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for His Forest, Green eyes

1/12/2021 c7 Cibeli
Por favor, continua!
8/9/2020 c7 derekctomlinson
raven smirking at her boyfriend beastboy the green one garfield mark logan can stay the rest can stay if they want to
8/9/2020 c7 OdaStider
Ahhhhhhh... My BBRea itch has been scratched. Thank you for updating, I'm excited and can't wait to read more.
8/9/2020 c7 Eris
Fascinating story. Very mysterious and intriguing. So is the village Garfield’s old home village? Do the villagers know him personal and tell visitors that they see him as god to keep him / them safe from hunters who want to hunt the animals for fun? Hope you update soon.
8/6/2020 c1 CypherThai
Wasn’t bad! Pretty excited for more
3/13/2020 c6 Guest
They finally meet
3/13/2020 c5 Guest
Raven is injured whhaaatt the heeeellllll
6/30/2019 c5 Bluelc
I don't know why you disliked the chapter so mich. Ot was quite good.
6/30/2019 c1 Bluelc
Its pretty cool, I think progression will be great. My only problem is that there are some details off, however that is only because I am a perfectionist.
6/1/2019 c6 Matticus131
I like it but would like for some longer chapters with a bit more details other then that it's good and I can't wait for the next one
5/21/2019 c1 keverly houtz
It's alright but where is beast boy in all this?
4/10/2019 c6 Guest
I enjoy this story so far, it would mean a lot if you made more chapters.
1/13/2019 c6 1FanaticFangirl2602
1/13/2019 c1 FanaticFangirl2602
1/8/2019 c6 Eris
Nice chapter. Please update soon.
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