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for Haruno's Interest

4/6/2020 c3 dustinlemque
where is the next chapter of this story please
7/14/2019 c3 4RStreighart
Cannot wait until the next chapter! I'm waaayyyyy more invested in this than I should be!
3/31/2019 c3 Guest
Good job next chapter please ?
8/13/2018 c3 Flash Falcon
Now he's like a cocoon that's about to give change of caterpillar to a... What bug that would br described him? Well whatever it is, he's goibg to counter Haruno anyway. Expecting the next.
8/4/2018 c3 reader0007
who the hell is henry?
8/3/2018 c3 OsteoPoro
eh fuck it, harem
8/3/2018 c3 OsteoPoro
7/30/2018 c1 Getsomewater
I also think that just haruno is good since she and 8man's younger selves are kind of the main focus in this
7/30/2018 c3 Getsomewater
Hooray our prayers have been answered. New chapter is good :]
7/30/2018 c3 VampTheSpy
I think its hard sometimes to see which pov we are in, nice story btw
7/27/2018 c3 Guest
Keep up the good work looking forward to the next chapter
7/29/2018 c3 33Dimiel
Agree with diegozea70. Just do a harem. Good story by the way.
7/27/2018 c3 Guest
Is kaori in the first pov? It's really confusing me.
7/28/2018 c3 Lord Mortensen
great fic! please update soon!
7/28/2018 c3 diegozea70
Bro, just do the harem way, everybody like it and you and me know it. But if u gonna just doing trio and I’m going for Kawasaki and Kaori. Still, I will keep reading u story whatever u choose. Good Lucky.
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