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for A Twelve Step Program to Omnipotence

23h c43 1Mr.Sound - Master of Silence
Money hungry fanfic author.. yuck
5/3 c46 RunOnSentences
Fucker should have burned. Tch.
5/2 c35 RunOnSentences
I’m rooting for shuri!
5/2 c35 RunOnSentences
Genuinely fuck this guy
5/2 c34 RunOnSentences
Gosh, I fucking hate the MC tbh
5/2 c15 RunOnSentences
I love the fun facts!
5/2 c12 RunOnSentences
How, the FUCK is he not bullet proof yet? At this point, he’s got so much shit in his blood he straight up should look like doomsday
4/29 c4 TheBlackhaze
I simply don't understand why the fuck you need armor for protection when you're the Hulk, the Super Soldier, and the Extremis subject all rolled into one package.

The Abomination could tank gunfire from assault helicopters while gunfire from a handgun or a rifle puts your ultra hybrid on the ground?

Get the fuck outta here, stupid bitch.
4/23 c18 NaoShi511
It is a fun story to read
4/23 c14 NaoShi511
Sure, I could probably read every book on finance in the world and figure out how to set up a successful company on my own, but that would take time, because while I could easily absorb knowledge about business, I had absolutely no experience in it.

Says the lad after reading books in programming hack a super computer in Wakanda in 5 seconds... Heh...
4/23 c6 NaoShi511
Like it or not, mc doez have some Mary Sue luck on his side.
4/22 c35 handwran
also this explanation is threadbare at best. it makes everyone seem dumb and hollow that they believe it
4/22 c35 handwran
michael is fucking dumb, so what if he knows everything from comics, you ever heard of the multiverse theory. for all we know there very well could be a reality out there where marvel comics are real. And these people are real in this book, (not actually real, but from michaels perspective they are) so who the fuck cares if he tells them about being a reincarnate from our earth. the ONLY reason to hold back the truth is from people that would want to take advantage of his meta knowledge. also if youre self insterting yourseld, youre not gonna have a healthy realitonship irl with your gf, because you dont lie to your spouse/gf. especially about something that would be inconsequential for your gf to know like this. when she finds out she would dump is lying ass
4/22 c9 evil-in-a-prom-dress
yassssss. this story is superb
4/22 c32 handwran
dafuq are you talkin about? caps costume is great! plus no spandex, bitch you reachin for that there
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