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for Elemental Trinity

4/2 c16 trainreader
Thank you! Squirtle to the rescue !
4/2 c16 StrongGuy159
Cool chapter continue please.
4/2 c16 3WhiteElfElder
I hope they find whom jacked with the Merpeople and made them hostile like that.
4/2 c16 WhiteEagle1985
Woah! What a strong chapter here! Very well written!
4/2 c16 Poharan
Great episode as always, im really excited when Squirtle evolved, that just leave us Bulbasaur has his time to shine in the next trial.
4/2 c16 OmnipotentUIJudgeOfCharacterOG
4/1 c16 ChangeMe4574
Shit, are mermen some remnant of pokemon or something?

Thank you for the chapter
4/1 c16 2darkromdemon
Ok seriously whoever thought that the TWT was a good. Idea nerds to be un an asylum cause mother fucker that thing Is lethal, anyway great chapter good to see Squirt evolving and Harry did His Best But crossing a on heat rampage beast was really unlucky hope to read More soon
4/1 c16 7Silverleone
Yeah! Squirtle evolved! Poor Harry's going to have words with someone when he wakes up. At some point he's going to snap and there's going to be hell to pay for whoever get in his cross hairs
4/1 c16 4597boss
They're dead.
4/1 c16 Ashes Ascending
Nice chapter!
3/27 c15 Guest
You to countinue
3/18 c1 2Jack's Shack of Story Yaks
Good story!
2/5 c15 OmnipotentUIJudgeOfCharacterOG
So much is happening. And the Hogwarts Golden Trio stays strong too.
2/5 c14 OmnipotentUIJudgeOfCharacterOG
So Harry and Ron made up, with the latter's apology being more reasonable and understandable here than it was in canon. Ronald Weasley and Tracey Davis? That's a new one.
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