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for The Cactus and the Toad

12/4/2019 c28 ak
Finished. And what a good story! I love your sense of humor, and your way of catching the human in people. And I like cat-fics, just saying.
12/4/2019 c26 ak
Awwwwwwww. Oh wow.
12/3/2019 c9 ak
I have not enjoyed a story this much in ages! I am so glad that you are writing.
12/2/2019 c3 ak
You had me holding my breath when Snape met Frank, and laughing at the kneazle.
11/8/2019 c28 24CrimsonStarbird
I loved this! It’s by far the most convincing portrayal of post-war Snape I’ve read, and your portrayals of Frank and Alice are creative and brilliant. The final chapter with all of Snape’s accidental friends made me so happy. Thank you so much for sharing this story!
11/5/2019 c28 xxxLeanniexxx
Brilliant story. Didn’t realise Gates of Azkaban had a prequel until now!
10/31/2019 c28 Sciurid
this was outstanding
10/21/2019 c28 aswkerouix
This was just delightful. Seriously, heart grew three sizes today. So many parts of this story moved me - when it was revealed that Snape was going to try to help Frank, I cried a bit. Snape leaving the ashes of his old life with a kitten and a mimbulus mimbletonia in his arms made me smile so much. Snape and Neville, and Snape and Neville's parents, and Fiend, and the very exciting plot with the Lestranges - oh, the journey into Alice's mind was so exciting! - and the stuff about the gates - and poor Snape realizing very slowly that he wanted friends - oh it was all so good. I will definitely be rereading this, probably multiple times!
10/10/2019 c28 silyKat
Love it !
9/25/2019 c28 guest
This was wonderful. Interesting plot points, mostly excellent characterizations (all the main chars spot on) and growth of characters (all except Ron, whom you captured perfectly at his permanent age of 14), and a goodish outcome for Snape and good one for Neville, who is obviously going far.

He and Snape are natural collaborators. I suspect too that he'll improve vastly in Potions with his newfound confidence and access to a slightly mellowed Snape. The two specialties are so intertwined, after all. I'm sorry not to be able to follow him and Neville further. They could be great friends.

I bailed from Gates of Azkaban when it became obvious that you were doing SSHG. This particular ship completely fails to float my boat, and I doubt even your excellent writing could make it worthwhile for me. You've tried to slant hers toward a more Snapelike mind, but I just can't see it. I find her very intelligent but a plodding pedant, completely wrong for Snape with his quicksilver brilliance.

Of all the highly explored canonical characters, I'd put him with Minerva if he survived the war. At that point the age difference, for magicals, wouldn't matter. As you've shown, a deep competency in Transfiguration requires flexibility that, for me, HG just doesn't show.

Anyway, good luck in the future. I expect you'll continue to raise the average level of FFN fics.
9/25/2019 c16 guest
I think you have Bill rather OOC here. As a curse-breaker, he of all people would be aware that some knowledge of Dark magic is required to fight it effectively. Further, as the eldest Weasley child he'd have evaluated the events of the war from an adult point of view and would not irrationally mistrust Snape.

The fic as a whole so far is quite good, with the other characterizations well done and the Legilimency episodes quite plausible and insightful. I especially like the fact that Neville's parents get a break here - they surely deserve it.
9/5/2019 c28 54nairiefairie
Little disappointed I didn't get my Disney ending but boy oh boy was this a beautiful leaves you with that wistful longing for just a little bit more but know it's come to a close just like my favourite authors. I loved snapes willingness to try and change without losing the essence of self. He is a difficult character to capture right. You've manage very well. I can't sing you enough praise I really enjoyed this. It's made my day.
9/5/2019 c28 ZoeyOlivia
So good!
9/5/2019 c24 ZoeyOlivia
Gah. So good
9/4/2019 c17 ZoeyOlivia
Yes! Cause Hermione probably loves him even if he can’t see it... at least as a friend.
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