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6/18 c7 Guest
Come on show me what you got for this
9/24/2021 c7 15Vanessa Masters
Owen met with Xanatos in the Ryker's Island visitors room later that afternoon, updating him on what had transpired.

"Your plan worked in the beginning," Owen began. "As you expected, the turtles and the gargoyles were drawn to the Pack, who received the mysterious envelope as requested. Both parties acted as you would expect, though there were a few missteps. Three of the Pack members are currently in the wind, and I'm afraid Miss Willow will be in a cast for several weeks after her nasty tumble."

"That is unfortunate," Xanatos lamented. "Willow wasn't supposed to get hurt. Despite that, however, I'd say things went well,"

"Well sir?" Owen questioned.

"Though they didn't know it was me, I created the Pack to be so much more than just a TV show," Xanatos explained. "I had to see how good they were. And having underestimated Goliath and the rest of his supernatural brood once before, I had to know what they were capable of as well. All in all, I'd say the test was very informative."


Well, they kinda do, since Willow looked them up.

And yeah, your daughter breaking her leg isn't a positive David.

Oh, eager to see next chapter.
9/24/2021 c6 Vanessa Masters
Back with Goliath, he and Hun were still having at it. Their strengths were almost a match, but Goliath's attention was pulled elsewhere as he continuously checked on the state of his clan and the turtles. Hun saw this and decided to use it to his advantage. He then struck Goliath in the gut, causing him to hunch over. Hun then raised his fists overhead and brought them down on the gargoyle's back, causing a grunt of pain to slip through Goliath's teeth.

"Not so tough now, are you?" Hun growled.

All of a sudden, a brick collided with the side of his head hard, causing the giant to see stars as he toppled to the side. This revealed Willow, wielding the brick with a triumphant grin.

"I could say the same to you," she taunted.

"Why you little-!"

Before Hun could finish, Goliath used his tail to strike him in the back. As Hun turned around, Goliath leapt at him and lifted him into the air.

"Now, let me make this clear," Goliath threatened. "If you or any of your clan come near mine ever again..."

He didn't even bother finishing the statement, letting an ear piercing roar do that for him before he threw the behemoth into the factory sign. This time, it bent considerably before toppling over all together.

"Aw crud!" Hun cried out as he and the sign fell to the street below.

The dragons saw their leader fall down and immediately took off after him, scrambling to get away from the turtles and the gargoyles.


Ooh! Nicely done

Oh no, shredder!

Well, going out for noodles ends with a hostage situation.

Poor Angel, well, she sees who's the real decent sorts now.
9/19/2021 c5 Vanessa Masters
The robots obliged, spreading their wings and activating their rocketpacks. They flew up and began blasting at the group. The gargoyles and turtles all scattered. Willow went to do the same, but was intercepted by one of the robots.

"Willow!" Brooklyn exclaimed as he tried flying after her.

Before he could reach her though, another robot came out of nowhere and tackled him to the ground. As Brooklyn collided with the ground with the robot still on top of him, Raph jumped on top of the robot and drove his sai into its back.

"Thanks for the save," Brooklyn told him.

"No sweat," Raph replied. "Now why don't you go save your girlfriend?"

Brooklyn almost took off, then looked back at Raph.

"What's a girlfriend?"

"It's a… you know what, can I explain when we're not fighting for our lives?!" Raph asked.

"Right," Brooklyn agreed before taking off after Willow.

Raph then leapt off the robot as it slowly turned towards him, still sparking from the stab wounds.

"Ready for round 2 sparky?" Raph asked.

Lol roah sees it

But poor willwo, will she out in foster care?

It's horrible when a child, or anyone finds out a loved one is evil, or at least amoral.
9/19/2021 c4 Vanessa Masters
Wordlessly, the female grabbed both of the guards, hoisting them into the air before dangling them both over the hole in the floor. Goliath's eyes widened and he grabbed her shoulder.

"What are you doing?!" he demanded.

"I am simply ensuring that they won't cause us anymore trouble," She replied coldly.

"No way!" Leo exclaimed. "You can't just kill them!"

"You carry swords and choose not to use them? We gargoyles are no strangers to bloodshed."

"In the heat of battle yes," Goliath admitted, "but not like this."

The she-gargoyle looked at Goliath, then back at the humans in her hand, her expression unreadable. After a few tense seconds, she silently conceded, tossing the guards away.

"Your centuries of slumber have made you weak, Goliath," She told him, stalking off.

"Was she always this...intense?" Leo asked.

Goliath watched her go, a sense of foreboding in his heart as he followed after her.

"No… she wasn't."


Oooh, first warning sign.


But they make a good team the gargoyles and tmnt.
9/11/2021 c3 Vanessa Masters
Meanwhile, Elisa and Goliath walked through Central Park, enjoying a small piece of nature amongst the loud city.

"You know, we're probably the only couple in the park that doesn't have to worry about muggers," Elisa commented.

"As I said before, the world may have changed, but man is still as savage as I remember," Goliath told her.

"Don't judge us too harshly. The city may show an ugly face sometimes, but once you get to know it, you'll see the nicer side as well. In a way, it's like you guys."

Goliath raised an eyebrow to that,



Then, oh boy! Ninjas and mercs!

Oh, look at them enjoying pizza and pop.

And willow liking Brooklyn.

And the turtles know, gargoyles turn to stone during the day.
9/10/2021 c2 Vanessa Masters
Well that's nice," Mikey admitted. "But wouldn't you guys like actual names. Something that shows what you are? Like Goliath over there."

The old gargoyle sighed a bit, shaking his head in exasperation.

"Why must everything have a name?" he questioned, approaching her. "To humans, and apparently you turtle creatures, it's as if nothing is real unless it's given a name, and defined limits."

"Names aren't limits, old dude," Mikey reassured. "They're expressions of who we really are. They don't limit things, they make them special. If I was just, 'the orange turtle', it would be boring. Michelangelo, not boring."

"Does the sky need a name?" the old one asked, a confident smirk on his face as he gestured out towards a river on the horizon. "Does the river?"

"Technically, the river's called the Hudson," Donnie shared.

The old gargoyle was taken aback, and everyone else couldn't help but smile at his embarrassment. The trio even chuckles a bit at their elder's expense.


This is great. Nicely done.

Yeah, I know it's your home, but don't name so wine sewer, Mikey.

Lol teasing Donnie about crushing on April.

Well, a nice little clash and make up.

Mistaken for Trolls, Kappas I can understand. But trolls?
9/10/2021 c1 Vanessa Masters
Sometime later, the police had received an anonymous tip about where to find the stolen truck, following it to the warehouse. Arriving at the location, they found the dragons all on their knees in front of the warehouse, the truck untouched and all the crates resealed. One of the officers, a Detective by the name of Elisa Maza, got out of her car to survey the scene. Her companion, an officer named Morgan, joined her.

"Looks like the New York Ninjas struck again," Morgan mused, adjusting his cap.

"Mr. Xanatos will be happy to get his truck back," Maza nodded, glancing at the building itself.

As Morgan began processing the goons, Maza walked around the side of the building, seeing that all of the Purple Dragon Graffiti was now covered up. In its place was a massive green circle, and a pair Japanese characters: "家族".

"More of those characters?" Morgan asked, shoving Dragon Face into his squad car. "What's it say?"

"What all of them always say. Kazuko, or Family."


Oooh! I could go for this, I love crossovers with characters that are in the same city, or state.

Wgaer to read more.
7/5/2021 c6 11OMAC001
Great intro for Hun!
6/30/2021 c5 Ruby
That was pretty fun to read. It’s definitely better than the original. Though I’m not sure how much you’ll change for the older chapters, but I can’t wait to see it
7/2/2021 c6 5grapejuice101
Omg I love this book! Please continue asap
7/2/2021 c5 Dragonninja1983
could this be The Shredder?.
7/2/2021 c6 4reaver216
Awesome story so far,I will be waiting for more Finally someone remembers Mikey is a party dude and is not an idiot maybe not as smart as Donnie but not stupid
5/26/2021 c1 hunter pearson
pleas update
4/10/2021 c4 5Ellmarr
Nicely written please continue soon
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