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for Fish are Friends, Not Food

11/13/2022 c1 1Elsa Tomago
The title of this story reminds me of 'Finding Nemo'..
Anyway, it's funny how Elsa declared that she has to stop eating fish because of Bobler.. And I'm really glad that Elsa is so excited and happy to have Bobler as her pet..
12/10/2018 c1 127Dragonsrule18
Aww, so adorable! I love seeing Elsa this happy!
6/20/2018 c1 Guest
So adorable! A fish is perfect for Elsa.
6/10/2018 c1 22nameless2write
Can someone die from cuteness overload? I think I just did. I had so much fun reading this so thank you soo much.
5/6/2018 c1 1FullTimeFangirl931
Aww, so cute! I just squealed a little from all this adorableness. :)
5/1/2018 c1 9MaroonSoda
gosh, so cute! thank you. i appreciate the story.
4/30/2018 c1 7ImpVarjack61
Cute story, nice dinner time read. I like how the pets relate to their personalities. Anna has the squawking bird, while Elsa ends up with a very quiet fish.

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