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2/16 c15 Moltz
Maybe Don Mancini will take Carlisle out of the picture and replace him.
Edward can learn from his grandfather and become the man that he wants to be. Including making music.
I’m not sure how I feel but the Irish mob being involved in Bella’s recovery.
2/16 c14 Moltz
Carlisle is a master of treachery. Garrett followed every step of the plan. Was he promised the position that Marcus holds?
Aro seems to be in on it as well.
If Garrett sent to bracelet to Ireland as a distraction, where are they keeping Bella?
2/16 c13 Moltz
The lies are flowing faster and easier out of Edward to his lovely lady.
How will Garrett’s be dealt with as he’s messed up multiple times?
2/16 c12 Moltz
Carlisle is quietly forcing Edward’s involvement.
He may be a natural successor but his heart is still connected to his music.
When will Edward learn about his half siblings?
2/16 c11 Moltz
The word has made the rounds that Edward’s life is easy pickins and the money flowing into the hands of those surrounding him has made his life difficult.
Too many people know his business.
He will have to make the call….become what he despises. The next leader of the New York Mob.
Didimey recognized Bella’s heritage.
2/16 c10 Moltz
Well there it is…..a tragedy was needed for Carlisle to finally tell his eldest he is proud of the way he protected his family.
Rosalie knew all about the Cullen’s way of life. Is that why she is with Emmett?
2/16 c9 Moltz
Edward stepped up to take care of his family.
I’m glad Marcus survived this attack. He’s the only person that has ever supported Edward. Even if he didn’t believe Edward was capable of killing somebody.
Peter will become a very close friend to Edward.
2/16 c8 Moltz
The crap has hit the fan. All because Charlie failed to keep his promise to Renata.
Alice has joined the bitch squad and has put her own family in danger. I wonder if they will all have to leave the area.
Isabella must have learned some Italian from her mother before she passed away in childbirth.
She’s picked it up rather quickly.
Will Edward find a way to help out Fred?
Bella’s lawyer Luca seems to know a lot more about her maternal family.
2/16 c7 Moltz
Carlisle has a very intense hatred for his first born son.
The fact that he is a bastard himself tells me more about his character than being the Mofia leader of New York. Edward is legitimately the heir to the entire operation. He could easily have his father removed.
Has Emmett decided to support Edward, or is his fear of their father holding him back?
I’ll bet Rosalie noticed Edward’s distress after he was knifed under the table by his father.
2/16 c6 Moltz
Whelp, this is getting more interesting for Bella as the days go by.
Is Bella’s father still alive?
He must be a member of the Italian Mob.
I’m guessing that Lizzy knows her father and will be able to piece together her lineage.
2/15 c5 Moltz
Someone is always following or tracking Edward’s movements.
Liszt is right, she and her two sons need to get away to Italy for a while.
I wonder if Carlisle’s goomah has had any kids?
2/15 c4 Moltz
At least Auntie Anna and Maggie were able to meet Edward and his mom.
Bella has been unofficially informed of Edward’s family situation.
2/15 c3 Moltz
Whoa, that’s a whopper of a story surrounding Isabella’s mother.
So, she comes from a wealthy Italian family.
2/15 c2 Moltz
Wow, the heir to the mob has been treated like dirt on his brother’s shoe.
It would appear that Marcus is loyal to Edward and his mother but still maintains his position within his father’s ranks.
Emmett is another issue altogether.
2/15 c1 Moltz
The things adults do or say and how children interpret it is so far from the truth.
Growing up will be interesting for all these kids.
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