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for The Legend of Harry: Legacy of the Realms

1/2/2019 c36 Enku
Harry is free, and is the master of his soul as it should have been since the beginning. Now their are only two more Horcruxes to go. Voldemort must be shaking in his Dark Lord boots by now
1/2/2019 c36 Runemagus555
Oh boy Harry is free from Voldemort’s grip. He is ready to face him.
1/2/2019 c36 King Wrym
Only two Horcruxes remain. Harry is free of Voldemort’s taint and his essence has been transformed into something that has granted him new power.

Now I have a question.

Will Harry learn more about his Dragon heritage and will it play into his character development? I honestly hope that it does.
1/2/2019 c36 King Ceasar Jr
I have to say it again Voldemort, you better watch out. Harry is coming for you
1/2/2019 c36 Long Ryu Hai
Voldemort must be in for some real trouble now. His Horcrux’s are down to two. But I have questions.

1. What happened to Umbridge? She needs to appear in order to make sure

2. What are you planning afterwards? This simply cannot be the end of Voldemort or Harry’s adventures

3. Will the Battle of the Ministry still happen? Because Voldemort needs to appear in order to clear both Dumbledore’s and Harry’s names.

4. Will Harry train to harness Aether and gain the powers that Spyro has in all of his games and continuities with everything Harry can do in cannon?
1/2/2019 c36 Odins Eye
Oh man, What are the ramifications of the crystal in Harry’s soul becoming a star? Oh and I wonder with Harry accepting his Darkside can he use Aether in his normal form?

If so Harry has an ace in up his sleave.
1/2/2019 c36 Thunder Dragon
Okay I did not see that coming? Harry Potter working with his dark side to cast out Voldemort’s Horcrux. If Voldemort tries to takeover he his going to be in for a big surprise.
1/1/2019 c36 60D.J. Scales
Now thia is getting epic.
1/1/2019 c36 Solartiger
Awesome chapter
1/1/2019 c36 3WhiteElfElder
What are the ramifications of the crystal becoming a star with color change and all?
12/29/2018 c35 Runemagus555
With some of the last Horcrux’s going to be destroyed Voldemort must be scared out of his mind right now.
12/29/2018 c35 Leviathans Heir
I have no idea what is going to happen. Good for you!
12/29/2018 c35 Long Ryu Hai
It is happening. Harry is coming to get Voldemort. But with the Dark Master, you cannot be certain that things are going to plan.
12/29/2018 c35 King Ceasar Jr
Voldemort, you better watch out. Harry is coming for you.
12/29/2018 c35 Dreamweaver543
Okay I keep expecting the other shoe to drop. So when is it going to happen!?
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