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10/2/2018 c20 KongKing94
Whew boy. Anybody else starting to get scared? Because I am!
10/2/2018 c23 DD Lore Nerd
Oh yes! Now if I were you I would take a look more into the works of Lovecraft when delving into more interactions with the Dark Master.
10/2/2018 c23 Loki's Tongue
Why do I have a feeling that Voldemort just made a horrible mistake? Also it bears saying when are Harry and Vaerath going to destroy the Locket? The sooner the better!
10/2/2018 c23 Odin's Eye
If I were you I would take a look at Faust, just to make this more eerie, Also is The Dark Master the one who is responsible for the Darkness invading Skylands? If what the Dark Master says is true than things are going to get ugly.
10/2/2018 c23 Rodimusprimus326
Oh man, This is going to get ugly. Anyone else get a chill down your back?
10/2/2018 c23 Ghidora Jr
Oh yes! Here we go! Dark Magic ahoy!
10/2/2018 c23 ZWarrior4life
Oh shit! This is were things get down right demonic. Make it happen!
10/2/2018 c23 King Ceasar Jr
Oh yeah! Here we Go! Lets get Lovecraftian!
10/2/2018 c23 ABYSSALISK
Oh Shit! I have looked at your Legend of the Three Trilogy and while I did not like the Metroid Crossover with Spyro and her taking the spotlight I loved the characters in that story cycle
10/2/2018 c23 Thunder Dragon
Yes! Thank You! You Listened!
10/2/2018 c23 3WhiteElfElder
A deal with the devil has been struck...Tom should have read the fine print!
10/2/2018 c23 60D.J. Scales
By the Ancetors. this is becoming an Alternate Universe of your Legend of the Three Trilogy which means that The Dark Master has returned. I thought it was destroyed by Spyro's time and does it have anything to do with The Darkness that invaded Skylands?
9/29/2018 c15 1DanielHimura
Nice enough story so far, however i did find the elemental training a little underwhelming. Just use the power and refine a little. There could be a lot more written there, a minimum of a chapter for each element.
9/27/2018 c22 ABYSSALISK
Okay... Harry is aware! That cannot be good! Because Ripple Effect! But Harry is growing and learning to use and see Magic as a dragon, maybe learning of the magic's and powers from the other parts of the Spyro Universe he can find away to remove it and also become more powerful than before with everything he can do in cannon and all of Spyro's powers from his various incarnations.

Speaking of which their is something I have to say. In my opinion Harry has to not only learn and develop all the powers of all the incarnations of Spyro but also all the ones Spyro could have potentially learned if he wanted to across the Franchise including Skylanders when Harry travels about the cosmos he learns more about the Purple Dragon.

Here is what I found on the Purple Dragons of the Spyro Series.

In the original Spyro series, Purple Dragons weren't a major plot device nor were they legendary. There were a total of two known Purple Dragons who were included in this status: Spyro and the Sorcerer. Though several minor dragons, namely Alban, Halvor, Ivor, Ragnar, Asher, Sadiki, Claude, Mazi, Azizi, Obasi and Baruti, were also purple. Another dragon in Spyro: Year of the Dragon was also purple. It wasn't until Spyro: Shadow Legacy that the special status of the Purple Dragons was introduced into the series. They, like Spyro, are a special breed of dragon who are gifted with powerful magical energy. That energy is strong enough to withstand the negative and dark effects of magic.

In the Classic series, in Spyro: Shadow Legacy, Zoe commented that Purple Dragons, like Spyro, really are powerful when he wasn't affected by the Shadow Realm and defeated the dark creatures due to his powerful magic energy. Of course it is possible that the status existed in the early games given that out of all the hundreds of dragons, only 13 dragons are purple.

In The Legend of Spyro trilogy, Purple Dragons are born once every ten generations, and can master all of the elements, as well as other abilities the Guardian dragons thought were not possible, including time itself. It is said that the purple dragon is supposed to bring justice, hope, and peace to the Dragon Realms. Purple Dragons have the ability to harness the power of all of the elements (Fire, Ice, Earth, Electricity, Wind, etc.), while all other dragons are capable of breathing one particular element. The signature ability of the Purple Dragon is Aether, both Light and Dark.

Malefor has also stated that he is eternal, which may be another ability that Purple Dragons possess, making them immortal.

Notable Purple Dragons

There have only been two known Purple Dragons in The Legend of Spyro series, Malefor and Spyro. It is unknown if there were any other Purple Dragons before them. The Chronicler claimed Malefor to be the first Purple Dragon, though this fact has been challenged by Malefor himself, who assured Spyro that there were many before him.


The destiny of the Purple Dragon is to direct the fate of an era. Malefor believed that their destiny was to destroy the world. However, despite what Malefor stated, he abandoned his true calling and embraced the darkness, which twisted his views of the Purple Dragon's destiny. Unlike Malefor, Spyro saved the world instead. It should be noted that while Malefor needed the Destroyer to bring about what he saw was the destiny of the purple dragon by destroying the world, Spyro was capable of undoing the Destroyer's devastation with only his power.

Skylanders series

In the Skylanders franchise, Spyro came from a rare line of magical Purple Dragons that originated from a faraway land. He and Malefor are currently the only Purple Dragons shown in the series. Although Spyro can harness the power of the other elements, he prefers to master fire. He can also use the sinister magic of The Darkness(or other dark influences)and combine its power with his own, becoming Dark Spyro.

Purple Dragons share the same qualities as their Legend of Spyro counterpart, but they are associated with element of Magic. Aided by their magical energy, they are gifted with the power to harness the power of all of the other elements, including the power of darkness.

Legend of Spyro, Skylanders, and Classic series Attacks and Actions:
Dragon Time

Dragon Realms: Classic and Legend continuities
Skylands (Skylanders)

Appearances of the Purple Dragon:
Spyro the Dragon:Classic series
Spyro: Year of the Dragon: Classic series
Spyro: Shadow Legacy: Classic series(powerful status first mentioned)

Appearances of the Purple Dragon in The Legend of Spyro series.
The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning
The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night
The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon

Appearances of the Purple Dragon in Skylanders.
Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure
Skylanders: Return of the Dragon King
Skylanders Academy (TV series)

Now to balance it out Voldemort has to grow as well.

Voldemort has to keep all his cannon powers but has to incorporate the powers of a Vampire, Bogart, and Dementor, Werewolf, Basilisk, along with learning other Dark Magic's such and gain the powers of the Dark Creatures that he pit's against Harry in cannon to bump himself up the food chain and become the monster the Wizarding World sees him as and a legitimate threat to Dragons.

Voldemort should have the venom of the Basilisk as his blood and in his teeth which can kill most people in a single bite, the killing gaze of the eyes of the Basilisk which he can turn on and off at will, drain the blood, souls, and all emotion and happiness of his victims like a Dementor and Vampire to power himself up and recover from injuries, and to restore his magic and energy from the life force of his victims.

Voldemort also now has the brute strength and magic resistance of a HP Troll and HP Giant and Voldemort can also take the form of what his opponent fears most like a Boggart and draws strength from fear with the more people are afraid of him the stronger he becomes, and like a snake he can shed off his old body to restore himself at his best but only with intense concentration so it is useless in a fight. Voldemort now also has a healing factor and can also regenerate his body without outside help such as limbs, bones, and vital organs but it takes time and just like Bram Stokers version Count Dracula Voldemort can turn into mist, a flock of bats, take the form of a wolf, become younger and stronger the more blood he drinks and can resurrect himself on certain occasions and has found out how to make the Sorcerers Stone and has drunk the elixir of life and still if you include Voldemort's Horcruxes he will not be able to die unless those are destroyed and make him near impossible to put down unless the stone is destroyed, his coffins are burned and his Horcruxes with Voldemort learning The Spell that The Sorceress tried to use in Spyro: Year of the Dragon, to try and make himself even more immortal with his Horcruxes, The Elixir of Life, and Psuedo Vampirism but seeks out the immortality of the first Purple Dragon Malefore.

Voldemort when he get's the Elder Wand and looking for the other Deathly Hallows should also learn to use dark matter, and gain ESP and Telepathy and learn dark voodoo and grows stronger the more death he deals and the more fear their is in the area he is in. Voldemort must become more of a humanoid abomination who is the symbolic devil to Harry's savior and just to be a better foil and can take the form of a Feathered Winged Serpent to mock Harry's new connection to Dragons and also become a humanoid Werewolf like in the Harry Potter movies but be in control of himself in his werewolf form and take that form at will at any point of the lunar cycle but also have the traditional weaknesses of Werewolves like Silver bullets which can hurt him and the herb Wolfs Bane which can as well.

However I have to add that Voldemort must become more of a humanoid abomination who is the symbolic devil to Harry's savior just to be a better foil and the nightmare of the Wizarding World and an abomination that needs to go as an affront to nature, mankind and all The Laws of Magic. But for the icing on the cake Voldemort also has to transform himself further beyond the limits of most mortal magicians and after further mutating and transforming himself with Aether he can use the Fear, Shadow, Poison, Wind, Undeath, and Magic elements like Skylander and Legend of Spyro Cynder and Skylanders Spyro.

Voldemort however can use Aether like Cynder and Voldemort like Malefore he delves into Dark Aether and goes into his dark form but keep his mind and agency, and seeks out the Sorcerer from Spyro the Dragon: Shadow Legacy to grow even more powerful, backstabs him, learns the spells from the Sorceress abandoned library, learns the spell to turn gems into warriors and soldiers like Gnasty Gnorc did in the very first Spyro The Dragon game to further bolster his forces and tries to make himself immortal from the spell the Sorceress tries to use in Year of the Dragon.

Also Voldemort has to seek out the servants of Malefore such as the Grublins, The Wyverns of the Legend of Spyro series, The Twisted Forms of the Apes, that were cursed by Malefore and the remaining Golems of the Deeps just to strengthen his dark army and seeks out the immortality of Malefore.

That would be perfect! It would give Harry and Voldemort reason to Let Harry and Voldemort's clash be between two mystical titans that can shake the world and both avatars of the Light and Dark and some of the greatest Wizards Britain ever produced.
9/25/2018 c22 3WhiteElfElder
Poor Harry, he has no idea how right he is.
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