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8/26/2023 c42 vickstick
Loved this story
12/10/2022 c42 EdwardsVampTramp
Thank you so much for this fantastic story! I was a little scared there in the end regarding Liam, but thankfully he was double crossed by Patrick. Deportation isn't so bad. I kind of figured Heidi would end up with Paolo. Nice to see Bella warmed up to him.
It was a fun journey, just sorry to see it end. :(
12/10/2022 c41 EdwardsVampTramp
It just warms my heart!
But I' Liam and Marcus! I want an update on them. :)
12/10/2022 c34 EdwardsVampTramp
Ding dong the bitch is dead!
12/9/2022 c30 EdwardsVampTramp
I'm bawling!
12/9/2022 c27 EdwardsVampTramp
Hhhhmmmm...paternity test?
12/9/2022 c26 EdwardsVampTramp
Poor Peter :(
12/9/2022 c24 EdwardsVampTramp
So Mrs. Cullen is the "boss"... I think we all knew that. ;)
12/9/2022 c22 EdwardsVampTramp
Wouldn't surprise me if Esme and Jasper were behind it.
12/9/2022 c18 EdwardsVampTramp
Lucy needs to go...
12/9/2022 c15 EdwardsVampTramp
Fist pump for Don Mancini!
9/3/2022 c37 Kerrion
This story is one big contradiction in the last chapter you had carlisle yelling at Esme for killing his wife and taking advantage of him now you have him him asking for them to be protected even though he didnt say anything when they were taken to the warehouse right infront of him ,now he’s telling Emmett and Edward that they are jealous of Jasper i’m exahausted trying to keep up with these contradicting storylines you had seth betrayed them in a previous chapter telling Edward and Emmett they were a embarrassment to the cullen family while holding a gun to bella’s head here he is popping up in a new chapter like edward didnt kill him. Sigh
9/3/2022 c36 Kerrion
How many seths are in this story edward already killed seth?
9/3/2022 c32 Kerrion
Why do you have bella repeatedly claim charlie is her daddy? The same charlie that mistreated her and pratically threw her out and told her she was a drain on him and abandon her for sue’s kids ? That charlie?
8/29/2022 c41 Lore562
So good thank you for these story
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