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for Harry Potter and the Suburbian Madness

9/30 c6 Dragonwitch13
Please continue with this story, really enjoying it, there’s not many with this type of theme that are good.
9/7 c6 35Kelorus
Hello, you need to correct it as the sentences are glued and This cannot be read.
9/7 c6 ViewerPetu
Is it just me, or did you somehow lose all the line breaks in this chapter?
9/7 c6 Aaron21hardin
I have not yet read the chapter, but it needs reformatting as there are no paragraph breaks, the entire chapter is a bock of text until the author note
9/7 c6 6Lady Midnight07
Um... you might want to repost this chapter, it is a bit hard to read...
9/7 c6 2Thundramon
Um, I think the words before and after full stops have been deleted. Also the spacing has gone whack. Please fix this as I enjoyed the bits I could read.
1/27 c5 Krystian Garlicki
Next please, it betefull
10/31/2019 c5 6Lady Midnight07
Please update this soon! There are so little stories with Richard corrupting Harry, please dont abdone this!
2/5/2019 c5 reptoholic
awesome story so far
2/5/2019 c4 reptoholic
should have been both some he could bring up the end of all
2/5/2019 c3 reptoholic
2/5/2019 c2 reptoholic
interesting, but you are pushing it to make them all sound like zealots. Also I would make Harry a little less timid.
2/5/2019 c1 reptoholic
7/4/2018 c3 ImaginativeFury
He horrible grammar in some areas is annoying.

Its in not inn goddammit.

Why the fuck is this Richard using merlin as a curse like a fool?

Oath not oat.

Add spaces between lines so not everything looks so horrible.

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