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6/11 c2 Guest
uh wait waht? is blue green and yellow gonna be here and also y not ash
6/2 c14 Rorand
I couldn't help but SQUEAL!
5/22 c1 colewoodbury
can't wait for an update.
5/8 c16 5Dhruv George1
This getting an update?
4/27 c16 Kuman
A very interesting story. Never been much of a pokemon fan though I did watch the anime when I was a kid. Keep up the good work
4/27 c16 3FavChanger
Then Harry died that day.
4/11 c16 1Jimbocous
Nice one so far. Thanks for the update, and for a great read so far! One of the few Pokemon/HP crosses I actually like!
4/9 c16 11LivininCorsets
Rabid mermen—decendant of Gyarados?
4/8 c6 Slycerr
it would be cool if you made some magical creatures pokemon... hybrids? like find certain creatures spicies with the potential to evolve or something like that, or just induvidual creatures.
4/6 c16 Nokraz
i like this story :) pokemon are cool. really hoping he gets a ralts or gible from another "pokemon cache" hidden somewhere like the kanto trio! zubat would be cute too
4/6 c16 28Kairan1979
I guess somebody messed up with both Grindilows and Merpeople as an attempt to assassinate Harry?

At least Squirtle evolved.
4/6 c15 Kairan1979
I wonder what exactly Tracy is keeping from Ron.
4/6 c14 Kairan1979
Much better Yule Ball than Harry had in canon.
4/6 c13 Kairan1979
Glad to see Harry's eyes finally opened about Neville.
4/6 c12 Kairan1979
It's ironic that Dobby was the one who triggered Charmander's evolution.
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