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for The Legend of Harry: Legacy of the Realms

12/11/2018 c33 Loki's Tongue
So, when will Snape get his ass handed to him by Voldemort?
12/11/2018 c33 King Ceasar Jr
This is a bad idea. Also I hope daddy's boy is going to get his ass kicked.
12/11/2018 c33 Enku
Yeah, I would want to get out of this situation as well.
12/11/2018 c33 Odin's Eye
In my opinion Lucius and Draco need to be taken down a few pegs and realize what they did wrong. And I mean that they realize how many people whose lives they ruined.
12/11/2018 c33 Dragon Fan
Oh yes, it is time to see Draco get some comeuppance!
12/11/2018 c33 King Wrym
I really do hope that Lucius and Draco get a good dose of humble pie.
12/11/2018 c33 Sonic Nerd
I hope Draco gets taken down a few pegs and so does Lucius.
12/11/2018 c33 3WhiteElfElder
Snape needs to speak with Draconis about the staff he saw in Voldemort's possession.
12/11/2018 c33 Thunder Dragon
Okay, Lucius Malfoy is becoming a turncoat. I did not see that coming
12/11/2018 c33 61D.J. Scales
Oh boy oh boy. About time Lucius got a wake up call. Either way you're right about Draco.
12/10/2018 c32 Sonic Nerd
Lets see some chaos! Now I have a request for a story. It is a Sonic the Hedgehog and Harry Potter crossover. I was inspired by one of Thunder Dragon's works but I think I perfected it. If you cannot do it yourself can you please post it on this sight if it is not to much trouble? That is all I ask.

The Arch Mage of Chaos Part 1: The Beginning of the Story. The Beginning of this story starts out like this. Harry Potter after facing down Voldemort in the Final Battle of Hogwarts and when Voldemort with his dying breath cast Harry out of his home world and into planes beyond. Harry and Hermione are sent to Sonic's world from the Archie comics Pre Super Genesis Wave continuity and both end up being de aged back to 11 years old(Hermione Granger was sucked into Mobius when trying to save Harry from Voldemort's last spell and is de aged as well but got to Mobius without being exposed to Chaos Energy and the Chaos Force). Harry is found after the Freedom Fighters after failing a mission to save King Max from The Void pick up a strange energy signature and find Harry and bring him in to Knothole with Hermione ending up on Angel Island and is Knuckles's brains until she meets up with Harry and the Freedom Fighters which she joins back up with Harry.

Harry and Hermione eventually end up joining the group to face Eggman and to find a place in this new world with Harry and Hermione being the Freedom Fighter's magic expert and helps out against mystical villains like Mammoth Mogul, Ixis Naugus, The Iron Queen, Enerjak, and other mystical evil forces when Harry goes off on his own meets Merlin Prower who is looking for an apprentice and learns all of Merlin Prower's powers and skills is willing to teach him all he knows and seeks out the old library and workshop of Ixis Naugus where he learns the Ixis Magics on the level of Ixis Naugus at his best until he finds his place in this new world and he does and goes back to the Knothole Freedom Fighters.

The Arch Mage of Chaos Part 2: The powers of the cast. Now for the Powers and abilities of the cast. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and all the characters that appear in both the games and Archie Comics have all the powers and abilities from across the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise and eventually the Chaos Emeralds, Super Emeralds, and The Master Emerald become composites of both the games and Pre Super Genesis Sonic Archie Comics continuity and similarly this also applies to Chaos Energy.

Harry and Hermione still have all their cannon powers but Harry after being exposed to Chaos Energy learns how to harness Chaos Energy and how to use the mysticism of the Sonic The Hedgehog Series and Harry Potter eventually evolves into a embodiment of Chaos Energy like Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, and Shadow, and gets his own super form called Chaos Arch Magus. Also Harry Potter ends up having all Three Deathly Hallows as his tools but are given some massive upgrades when exposed to Chaos Energy.

Harry's old wand ends being repaired and merged with the Elder Wand with the new wand being made of both materials such as it being made of Elder Wood and Holly with a core made of Thestral Tail hair and Phoenix Feathers and the wand is exposed to Chaos Energy. The powers of this new wand are aligned to magic's of the Night, Death, and Battle along with Life, Light, Fire, Air and Healing along with everything Harry can do with it in cannon. And Harry is given the knowledge of all those who previously held The Elder Wand making him extremely powerful and knowledgeable about his world's magic's.

The Resurrection Stone when Harry some how is given it becomes a sought after commodity for historians and necromancers, as not only can it bring the spirits of the dead into the living world, but can bring back those who have fallen and lengthen the live of it's master and cannot be destroyed as well but can also hold a infinite library of knowledge and allows access to it, but can store and chronicle lost knowledge and forgotten secrets.

The Cloak of Invisibility becomes the stuff of legend and dreams for thieves and assassins, such as it can completely erase a person's presence when under the cloak as well as making them invisible and cannot be seen no matter what as long as they stay under the cloak. The Cloak of Invisibility can also now manipulate shadows and cannot be destroyed by anything. The Characters from the Sonic SaTAm cartoon and the Sonic Archie Comics end up getting all the abilities they have after the reboot and before the reboot. Hermione is not able to use Chaos Energy due to not being exposed to it when entering Mobius. Also all the Sonic Characters from the Games also get all the powers they have all across Sega Media but they have to work hard to master their powers and abilities.

The Arch Mage of Chaos Part 3: The World and the Universe of the Story and it's mechanics. If you decide to do this idea it bears mentioning the difference between Sonic's world and how it operates from the Harry Potter series. Now I have been merging both universes mechanics of the Sonic games and Sonic Archie Comics.

Here is the Sonic Universes mechanics. Chaos energy is a product of the Chaos Force, a never ending pool of Primal Energy that is tied to the very universe itself with the Chaos Emeralds, the Super Emeralds, and the Master Emerald as the strongest physical embodiments of Chaos Energy. The Chaos Force is the embodiment of all Chaos energy, the mystical power wielded by many inhabitants of Mobius and is the all-encompassing energy of the universe and according to Eggman in The Sonic Archie Comics, Chaos Energy is just like Chaos Theory. Chaos is the chance of things not going according to plan, the hiccup on the quantum level. Sonic and his crew are literally tied to this stuff and their world is bathed in it.

The Master Emerald truly has infinite power and exists as a universal singularity as their is only one Master Emerald across time and space. The Chaos Emeralds have potentially limitless power while the Master Emerald truly does have limitless power and can be channeled, reignited, and augmented as well as drained by certain technologies, entities, and magic's and sacred places and certain individuals. And they can even cause Perfect Resurrection.

Chaos Energy also has positive and negative energy. Chaos energy is still a mystical energy that can also be found within the Master Emerald and Chaos Emeralds as they are physical embodiments of Chaos Energy. However, it is possible for Chaos energy to exist within other sources, such as Chaos, who is a being made of liquid Chaos energy.

This energy can be used for a number of applications, such as powering machinery, empowering beings, or warping time and space itself and at it's maximum potential it can warp all of reality itself as well. Chaos energy is a mystical energy derived from the Chaos Force - the all-encompassing energy of the universe. Such energy can only be accessed by individuals and objects with a connection to the Chaos Force, such as the Brotherhood of Guardians, Dr. Finitevus or the Chaos Emeralds.

Chaos energy can be used for a number of applications, from being able to power machinery to reshaping reality itself. Through harnessing Chaos energy, individuals can utilize unique abilities, such as Chaos Control or Thunder Arrow. Chaos energy can also be used by an elite few to transform into unique states known as "Super Forms". These transformations greatly increase the innate powers of the individual and also provide them with new abilities, the most common of which are flight and invulnerability. Raw Chaos energy in its purest form appears to have a yellow-green color, as common users such as Knuckles and Shadow often showcase this color when using basic techniques. Despite this, Chaos energy can be in various colors depending on the user and the technique being used.

By tapping into Chaos energy, it is possible for individuals to gain access to unique abilities such as Chaos Control, or to achieve transformations known as "Super-States". These transformations greatly increase the innate powers of the individual and also provide them with new abilities, the most common of which are flight and invulnerability. By using Tikal's Prayer, it is possible to increase one's access to Chaos energy. Shadow the Hedgehog can also increase his Chaos energy intake by removing his Inhibitor Rings. There exist a handful of methods for certain individuals to track Chaos energy. The first is Knuckles the Echidna's innate "emerald radar", which allows him to track Chaos energy within a limited range. Opposite to that, the Mystic Melody allows its user to detect Chaos energy over a long distance. There are also machines that are designed to detect Chaos energy.

The Sonic the Hedgehog series has mysticism which is more apparent in the Archie comics. Like for example The Ixis Magicks. The Ixis Magics are magical techniques exclusive to members of the Order of Ixis, having been devised by founder Mammoth Mogul, the first Ixis. Of all the Ixis Magicks the most obvious display of this art is the manipulation of the elements of Mobius: fire, water, air, earth, and Power Rings.

Other abilities found amongst the Ixis Magicks are the ability to do battle with an opponent mentally, in which the losing enemy of such a battle can be entirely dominated by the winner; and the power to transform living or non-living substances into a green crystal that is virtually indestructible. Possibly another Ixian technique, developed solely by Ixis Naugus, is the Shadow Meld ability, in which the user can teleport to any location.

Now lets compare that to the Harry Potter series. HP spells can easily defy logic such as transfiguration by turning a table into a pig for instance, Can use multiple elements easily with no problem, can teleport, and can cast spells that can last for centuries at least and some artifacts keep their powers as fresh as the day they were created and it can do pretty much anything aside from creating food from thin air and raise the dead. Wizards while lacking in physical fitness and easily harmless once you disarm them most of them, excluding those who learn to cast wandless magic. The Magic in Harry Potter can also appear in people who have had no background in Magic as we see with Hermione Granger, and those with long standing in using magic do have some abilities that new comers usually do not have, barring some exceptions and as a individual wizard grows older, so do their spells, with practice and hard work and one of the greatest strengths about HP magic is the flexibility. Transfiguration and conjuration are extremely powerful and flexible. Those two schools are underused in cannon HP. Transfiguring gasses, or acid, or super glue in large amounts. While a transfigured animal might not be a threat to a Mobian on Sonic's level, but one that effectively comes out of no where from behind them would still be dangerous and a great distraction.

There are also plenty of elemental effects that would be strong. A thought and a word give Harry a flame thrower, or a fire hose, freezes the water, blows huge winds. The ability to throw large objects around with magic is very dangerous. Boulders and trees could come flying from any direction. Invisibility, confusion/mind control, blinding light, darkness, teleportation, detection spells to find people, magical force fields and shields and walls, wards. HP magic can do almost anything, and a lot of the time it can do it quickly. It's not the colored lights that they shoot around in most of cannon HP that makes Wizards dangerous, evidence of this fact is that the two most dangerous Wizards in HP cannon, Voldemort and Dumbledore, barely use normal curses when they fight. This is due to J.K. Rowling basing the magic's of the Harry Potter world in real world mystical folklore.

The Arch Mage of Chaos Part 4: Story Arch's. Now this story excludes the events of the Super Genesis Wave Reboot and World's Collide with Harry Potter preventing those events from happening. Also events touched on in the comics but were never properly implemented in the Sonic Archie Comics have to happen in this story and plot points in the comics that were scrapped in due to the reboot have to happen. Now for the ending. Harry and Sonic find a way to strike down Doctor Eggman for good on one last final assault on Eggman's forces with the Freedom Fighters from across the planet Mobius and beats Ixis Naugus and strips him of his powers, Sonic and Harry put down Scourge and throw Fiona and the Fearsome Foursome in the slammer and lock away the key, and Harry prevents Mammoth Mogul and other major villains in the Sonic Archie Comics from getting back into the super villain game.

The Arch Mage of Chaos Part 5: Parings. Now for parings. Harry ends up hooking up with a female Overlander, or with Hermione Granger. Sonic gets with Sally, Tails gets with Mina Mongoose, Knuckles The Echidna gets with Julie-Su. Blaze gets with Silver, Charmy Bee gets with Saffron, Rouge The Bat gets with Shadow the Hedgehog, and Antione gets with Bunny Rabbot. Everyone who has a canonical paring in the Sonic Archie Comics are included if I have missed anyone.

The Arch Mage of Chaos Part 6: Character Depictions. Now for the characters depictions. No Bashing, Gender bending, or changing sexualities! Everyone is as cannon as possible! They have to have all their cannon characters strengths and weaknesses. Warts and all
12/4/2018 c32 3WhiteElfElder
In a combat situation I cannot see the tail spells (runes) being useful unless they are done completely without thought.
12/4/2018 c32 King Wrym
Oh yes. Magic time, I hope Harry reaches the same levels of power that Classic Spyro reached when you max out Spyro's levels in that game and when you go for 100% completion.
12/4/2018 c32 Enku
Oh yes. Growth and Harry earning his new powers. I like it. Now if Vaerath and Harry are smart they had better get the Order of the Phoenix to prepare for the storm.

Now I and several others are still wondering how and when Harry's Dragon powers were bound and how Harry had a dragon in his family tree. Please answer this.
12/4/2018 c32 King Ceasar Jr
And here we are. Spyro Shadow Legacy spells. So when is Harry going to learn Dragon Kata?

Now while I am loving you implementing some elements of Wizard101 Harry using his claws would be a better way to cast the spells or visualize the spell symbol and it's effects in his mind when Harry get's more practice in using those spells or draw them with his claws or use his wand when Harry is in human form. This would be a great tactical advantage.
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