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5/18/2019 c20 Geraval
Hello, something late to leave my review but here it is.
First, very good chapter, now, I see that you hit the subject of what happened in D'Angleterre, I do not know how you intend to take it inside your story, but it will be interesting to see how you develop it.

So Saito has let the agents know about the magic mirror he has on his property, and they surely know how Sheffield escaped, so they are likely to do a search or something similar to find out if she also has a mirror like that.

So Cattleya turned out to be a heart problem, I did not expect it, my evil part believed that they would detect cancer like leukemia or something like that, but hey, from what I read the dukes do not like the idea of medications so they would definitely seek surgery, it would be interesting if it were on the other side of the portal, and that the person accompanying Cattleya was their father; If the duchess had a dose of humility when visiting our world, it is time for the duke to receive it.

I agree with Robo Reader 21, I really do not finish buying how you handle the romance of Louise and Saito.

So Trump and Trudeau do not see in a good way that Germania takes the lead in the invasion of Albion, I would not be surprised if Trump ordered some of his men to sabotage Germania's attempts to get Tristain to take the lead.

So the delegation has already started its trip to Romalia, to see what they find; if only Vittorio does, even the slightest revelation on the vaults of Romalia and its contents will come all over and goodbye to his idea of blackmailing the Earth to show him how to use the weapons that are in the vaults.

In this chapter you do not mention Joseph or Sheffield, maybe you want to keep a low profile and keep watching.

I understand that you want to make Henrietta look good, but give Earth some more credit.

Refuge boat, interesting to see what information they get from them.

The trial of Cromwell is so close that I can taste it hehe.
Good chapter as always, and update soon, until next time.
5/13/2019 c20 9Robo Reader 21
I can just imagine the various Earth agencies now even more wary of the Church thanks to Julio's little slip on void mages and familiars there. Coupled with trying to kidnap Louise.

Correction: Japan has announced that they will lower the adult age to 2022. Also, so what? Saito is 16 years here.

The egalitarian society has no doubt attracted the attention of many humans in Germania who obtain the title of nobility via accumulated wealth. An option to consider.

Like how even after a week, Colbert is still not fully healed even with water mages assisting. Its a common misconception that their magic can heal someone in a virtual instant regardless of level of injury.

D'Angleterre was a Protestant village. Its no secret that Agnes is a Protestant. When we first meet her in the LN, she is described as having an icon that shows she is Protestant, much to the mage knights irritant shock. IIRC, Richemont knew there was no plague. The church paid him to have that village burn down and I believe he was also very bigoted towards Protestants. There are still such people around. But the village being Protestant was a bonus. The real reason why the Church wanted the village burned is cause Vittorio's mother sought sheltered there when she ran after her son was made Pope. She took the Fire Ruby with her, which Colbert found and is in his possession. In the LN, he gives it to the Pope during the Romalia Arc. Don't let that happen!

I was kinda hoping Leroy and Richer would say that what happened to him is pretty typical of how things were when their society was in a similar state of civilization.

Henrietta's struggle is pretty relatable but, in the end, its revenge she want. Personal issue which a ruler can't give in to. And like she pointed out, there is no one to throw her revenge at anymore. She's got Cromwell rotting in her prison to do as she wishes, which doesn't please her at all despite it, and Albion is in complete turmoil. All this should make her happy but, in the end, its give her nothing substantial. And now she is thinking of what to do given that she is technically a child of two royal bloods. In that regard, she is thinking about unnecessary things.

I really don't buy the romance with Louise and Saito. Especially with how early it is relative to the LN and anime. Saito hasn't even been in Halk for a year upon contact. Not even six months, I think.

Really dislike Eléonore. Why the hell would anyone teach kids how to manage land? Thats not how Earth works. Get that through your thickhead, you arrogant bitch!

Saito's teenage naivete on why Earth chooses not to help is understandable. If I were his age and knew what he only knows, I'd wonder why. But, seriously, he should try to convince Louise NOT to go to the front lines and stay in Tristain with Henrietta.

A poor heart. Never thought of that. Clever. Though lets not write off the parasites just yet. Nothings says she can't have two forms of health issues.

Those same mages who are demanding Henrietta go to war now, she should counter by saying: provide the gold and armies. So now some Earth mining company is in Tristain. Maybe they will find some gold and sliver, but what really matters is the precious metals that the Halk primitives know nothing about and the windstones a mere 800 meter below ground. They can get an early jump in stopping the windstone catastrophe.

The Prime Minister, President and the various agencies obviously knew that Henrietta will go with an invasion. They may have held out some hope but it was gonna be all for naught. So no doubt they have plans and strategies for how to make sure things go their way. Getting Germanian's killed by the gross with possible. Certainly not something unheard of in a primitive society where they use old columns and Napoleonic battle plans. The biggest question to ask though is where is Sheffield? I'm still curious about that teleportation! She can't do that so what really happened? With the revelation of the portal mirrors, they'll think she had one in her room and the lightshow was a mere distraction for her to jump through.

That dock they are waiting in no doubt has to be that giant tree on the southern tip of Tristain. I don't even want to imagine how the Aquila looks but the fact that its got the same name as the ship from AC3 really irritates me. Glad though Julio is too dumb to realize he gave the team the okay to gather intelligence of Romalia. Pee-brained morons.

Again, Saito is 16 by this point. Maybe 17 given the time skips happening. Don't know where you got 18 from. His parents are starting to act more like any parent should. Once war starts and Saito decides to go to Albion, that will no doubt be the final straw and even Hayate would stop him and take him home. He's a kid! The only worry in life now should be finding a girl to loose his virginity to! Its clear that Henrietta is doing all this, giving him title and land, so he'd stay cause she can be selfish like that in a "teenage girl going through massive issues" way. And Louise wants him around for mainly selfish reason have happen to have some personal attachment as well. But Saito is more of a copping mechanism at this point.

Glad to see the kids are having fun. Would've been nice to see some soldiers playing with them or seeing that they made a small playground for them with slides and see-saws.

Glad Devers is giving Saito a reality check. He likes it there?! He likes it in a primitive and backwater society where the social systems is made so the needs of the 'chosen' few outweigh the needs of the many? Where, if you don't have magic, the odds of getting anywhere high in life is nonexistent? In a place where wars happen every year? All for a flimsy reason like that!? I'm pretty certain he had friends back home and, again, he is a highschool student, they rarely have jobs at all when they are in high school. In some schools, its against the rules for students to have jobs. A teenagers job is t enjoy the freedom they have as a teen before they grow up. All the things he is complaining about, I wish could go back to that. Again, like how Devers is setting him right. And that line "You'll miss this world", yeah, thats the runes egging him to stay since that is kinda what they are suppose to do. All we have is speculation but its not hard to see it.

Devers is overselling what they know about the Void. All anyone knows about Void is that Brimir did 'great' things with it. And that its Brimir's will to eradicate the elves. The specifics, only those high in the main Church know of. Including truths and facts they kept from the public. The religion is built on a lie after all. And I wouldn't trust Louise to hold my coffee mug, let alone passing info on the Church. With her big mouth and 'act well before she can think' she is best kept ignorant of anything. Glad he is giving honest advice to Saito too. Him helping Saito's parents come over is something he and his people can use to, hopefully, get Saito back to Earth. Now the encounter with Tiffa-chan is the only issue I have. It felt out of placed and forces. Like you wanted Saito to encounter Tiffa but the way makes no sense in a military facility. She'd be told to wait outside Devers office and NOT in an area where the man is doing an interrogation. This does beg the question of when is Mathilda gonna tell her the truth? Best to come out of her mouth than from a bias source.

Decent backstory you gave to the tragedy of D'Angleterre. Though you seem to have changed what happened to the Fire Ruby ring. Colbert kept hold of that in the LN. Enjoyed that moment of realization of Henrietta and how the church meddles in ways she has no idea about and then some.

They didn't mention Sheffield at all. Still cool to see they are searching in every possible angle. Even those far back as 20 years.

Henrietta's efforts? More like Earth's efforts. Nice to see Siesta and her family are doing well after everything. And sweet moment with the presents from her relative of Earth.

Refugees. Kinda surprise there was a ship to bring them to the mainland at all. And the dealings with the inquisitor made me gag. Not cause it was bad, just that its a church of liars.

Henrietta is THAT desperate that she is making, what is essentially a school club, a knight order!? Oh boy, I don't think Earth saw this coming. Its so stupid and irresponsible and all sorts of wrong! Now they'll have to take this into account. Shit!

Great chapter overall. Just a small few issues here and there but nothing that deters from my enjoyment. Love the 'weak heart' problem for Cat. Never thought of that. Still, my lingering issue is still how we don't see the locals thoughts and compliments about what Earth is doing for them. We always here them praise Henrietta when really they should be praising Earth for everything. They are experiencing things they never thought possible. Its not that big to us, but for them, it close to a miracle.
5/12/2019 c20 1MasterXMaster
The new chapter is good. I hope Saito will find some action and a chance to prove himself like in the LN when he confronted the 70000 strong army alone. However I find that magic in your story is mostly ineffective or downplayed a lot. You should remember that people like Colbert could fire thermobaric blasts on their own, quite powerful an effect. Halk's nobles should use more of their magic in front of the Earthers. Also, Germania's Emperor is Albrecht III not Albert. The Romalian Inquisitor's name could be made more Italian sounding as "Badoglio" instead of Bagdolio (I'm Italian by the way and some names were originally Italian sounding, like Julio Cesare, Vittorio Cervale etc...).
5/12/2019 c20 Lasse2731
I love it.
you should look at youtube (Knight Foundry - Historic Water-powered Belt-Driven Machine Shop) saito could have something like that built in his teretory with the help of earth
5/11/2019 c20 fencer29
To misquote von Clausewitz: "Politics is the continuation of war by other means."
5/11/2019 c20 Blaze1992
That spy guy is starting to tick me off.
5/8/2019 c20 3OechsnerC
Awesome update.
5/7/2019 c20 44Avro 683 Lancaster
I hope it is only a minor problem of the heart, on the other hand, the papacy has shown that it is not trustworthy
Where is the order of killers when they are needed?

with the refugees you have to be careful, there may be infiltrators among them
5/7/2019 c20 DEAGFL
Amazing chapter!
5/7/2019 c20 1thewookie1
Things are certainly moving not only to war but with Saito's relationship. Poor Saito is torn between his love and family.

Poor Colbert, and Agnes for that matter

Always a fun read!
5/7/2019 c20 4Major Simi
great chapter
4/22/2019 c3 ordinarygamerz2468
The depiction of louise is kinda cringy
4/12/2019 c19 2navalintel1000
2 things i like chemistry between hayato & Henrietta & agnes getting tased
4/9/2019 c19 fencer29
Perhaps a bit scattered, but I wouldn't necessarily call this chapter "messy". Many things are happening.

Saito being promoted not only to Chevalier, but to Visconte in a single step? And he didn't even have to stand up to an entire army all by himself (nor does it sound like anyone left in Albion is likely to be able to put one together any time soon)? Now all he has to worry about is a conniving religious leader with an agenda all his own (Julio's actions make Vittorio seem more and more like the LN version of his character) and a mad king who simply wants to see the world burn. And maybe also the odd researcher from his own world who refuses to be constrained by petty issues such as ethics (although Tiffania should probably be more concerned about someone like that).

And while Scarron may seem outlandish much (alright - most) of the time, he can also be surprisingly formal when the situation warrants (such as when he offered a toast to Henrietta's health).

One advantage of the attack on the Academy occurring after the war had supposedly ended is that Agnes won't have to be burying any more of her Musketeers (as I recall several Musketeers who were guarding the Academy at the time of the attack were cut down before they even realized they were under attack). And with "the Flame Snake" not coming to her rescue Kirche may not become infatuated with Colbert, allowing him to continue his quiet life of research and teaching (while it may cost him her family's patronage, but I'm sure that he would consider his interaction with Earth researchers to be ample compensation).

Now all that Henrietta has to do is keep her subjects' tempers from boiling over and doing something stupid (which presumably is what Joseph was hoping for).
4/7/2019 c19 1MasterXMaster
Thank you for the exciting new chapter. The entire Menvil raid situation was entertaining to read. Just one note, Guiche surname is Gramont if I'm not mistaken, and the emperor of Germania is Albrecht the Third (I know, Albrecht and Albert are the one and the same LOL but Albrecht sounds more Germanian)
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