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4/7 c4 12Gold Testament
Will Adrien be in this though?
4/7 c3 Gold Testament
It does not clear everything up? What about Lonng? The actual dragon miraculous from the series?
2/7 c4 InfiniteNexusofChaos
Pls continue this there aren't enough fanfics in this category and you've got me hooked.
1/28 c4 naruto44namikaze
please continue this
11/15/2023 c1 HyperA2019
Looking forward to Chapter 5.
9/13/2023 c4 proborderjumper
this is a great fic, I really do enjoy this story but the only thing I don't like is that u forgot all about chakra, why give him chakra manipulation if ur not gonna use it
7/23/2023 c4 omazur908
hi when will the sequel be released
4/14/2023 c4 Guest
Are you going to update this story or what?
2/26/2023 c4 Guest
You didn't to make a new Dragon kwami since Longg is already there. Also just focus on the Episodes with Kagami using Longg. Ryu is close Ryuku in hero name anyway. You only need to make kwami with non members of the Chinese Zodiac and Sacred Animals in Yin Yang.
1/11/2023 c4 Guest
Can you add fei wu from shangai in narutos harem please
1/8/2023 c4 Guest
Nice chapter i loved the original power rangers so please continue this story thank you so much
12/31/2022 c4 fresh prince1
nice chapter
12/30/2022 c4 Snapback777
At long last a new chapter!
It was very good and while sad, I very much am glad that you made it in memory of Jason David Frank.
I agree with him of having been the best Ranger and the rest.
Naruto and Marinette were pretty great dealing with Stormy Weather as their hero personas.
I still wonder if there's an Adrien and if he'll still become Cat Noir or some other hero since no mention of him yet.
Assuming Gabriel still had him in this.
I see that future members of Naruto's harem have grown some.
Like who I see in it now along with those that had been mentioned before.
Little surprised to see Chloe in it but am interested in seeing how that would work.
I look forward to seeing how things goes when Naruto meets each new one for the first time.
Not counting Chloe of course.
And also, while take a while to happen, when he fights alongside them for the first time when they get their miraculous.
That counting Chloe.
Alya first, of course.
Can't wait for that day.
While happy that Alya's part of Naruto's harem, I'm glad to see Nino will still find someone to get together with.
Got no dislike for the dude.
Until Naruto/Ryu and Marinette/Ladybug's next battle against evil.
12/29/2022 c4 tempace
good story, I hope you or someone else continue it someday
12/26/2022 c4 Guest
Good chapter, I look forward to the next chapter and your other fanfiction stories.
You would be interested in writing a Naruto crossover fanfiction story with netflix series, for example: (Glitch Techs), (Shaman King), (Dota Dragon's Blood (maybe)), (BNA Brand New Animal), (She-ra and the princesses of power), (Carmen Sandiego), (Sonic Prime or Sonic X or Sonic Boom), (The Dragon Prince), (Voltron Legendary Defender), (Kipo), (The seven deadly sins / nanatsu no taizai).
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