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for The teacher is our bro ! (Oldest Lincoln loud au)

1/24/2020 c22 Unknown
Is there going be a update or anything it has been a while since last time
6/10/2019 c1 Jaloon
Now this is very interesting and also good because Lincoln and Ronnie are older than younger in most story
5/18/2019 c21 DJTimmer
Worth the wait. Now Rita has met Lincoln, but does she know it's her son? Looking forward to your next chapter.
2/15/2019 c1 careless whisper
2/5/2019 c19 AA25
(Walking through the door, made it to the office, then gasp in shock as he saw Lincoln already here)

Lincoln: Doc, help me!

Mr. Wilson? You're... early, how did you get in here?

Lincoln: I just got another memory, I was waiting for you but your Secretary let me in

Oh... I guess we start our session early even though you're not scheduled to later in the afternoon

Lincoln: Sure... sorry about that, it's kinda urgent

Just let me get my pencil and paper


Lincoln: So I remember changing myself, my own personality... in 1 way I always ended up doing the same predictable thing I always do so... I make things unpredictable

Hmm... so you choose to do things that felt like something you never do before?

Lincoln: Yes Doc, that's what I did!

Tell me more

Lincoln: I remember wearing different clothes, changing my attitude and appearance, all the things that make it unpredictable and it felt like paradise, they called me Unpredictable Lincoln

Did you feel happy in a sort of way?

Lincoln: Yeah... for a while anyway

Oh? So it was short lived?

Lincoln: I was rummaging through the cellar to see what clothes and... all it was is the Orange polo shirt and it made think... being unpredictable could make it boring

I see... so you know that changing yourself makes you forget that your own personality is gone and if you continued being unpredictable made you feel any doubt

Lincoln: Yes

Anything else?

Lincoln: The girls in my class were there, so was my friends, I remember Clyde hugging me as if he lost his best friend

Another piece of the puzzle... I see our time is up Mr. Wilson... though since you decided to come early, I'll give you my number in case... just text me ahead of time and I'll come by if you have another memory

Lincoln: Sorry about that...

Quite alright Mr. Wilson, I know it's important and in such short notice... by the way... if I'm not here for any reason, you can call Clyde's therapist Dr. Lopez

Lincoln: Wait... you know Clyde?

I never met the kid in person but when Dr. Lopez and I speak on our friends meet, she told me about him... and in some conversation this name pop up, being Clyde's best friend and mentioning Clincoln McCloud!

Lincoln: Wow... sure thing I'll... wait, Clincoln McCloud?

Yeah... there was person who has the same first name as yours but his last name was Loud... but I'm sure there's no relation to the girls in your class, even if they did share the same last name!

Lincoln: (Thoughts) Wait... it all started to make sense now, but I need to know more

You know... I'm gonna make reservations to have some of the famous Lynnsagne again... Mr. Wilson?

Lincoln: (Snaps out) Oh sorry

(Hands him my contact number) Same time next week... or whenever an emergency meeting is needed

Lincoln: Yeah, thanks doc! Bye (Exits)

Bye Mr. Wilson!

(Another door open, it was Clyde)

Clyde: He actually remembered

Uh yeah... though the only thing about that day was Coach Pacowski hitting me while I was riding my bike

Clyde: Yeah... sorry about that Rusty

You were going through a rough time, you needed him back

Clyde: And I'm sure I won't lose him again!

(FYI, after seeing "Predict Ability" , this was all I muster up)
12/23/2018 c19 AA25
Awesome Christmas chapter. Merry Christmas
12/23/2018 c19 DJTimmer
Kind of sappy, but tis the season to be merry. Looking forward to your next chapter.
12/14/2018 c18 AA25
Hugh: So... did I do good?

Yes Hugh, you was fantastic... although-

Hugh: (Cuts me off) Yeah... my good looks is a curse, basically I wish I could turn it off

Its alright, not everyone can get born good-looking, you're a chick magnet

Hugh: And to think, I was able to tutor their brother... it's sad he doesn't remember them now

Oh don't worry about that... the plan is still in motion, I just need to give it a little more time

Hugh: Alright but I got a call from Mollie and she says "Girl Jordan is getting impatient"

Yeah... kinda figured she needed this to be over anyway

Hugh: Well... good luck riding this out

Me too dude
12/7/2018 c17 487crazytaxi
11/20/2018 c1 3crazytaxi87
You should never rush to post it. I remember posting ch. 4 of my story ‘Lincoln’s New Sibling’ I had at least four words spelled wrong and used the wrong grammar in places that made me think I’m an idiot
11/14/2018 c14 Guest
Thanks for the shout out and happy Birthday
11/14/2018 c14 DJTimmer
I found this chapter to be very amusing. Nice use of the modify the Loud house episodes into flash backs. I really liked how Ronnie thought it was her anniversary, only to realize the calendar was a month off. But what I don't fully understand is why Lincoln wouldn't recognize Bun Bun. The human mind is a very complex thing. On a side note, you really think I'm keeping you from doing dumb things? I barely a review as is.
11/3/2018 c13 AA25
Oh come in Mr. Wilson, I guess you got some updates by any chance?

Lincoln: Yes... Mac and Cheese Bites!

(Confused look) Uh... wait, you're planning to take me to lunch?

Lincoln: No... I just remembered something just triggered my memory

Ooh... thats good news, what about it?

Lincoln: I just had a craving, like I eat this dish before

Intriguing... where did you eat the Mac & Cheese Bites that solve another piece?

Lincoln: Aloha Comrade Resturant

Ooh I love that place, thats where the famous Lynnsagne is

Lincoln: (Thoughts) Did he say Lynnsagne?

Yoo-hoo, Earth to Mr. Wilson?

Lincoln: (Snaps back) Oh sorry, I was lost in thought

Its OK, we still got time left in the session

Lincoln: I know

So did anything else happen?

Lincoln: Yeah... after that, we left and told my daughter that there's another sibling on the way

(Eyes in awe) Awwwwww congratulation, I'm guessing Liz will become a big sister

Lincoln: I know right!?

Well... looks like our time is up. Same time next week?

Lincoln: Yes Doc, I hope I figure this out soon

Have a greatest, awesomest day Mr. Wilson

(Lincoln left the room while Zach and another guest enter from another door)

Wait a second... where's Stella?

Zach: Pilates

Oh... so Fiona (a.k.a. Leni's co-worker bestie) is filling in?

Zach: Yup

Fiona: This better be worth $20

(Raised eyes) I'll pretend I didn't hear a bribe... wait, Leni doesn't know about this?

Fiona: Nope... though you're working the same plan as her sisters is


Zach: So... Lincoln remember the Mac & Cheese Bites?


Fiona: That means they went "there" but did Mr. Loud saw him?

No... if he did, the sister's plan failed

Zach: Whats the game plan?

The Loud sisters must be desperate now, to take drastic measures

Zach and Fiona: Clyde

Exactly, Lincoln's best friend is their ace, they're swinging the racket and pierce the hole in the middle "net line"

Fiona: Tennis reference

Zach: What about your plan?

Its still coming, Girl Jordan is on standby waiting for the signal but for now, let the sisters continue their progress

Zach and Fiona: Right!
11/1/2018 c13 DJTimmer
Oh good. I thought you were winding down, but glad to see this is going to continue for a little while longer.
10/25/2018 c12 DJTimmer
It's to soon for the end. There's still so much more to be written. Looking forward to your next chapter.
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