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9/19 c80 LsSL
I guess break time is over, huh? It was fun while it lasted, although that also means we won't have more breaks for a while, given that we're nearing the climax of this tale (or so I believe, anyway).

However, that ain't fully related to the actual chapter, so it's review time!

Neptune shenanigans are strong within this chapter, and they've been quite strong at several parts of this entire arc, haven't they? Adult Neptune appearing, the little Neptune bonding not a chirper ago and now this. I'm really surprised we haven't had so... uhh... heavy Neptune moments more often, given Thomas' previous job, not to mention her relation with Nepgear and his apparent tight connection with Uzume (both of them).

Weird that, huh?

Anyway, I really liked Histoire's explanation about how CPUs tend to show their creativeness quite often and in very different ways according to their personalities. It was a detail I never stopped to consider, and it truly makes me wonder why I hadn't noticed it before. I guess 'Big Nep' having lots of creativity makes sense, since CPUs on Ultra start being humans, and thus they probably have that quality since birth - it wouldn't surprise me, in fact, that 'Ultra Nep' could become a CPU without issues herself, were she to consume a memory.

Though I do guess that quality doesn't always applies, for Rei never struck me as overly creative, and Peashy is more prone to bust stuff up rather than create things (whether that may be due to the... extraordinary circumstances behind her turn into a CPU might be worth discussing, though).

I cannot begin to imagine what you've in store for us next, dear author, but you can be sure that I'll be waiting expectantly for those surprises all the same. See you on the next update!
9/17 c80 LordOfTee
Yaayyyyy nicknsme shenanigans!
Thanks for the new chapter Awm!
9/7 c79 2Sonic245
Wish i could see more bond moment between Neptune and Thomas
8/27 c79 LsSL
I love when modest characters (or esteem deprived, in Thomas' case) little by little start to accept that they too deserve some, if not as, much credit for their heroic actions. Even small as they might seem, those little actions bring forth large repercussions...

Or so it goes. I'm really bad at making that kind of... Whatever that kind of speech is called. English stop abandoning me at the worst moments, please!

... Anyways...

For being the first (of many) intermission with Vert, it probably was one of the best chirpers so far (topping those of Blanc and the twins back at the Lower post-battle rest will be really hard). It introduced the Very we all know and love quite seamlessly, showed some more of Thomas general knowledge of the culture and, as mentioned above, gave him a moderate push towards the path of full character development. The scene with the young girl (fish memory doesn't let me recall her name, help) was really touching, too!

It honestly was worth the wait, and I'm sure future chapters will be worth the wait as well, so please do take your time and enjoy your games. I'll be seeing you on the next update!
8/16 c79 AmethystPone
Also, that Flashback of Blanc, guess ee now have prime suspects for the robo-mess.

Seeing Adult Neptune again was nice too.
8/15 c71 AmethystPone
Hah! All the Halo references. :D
8/15 c64 AmethystPone
Though not some of the better ones, really nice battle.
8/15 c60 AmethystPone
He should have responed it 'weren't you lot the first one to turn on the goddesses, making bad situations worse?'
Granted, Tari goddess had it coming. But their faith were swayed a bit too easily toward the villain of the game, or at least away from the CPUs.
Dark secrets? Oh, humanity don't need no goddess to have closets of skeletons. And as goddesses of humanity, it is par for course.
8/14 c48 AmethystPone
Ya know...I voted Noire and IF just to be contrairent...

...But I personally support Neptune andd him. She just understand him the way no one else can, and he seemed most devoted to her so far. He is also incredibly tolerant of her shenanigans, a traits one would need to get close to her. He can also handle a part of her workload relatively fine, which is needed for someone close to the leader of a nation. Also, a family that plot together, rule together.

My second choice would be Blanc, as so far, she is the only one who might have outright had an interest in him, and still does. He also get along well with her little sisters, which is important, as it could be indication of beinh half-way decent parent. He also get along well with Neptune, which...have many implications. His paper-pushing skill is unquestioned. The only draw back is the cold, which Plutia's coat can help out.

Next in line would be Uzume, similar enough reasons to Neptune...Though, he just seem to do well with Planeptune's goddesses. She can't quite yet interact with him the same way Neptune can, though.

4th would be IF, they can play off each other well enough. One handle the paper work, the other handle the field work. One is offensive, the other is defensive. There is also the Senpai-Kouhai quality to consider.

As for Noire herself...he will need to be a tsundere-whisperer, or know her for longer to work out. He might have better chance with Uni even.

Plutia...She likes him well enough, but he seem somewhat more distant toward her compared to other Planeptune goddesses, but he accept her for who she is entirely, so that Might work.

Adult Neptune? I saw it in the vote...nothing really standout.

The twins? He has that Onii-chan air about him. Even that of a tired father returning from work playing with his daughters. Which might still land him with Blanc.

Nepgear? That awkward pair of friends. Also a little bit of senpai-kouhai regarding dealing with Neptune.

Uni...not enough to tell. She is either robot and weapon sexual and/or Nepgear sexual.

Vert? Not there yet in the story.

Compa? Friends. Closer than normal due to "shared" issue. But haven't seen enough to tell.

Finally, Histoire...Close friends and colleagues more like.
7/20 c78 LsSL
These chirpers are part of what I love the most of this story as well; they just feel just as those in the game, if not straight up better sometimes. The last one, for instance, was pretty darn good.
It's always nice to see Nowa getting teased out of her mind, though here it happens more sparingly and with a more variety of topics, unlike in the actual games.

You're doing an amazing work, dear author, keep it up!
7/3 c77 LsSL
This took me a while to get caught on, but I'm really glad I started to read during what appears to be a resting time or something. It allows me to do a general review now and make more chapter-centric reviews on the updates.

For starters, the plot you've made to far? I love it. Arguments based off of a mystery of some kind always entice me, especially in Neptunia when (at least for me) half the joke is to find about the prime reference being made, and then work your way from there... or finish the game, I guess. That's the boring way, though!

There's the possibility I'm thinking too hard on it, of course, but I've been really weaving ideas, theories and stuff in my mind as I read, and I must admit it has been really entertaining to try and figure stuff out. Granted, most of those things I came up with got steamrolled as the story continued, but I'm never losing hope!

Now, I really, really like Thomas here. I'm a firm stan of not OP protagonists (or at least, not more OP than the main cast without a good reason), mostly because that lets them mix into the canon much easier, and the time spent on listing out reasonings as to why they'd otherwise be OP can be used to actually make them interesting fast. Thomas is a regular guy, with a realistic story (for a fantastic setting, mind you), with almost as much pros as he has flaws. He's a lot of room for development, given his character, and his presence actually allows other characters to develop as well (Ram, with her whole teacher wave, is my go-to example of this). I definitely can see points that do bother me in a personal level, but they're minor and don't stop being just personal gripes.

The way you play the canon characters is also remarkable. They definitely feel like they do in the games, though worked up a little bit better (Blanc doesn't go nuts every five seconds, Noire's Lonely Heart isn't abused as much, Nepgear is actually more than a wall with eyes, and even Vert in the brief time she has appeared isn't "sis-con first, rest later", to mention a few). I would say that, out of them all, my favorite portrayals are that of Ram (again, I loooove her little teacher arc; it looks extremely believable, too, which adds to it), Plutia (second favorite, and low-key the one I believe has the greatest development compared to canon) and Uzume (almost second favorite, but I like her portrayal nonetheless, plus her flicking on Thomas' head is a gag I never get tired of watching).

I should also mention that, for however short they've appeared, seeing Affimojas and Steamax again truly was an eye candy. Those two are, for me, one of (if not) the best things to come out of VII, alongside Uzume, Umio and my man, Dogoo Man, who also managed to steal a brief time in the spotlight. Good going.

I don't know what else can I say, right now, and the review seems to be getting pretty big as it is. Instead, I think I'm going to drop it here, and try to wait (keyword: try) patiently for the next update. You've done an amazing job so far, dear author, and I hope we meet again soon!

... Ah, and before I forget, I'm a firm believer that Thomas should be paired with-
5/12 c76 JayTheLycan
Is it just me, or does the business people blanc were talking to in her flashback seem like the ones who made the robots attacking gamindustri now? I just noticed that they said that they were making robots but i could be wrong.
This chapter is so cute!
3/12 c11 6Gaim no Kaze
Question, will Thomas be paired, as in, be in a relationship with any of the CPUs? This may sound stupid, considering the CPUs are almost immortal etc etc
2/29 c72 Ace-Of-Weeb
Another well-written chapter.

Kinda wish Vert appeared earlier considering you know, this act is in Leanbox. Hopefully, she will get her time to shine in later chapters.

Personally, the moment I like most in this act is when the CPUs playing bluff with each other. From trying to out bluff each other with their own tactics (and failing) to the confrontation from Blanc towards Neptune about Thomas.

Looking forward to the next act, hopefully, both of Thomas' past and the reason this crisis happens is will be revealed. I'm gonna cross my fingers that Ultra!Neptune and the Affimax will join the main cast.
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