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for Too Much Pineapple? No Such Thing!

7/17/2018 c7 19PrePsychPineappleLover
Haha, I loved this! :D
6/1/2018 c5 45Zena-Xina

I could see the most awesome crossover fic with them. Maybe it's another thing we should consider writing in like 6 months? Since that other Weeping Angel fic is incomplete XD

Also, I wonder how the little boy is going to feel when he realizes he can't spend that dollar cause it's from the future? XD

Will Shawn be zapped back too, but maybe a couple years later and suddenly one day Gus, now accepting his new life, sees Shawn? Lol SO many possibilities XD

Or Shawn is zapped back a few minutes after Gus and then they freak out and try to learn how to get home, and they meet the Doctor?

Okay I already decided we are writing this together, no choice. It'll be somewhere between six months from now and before writing the Leverage fic XD

No but yeah you already know how much I love this soooooo much.
5/7/2018 c3 Rock Mint Swirl
That was nice. Wonder what they were fighting about... ~ Mintstar
5/7/2018 c3 19PrePsychPineappleLover
Aww, that was super sweet! :)

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