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for A Second Chance

6/22 c53 Naatie
Neville and Harry ao deserved that conversation with each other! And the story Sirius told them about their parents was just swoon! But I loved the dream most. It’s incredible how much a story or something similar can trigger a dream/memory to pop up. Great chapter!
6/22 c52 Naatie
If you’re going to use dates, perhaps the year is off? Didn’t we just read about Harrys 8 birthday, which is in July of 1988. Is this chapter in 1989, or just after his birthday? It is very confusing.
6/22 c51 Naatie
This is the perfect path for Sirius and Althea! I hope they keep being best friends and we see more of her later. And Harry on that broom. He is already a favorite of McG, and he isn’t even at Hogwarts yet.
6/22 c50 Naatie
This sounds like the best birthday ever, but did Sirius even get to enjoy the adukt company or was he too busy with the kids all day? I feel a little bad for him. He definitely needs more adult company for sure. He has Remus, but he needs more. Something that is not revolving around Harry. I hope he gets it.
6/21 c49 Naatie
Poor Draco. I understand Narcissa’s reasoning, but I feel sorry for the kid. He could benefit so much from a true friendship with Harry and the others.
Thismwas a great chapter. Made me smile and chuckle. Harry is truly a great kid!
6/21 c48 Naatie
Even through I think Remus deserves happiness, she is just not right for him. I feel icks down my back with Roni. Something is off. I know Dora is too young still, but she is his soulmate. Period.

As for Harry and his assets. I love how Sirius really views him as his son. Even with ten procent, he is getting a lot of Black assets added to his own.
6/21 c47 Naatie
6/21 c46 Naatie
This is an amazing chapter! The way Sirius comforts Harry about nightmares and makes him safe while also being safe himself is just adorable and so important . He never lets Harry feel dumb or anything like that! He validates feelings and let Harry see things from different perspectives.

I also love the flow. Detailed, but still moving forward at a good pace.
6/21 c45 Naatie
Snape deserved to lose Lily’s friendship. He lost her all on his own, and his twisted beliefs. But I’m so happynto see Sirius look at himself and James, realizing more than ever how horrible they were in school. Until the smartened up, I hope. And I think these memories will give Harry a deeper understanding of his parents and their own evolution througout school and life. AND! I love the way you are going about this. Love, love, love!
6/21 c44 Naatie
Oooh! Poor sirius, trying so hard to find his own way through life. I am so happy, and so sad at the same time, with these memories. I love how Lily is ultimately the reason why they became blood brothers. She was the glue in their gang all along. Even when they didn’t know it yet.

I dont like Snape. At all. And he shows early signs of his allegiance even as a child. I belive he didn’t really love Lily, he desired her. Her friendship, her mind and later her body. But I think he is not capable of loving another human. He wanted Lily for himself for selfish reasons, and he hated that she formed her own path when they came to Hogwarts.
6/21 c40 Naatie
This was so perfect. Harry’ first real christmas with his dads and extended family! My heart is so full of love for them, and I can’t wait to see what happens next? Thank you for making my dreams come true with this wonderful story! I actually perfer it, so far, to the original because yours is so much more wholesome and furrow with the plots and storyline. I love it!
6/21 c38 Naatie
Why would you do that to me!? I am crying my eyes out! This chapter is so wonderful and awful at the same time, and I love it! Such strong emotions, such love and devotion. Sirius deserves the closure and this is an amazing way to give it to him! Ooh my heart. Thank you for this chapter!
6/20 c36 Naatie
Sirius is a horny teenager, but I actually kinda dig him and Althea, although I do not see them end up together in the future. Sirius is too busy with taking care of Harry and making sure he is having the childhood he deserves and she needs to explore the world and herself before settling. I hope they stay close friends!
6/20 c34 Naatie
I am loving how you made Kreacher’s story a main part of this chapter, and how Sirius immediately got a better understanding of the elf, and changed his tune. This is the road to a better relationship between them, and i am sure Kreacher and Sirius are going to be better with each other!

I am loving this story so much!
6/15 c80 Lady of Pemberley
Holy Shit, what a chapter!
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