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for The Celestial Circle - The Tale Of The Dark Hunter

9/29/2021 c1 8Detective Desires
Um, I'm going to echo what others who have reviewed your story have said. First of all, I'm not sure I understand this. Is the snippet in letter form part of the note that is being read, or is it a separate event? Why does the POV suddenly change? If it's a letter or something, you might want to look up how to express that. I'd just put it in italics if it's a flashback, but you may want to look up the correct format that works for whatever you're trying to do.

Also, are you sure this is a Batman/DC/Justice League-related story? You can have a story inspired by another story and still have it considered as original fiction. So far, I don't think you've given us any indication that this is happening in the DC universe. You could talk about electrum or how the "meta" in "metahuman" in the DC universe refers to "metal," such as electrum, dionesium, or batmanium. Right now, though, I would agree with the other person who said that you've essentially got an original fic on your hands, and that's okay. You can post it on FictionPress, or if you really like the idea, you could write out the whole story and publish it on KDP and actually get paid for it. You can't do that with fanfic, so original fiction is actually better, in that sense.

As for the writing itself, the story is somewhat interesting, but I think I would enjoy it a bit better if it were clearer what was going on.
5/8/2018 c1 TeelanaFalcao
Tentando entender tudo isso.
5/2/2018 c1 Guest
This smells much more like original fiction instead of fanfiction. Just because an idea is BASED off Batman/Court of Owls doesn't make it fanfiction. If you made up a universe of your own and characters to fill it and it happens to bear a resemblance to Batman and the Court of Owls, then what you've got is original fiction and it belongs on FictionPress.

Otherwise, all you're doing is cluttering the archive with a non-fanfic story and it can be reported to the admins as abuse/spam.

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