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for The Legend of Harry: Legacy of the Realms

1/24/2019 c39 Dragon Fan
The final battle between the Harry Potter and Voldemort feels like it was rushed and while you get some credit for pulling the spirits of the various Purple Dragons while trying to gather the same atmosphere with the final battle with Harry Potter this failed because of it was lacking two important factors. Atmosphere and buildup.

The reason why implementing the spirits of the Purple Dragon worked legend of Spyro series because of the atmosphere of dread and fear of Malefor gave off throughout the games and the fact that the world was literally crumbling beneath your feet. This just feels rushed. The reason why the final battle of Hogwarts was so powerful as we got to see how the world we grew up with and got attached in the books and films was broken and corrupted by Voldemort and learned that it was up to Harry and his crew to fix it and restore it.
1/24/2019 c39 King Wrym
I had hoped the battle between Harry and Voldemort would be worth it. I was wrong.
1/24/2019 c39 Leviathans Heir
This was very disappointing. It was over two quick.
1/24/2019 c39 Long Ryu Hai
I must say again that this story had some good moments but is also outnumbered by the bad ones. You seem to be merging three different series together without taking the time to gradually make the readers understand what you are doing in terms of world building and forcibly adding Dungeons and Dragons elements that does not fit. Harry can learn the classes as it does not seem to impact the story itself or the various themes of the story.

There are also various plot threads that do not seem to go anywhere and you seem to be rushing some character’s development to quickly without any sense of a resolution or real growth aside from Harry and Voldemort which works as foils for eachover but you also seem to neglect everyone else like the other members of Harry’s social circle as they either as plot devices to move the plot forward or foils to move things.

Also Harry Potter is massively underdeveloped as he only seems to be getting new power while not growing as an actual person. You seem to be focusing on the stuff in their universe but not the themes of their stories.

And the fight was not worth it. This is a bad story
1/24/2019 c39 Midgardsormr Jr
Oh man Voldemort went down to quick. He did not employ his full aresenal or try to use anything new. I expected more.
1/24/2019 c39 King Ceasar Jr
Oh this fight, was a bit anticlimactic. I know that you were trying to to channel both the events of the Harry Potter movies and books with the elements of the same level of the Legend of Spyro Finale. But you failed. You did not put up enough buildup or enough characterization to make us feel like that this was a epic. You failed.
1/23/2019 c39 10The New York Bear
Good job on the story and getting all the way to the climax. I'll be sad to see it end, but I'll also be glad that you actually managed to finish it. Just one question: How big is Harry as a dragon? I always assume dragons are big but since Harry was able to fit inside 12 Grimmauld place without any problems that's not quite the case here. Is he still growing as a dragon and how big will he ultimately get?
1/22/2019 c39 1setokayba2n
I'm surprised that Fudge changed to soon instead of trying to negate everything even with the corpse.
1/22/2019 c39 3WhiteElfElder
Pretty fast and easy battle.
1/17/2019 c38 DriftingGem
idea you could try harry tries animagus transformation spyro's dragon sub species died out in war - infinite realm tries to summon help with aid of a elder dragon who avoid being turned into a statue due to wards on his secluded cave harry/dragonform denighs having a name elder names him spyro
1/16/2019 c38 60D.J. Scales
I cant wait to see how this ends.
1/15/2019 c38 Enku
Oh boy. The fight between the two is going to be ugly.
1/15/2019 c38 King Ceasar Jr
The battle between Harry and Voldemort must be something awesome. Or else this will turn into a massive disappointment.
1/15/2019 c38 Leviathans Heir
Once again I must ask, when is Voldemort going to bust out his secret weapon?
1/15/2019 c38 Midgardsormr Jr
Welp Aether is down, so when is the final battle?
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