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9/24 c26 1VinTEB
6/25 c7 VinTEB
Very good chapter, I almost cried
6/24 c2 VinTEB
Oh nvm I thought they're in France
6/24 c2 VinTEB
Hold up, the French are speaking Tristanian? Isn't Tristanian Dutch since Tristain is basically Belgium and their language is the Earth counterpart of Dutch? Isn't it supposed to be Gallian? Since Gallia is France in their world?
6/22 c25 RizomataNyan
Bruh imagine their reaction once they find out there is an armed Soviet Nuclear Submarine in Helgekina
5/9 c13 Guest
Could not America and Canada send jets? And believe that the mechanized forces would arrive in hours to the capital. I think you are understingmating how fast modern forces can mobilize. Also, the anti air missiles have far more range than what you described, they would destroy the airships dozens of miles away
5/10 c22 Andre Barbosa
Shame reality is not anime. Not everyone got a happy ending
5/10 c21 Andre Barbosa
It seems the seeds for the final of their little romance is already there. Good! Good also to see Saito is becoming more aware of his surrodings and people's backwards minds. Probably enough to him to realize Louise isn't the worth of the trouble
5/9 c17 Andre Barbosa
I think Henrietta secretly hates America and Canada, especially Trump. She just doesn't have the luxury to say that loud.
5/9 c16 Andre Barbosa
I think Henrietta and the nobles should be more respectfull and gratefull towards their Earth allies. Afterall they are the ones that basically won the battle for them, even if they endured until help came, and they are helping them treating their people and rebuilding the nation.
Also, It kinda annoys me that nobles are always doubting Earth military capabilities, even if there were born to believe commoners could never obtain such power, after witnesening with their own eyes. I hope in the future this is better written
5/9 c15 Andre Barbosa
Yep, Louise either is going to be terminated or imprisoned
5/9 c13 Andre Barbosa
Its very unrealistic that dragons with max speed as WW1 planes could dodge CWIS and anti air missiles. They would enter their range and they all would be dead seconds later. That is not to speak that you shortened a LOT their range the way you described. In the fact you mentioned in recent chapters that they already had avengers anti air systems, meaning that they could destroy most of the Albion airships in the cost. If you search their range it you tell you they have 275 miles of range. Probably could destroy some airships heading to the capital.
I sugest that you correct this. Trading realisticaliness and nerfing Earth military capabilities for the sake of drama is removing immersion and is quite frustrating, to be honest
5/8 c11 Andre Barbosa
How they get their spies inside the Tristan? Even there is stil a very high ranking officer traitor I don't believe they could pass through Earth spec ops easilly or at least unnoticed, especially during a coronation with Trump there
5/8 c10 Andre Barbosa
I think there is some things you should add much more depth like the commoners. You barely mentioned them, only saying they are more happy that corruption is decreasing. I should have expected more reactions for them, especially when a nation of 'commoners' gained respect of the nobles, when that same nation posesses much more powerfull weapons and devices that make the nobles jealous. A power that a battle against an army of magues is almost an one sided slaughter. I would expect the peasants, learning of those facts, would demand more rights from the nobles and better positions in the society.
Futhermore, the nations from Earth would paid much more attention to those people
5/7 c5 Andre Barbosa
I got to say, this is good. I didn't expect you would keep this a bit realistic like not jumping troops or civilians in another world, cautious talks about diplomacy and concern about weapons or people appearing in another world. Hell, you even made Trump actually beeing a good politician. Sure, he stil has that arrogant facade but he is really concerned about his country.
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