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for 2020: An Experimental Story

3/28/2020 c10 Your Brother
When will continue?
Just wondering.

Joshua James Mustchin.
1/16/2019 c10 Your Brother
Colonel Casey's Jeff's ex wife?! Interesting. Wonder how they are going to get Jeff out of jail? I like it so far.

10/20/2018 c10 14Susan Popplewell
This is getting more and more interesting! An upcoming war, clones, and an attack on Charn's house of Parliament! How does IR save the day? Looking forward to the next update!
10/20/2018 c10 1thunderbird shadow
7/27/2018 c9 Anne Messervy
Very good!
7/26/2018 c9 14Susan Popplewell
Very good. Loved the appearance of Jeremiah Tuttle (and his line 'where'd I put the phone, Ma?') Really interesting about the Italian. Hope they get Jeff, Scott, and Virgil, out before the trial.
7/20/2018 c8 Anne Messervy
Very good. What happens next?
7/20/2018 c8 1thunderbird shadow
That's a new wrinkle
7/20/2018 c8 14Susan Popplewell
Very good. I like the idea of the virus. Hope they rescue ben gurion and de jersey from Emperor Edward. Interesting the big reveal.
7/15/2018 c7 Susan Popplewell
This is so, so good! What's going to happen with the jail break? I suppose I'll have to wait for the next chapter. Really excellent!
6/24/2018 c6 Susan Popplewell
Very, VERY GOOD! Is The Hood and the Emperor capable of telepathy?
6/21/2018 c5 Guest
6/21/2018 c5 Guest
wonder what the big secret between jeff and casey is. I don't like temple of doom either
6/20/2018 c5 Helensg
Think you’ve got a whole lot more there than you expected Colonel
I hope they leave Virgil and Gordon alone (or do I)
5/29/2018 c4 Susan Popplewell
I love it! Especially how you ended it on a cliff-hanger! I never would have thought of that secret new military invention that spotted Penelope, Parker and Sherbert in Fab 1.
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