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2/17 c30 Moltz
This is probably one of the sweetest and happiest chapters in this story.
Looking forward to the wedding.
Will Bella regain her strength enough to be on point in the future?
2/17 c29 Moltz
I love this calculating, brilliant thinking Rosalie.
Now the question is: if Rosalie’s mom is friends with Esme, is her family helping Carlisle and/or Mia and Sienna to keep Bella out of their lives?
Carlisle is a Bastardized son holding the position of power so he wants his bastardized son to fill his shoes.
Thankfully the Joining of Edward and Isabella will reinstated the true lineage back in New York.
2/16 c28 Moltz
Family can be so very messy.
I’m glad that Bella took a chunk out of Mia.
The Slovenia mob is still a threat as is Carlisle Cullen/Jasper and Esme.
2/16 c27 Moltz
What? I thought Stephen was her father after forcing himself on Renata? I’m confused. How is it that Edward didn’t see this man in the Cemetery?
2/16 c26 Moltz
Laurant spilled the details. I’m guessing it was Carlisle that sold Bella to Vladimir and Stephen.
Don Mancini can now take revenge on Carlisle.
Esme, Jasper, and Lucy need to be with Carlisle as a family tragedy takes place.
2/16 c25 Moltz
Did Carlisle make a deal with Vladimir and Stephen to take Bella?
2/16 c24 Moltz
Edward, the geeky musician, the thinker, has put together the ultimate plan to disappear.
I’m surprised that Carlisle thinks his attempt to save his family is believable.
Rose has taken to her position in the family quite well.
2/16 c23 Moltz
Wow, rather stupid to keep Bella in the west wing of the house.
Why was the house left minimally guarded?
Is Carlisle being setup by Jasper? Will the Fed’s raid the house while he is away?
2/16 c22 Moltz
It’s about time Carlisle stepped up to care for the family that stood by him through the beginning.
Sounds like Bella’s biological father has decided to take a go at the Cullens.
Will Don Mancini be informed of Bella’s disappearance?
2/16 c21 Moltz
Was it Garrett that snuck up on Bella?
She knew the risks of returning to New York.
I hope Liam finds a way to work with Edward to get her back.
2/16 c20 Moltz
Now we know the story behind Bella’s paternity.
Esme has been playing Carlisle all along. Where did she come from and how did she know about Carlisle’s life?
The Cullen family is falling apart.
2/16 c19 Moltz
Edward has a good grip on everything that is happening in his business as well as Carlisle’s setups.
I hope Marcus remains safe and the men that have been around the family are loyal to Emmett and Edward.
2/16 c18 Moltz
How is it that Emmett and Rose didn’t recognize Bella?
Do the contact lenses really make that much difference?
2/16 c17 Moltz
Carlisle, you belittle the wrong man, when it comes to your heir. Carlisle, you will pay for everything you have ever done.
Will Edward go to Seattle to find Luca?
2/16 c16 Moltz
Bella and Alice will never get back what they had in their youth.
They have to start over; trust once broken is hard to regain.
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