbt01
This story is a f***ing MASTERPIECE. Feral cat post-war Snape, lovely lovely Neville & his talking to plants, retrieving Frank & Alice’s memories in a way that is consistent with psychology (and the scene with the two Alices was amazing), and tying so many canon and post-canon plot threads together. I have actually shed tears more than once. I love it and can’t wait to read on. THANK YOU
9/7/2020 c28 juliamoon524
This was really enjoyable! I really like Fiend and Neville's attempts of making up with Snape. Super cute and sweet, yet nobody's OOC. Thank you for sharing!
8/24/2020 c28 3Elysia1
Omg. This is brilliant. Well written, perfect characterisations. Thank you so much for sharing!
8/20/2020 c28 Guest
Beautifully written... Enjoyed it very much
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