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12/12/2018 c14 TorstenL
Great work and chapter!

Thanks for this and i hope you update soon.

Merry Chrismas and happy Holidays!
12/12/2018 c14 1Stuka87
Cromwell's royally fucked now!
12/12/2018 c14 3OechsnerC
Awesome update love it. I can’t wait for at least a F-22 Raptor to fly over and take out some Albion Navy.
12/12/2018 c14 Me Myself and I
It surprises me that the choppers didn't come blasting Wagner as they mowed down the invaders.

I can't wait to find out when and on what Louise will let the Void loose for real for the first time, and whether Sheffield will actually bring reinforcements in or not (her real master might decide to leave Cromwell to rot to cause him misery, or he could let the madman have his reinforcements for the sake of greater carnage).

Keep the story going.
12/11/2018 c14 4Major Simi
even after the darkest night the light of dawn shall appear, or something like that. great chapter
11/22/2018 c13 Navegante
Fuego nuclear
11/22/2018 c13 Me Myself and I
Somehow I can see the news headlines the day after:

Cromwell's invades Tristain: EPIC FAILURE

I also wonder if the Americans will be brazen enough to present Wardes' body to Queen Henrietta as a gift, a bit (or very) morbid but viscerally satisfying.
11/20/2018 c13 Navegante
Fuego nuclear,
11/19/2018 c13 Me Myself and I
I was watching Mythbusters (s16e01) on YouTube and I can't get out of my head the immage of Louise being starred in one episode due to her explosions, it starts with a question about explosives and what in some wierd situation or another and someone comments that it would make a good Mythbusters episode, Louiseasks what Mythbusters is, she watches a few episodes and it snowballs from there. The result is that the Academy sends a group of students to visit Earth so they can get a better understanding of the other world and some new experiences with Colbert acting as chaperone, the group consisting of Louise, Kirche, Tabitha, Guiche and Montmorency (and maybe Tiffania, if she has already become a student), and naturally they take their familiars with them, which leads to experiments with magic, cuddly dragons licking people, lots of questions and scientific answers, Louise going nuts with hovercrafts (see s16e01), lots and lots of explosions (both magical and mundane in nature), experiments with dragons and a lot of fun, and naturally the episodes involving the students get later shown at the academy.

On a more concrete note, I wonder what kind of trouble those intelligence agents are going to face, and if Henrietta will flat out tell the Otherworlders that if she brings Saito and Louise with her they are going to recive her with Saito and Louise present or she's not going to be present either. I also wonder if the Otherworlders' intelligence will manage to link the Reconquista to Gallia, or if Guiche will remember his conversation with Huynh and start turning the ground under the Reconquista army into quicksands. On the other hand, I am sure that I'm looking forward to see the Reconquista being nuked by Louise... which reminds me, Louise's parents are in the capital, it could be a good time to show how badass they can be (especially the Duke, Karin is kind of a known quantity), and it would make sense to have the Heavy Wind harras (if not outright destroy) the enemy airships (to reduce the number of cannons pummeling the defenders), and let's face it, seeing their reactions when Louise finnally cut loose for real and makes themm seem puny.
11/18/2018 c13 bluepoetry
It would be cool (and inhumane) to see the expeditionary forces being authorized to use white phosphorous against Cromwell and his troops. I'd like to see their horror at being victims of chemical warfare.
11/19/2018 c13 TorstenL
great work and chapters!

Please update soon.
11/17/2018 c13 Anonymous
Yay finally a new chapter
11/18/2018 c13 9Robo Reader 21
Over 90 airships!? I don't think they ever had anywhere near that many ships in canon. Albion is known to have the best airships but these people could never support that many. Even if some are old and used for transport, its still way too much. Also, there is no way the windstone would last long enough to take the ships to the capital. Thats why they had to make a beachhead along the coast of Tarbes.

If the 90 ships split up, how many are attacking the training base? Over 36 dragon knights and only a quarter of their numbers was wiped out in the first salvo? Are they going easy on these guys cause that is stupid.

The Intrepid did the best it could do given everything. Surprise that dragon scale can take even musket slugs like that. But why didn't the choppers tried to attack the dragon knight before they got close?

Love how that one captain thought he could land on the concert runway without paying for it. I wonder if anyone managed to fire a musket that the CH. Not that it would've reached them.

Surprise by how many managed to land but, like it said in the story, could not get them all. Love the attention to details with the drummers and flute players and their purpose. Did your research I see. Did you really have to waste the hellfire missiles on the artillery? Pretty sure the .50 cal would've done the job well enough to take them out of the game. Though I guess the Blackhawks did not have those on.

I'm honestly surprised that the wind and earth mages could make a barrier strong enough to withstand mortar bombardment to any degree. At the very least, it did exhaust their ki supply and the rifle barrage really cut them down. Where are the sniper fire though to take out key target behind the line?

Guess a few strafing fire from on high against the reforming Albion forces would be out of the question. I would look like divine justice. No Brimir to help you.

Leaders of Earth plan to set up a more proficient base in the future. Assuming Tristan still has a government left. A fleet of ships is headed for the academy. So they divided the fleet into four groups. How many ships? And reaches the Academy in a few hours? The academy is more inland than the capital. Thats unlikely.

Oh, Cromwell. If only he knew how screwed he was. Both by Earth and especially by Gallia.

Henrietta has some good news but it all comes from the forces of Earth. Pretty soon, they will be popular among the common people and that is a very good thing.

With Cromwell apart of the invading fleet, this should be over in less than a week.

Trudeau gave a good speech. Though even he must know that technically the current system in Tristain is very against their basis of freedom and liberty. Just pointing it out.

Trump speech was way too boisterous but okay all the same.

Tristain having all the males join the service. That how it was in canon and that was how it was in real life back then. Stupid. At least some real soldier are there but careful with how they get along with the staff. Siesta is only 16 years old.

Dragon knights dodging HMG and AA weapons fire. Nope. They would be torn to sherds with no time to move away. I'm surprised only a dozen were taken out.

Wow, Wardes is creepy. Fun fact: he figured out that Louise is a Void mage. Still can't believe that they were able to whether that much. Though the fact that they still kept marching even while the howitzer shells hit their lines was fitting as it was disturbing of religious fanatics. Conjured earth wall will not be enough to stop assault rifle fire. It would hold out for four-five shots at best. At least the battle is over and Wardes is dead. Would've been interesting if he was captured but oh well.

Enjoy the difference in both the Earth soldiers and locals on how they respond to all the carnage. So far, only two Earth soldiers WIA but how many from Tristian? Siesta's response to seeing the carnage was sad to read if quick. Would've been good to have others as well.

Ah shit! Why did you have to reveal the situation!? Also "two of her citizens"!? What they fuck is Henrietta smoking! Saito is a citizen of Earth first. Not Tristain. Why did they act that way. You got a girl who can cast explosions and an Earth boy who can master any weapon just by touching it with the benefit of boosting his physical abilities. This should not have happened.

Wait, no. To the rest of the continent of Halk, the only Void mage was Brimir and his apprentice. There were no others afterwards. Only the church knows the truth. So why would Henrietta say that they church looks for Void mages to control them when she would also think there are no void mages for six thousand years. In fact, saying you are a void mage would be a one-way ticket to the stakes to be burned alive. Also, the prayer book no one outside of the church knows what it contains. All anyone knows is that its blank and the church used that as a base for their 'bible' essentially. Either way, without the Water Ruby that Henrietta wears, that book ain't gonna remain locked like Louise's powers.

And Cromwell still does not understand how fucked he is.

Wait, Tabi and Kirche are stuck in the capital. They can just return back home by going eastward. Or just stay at the academy. Why are they in the capital in the first place? Guiche is really angry but lets see how he deals with war. In canon, he was pretty scared which I'm sure he will show here. Though with his anger, he's likely to get himself, or worse, his soldiers and friends killed. Hope some of his brothers get killed.

Wow. Everyone at the capital are really coming together. Cromwell's plan really has backfired spectacularly.

Same guy giving identical terms to Henrietta. Unfortunately, her naivete will remain in tact which is something I can see being useful to Earth in the future. Here's hoping that Albion crushes Tristain's force enough that the people will look at the coming Earth force with much love and reverence. The more the humans of Halk love Earth than their rulers, the better.

I'm curious, what about Mathida? Have they already extracted Tiffa and the kids. If they did that behind the scene, I got no issue with it. Means a void mage is beyond the churches grasp.
11/18/2018 c13 2navalintel1000
What about fighter jets f18 ls f22s f15s
11/17/2018 c13 44Avro 683 Lancaster
we miss you, my friend,
and we already miss your story
dead wardes, henrietta will be very happy
the chains are broken, there is no cage so strong that they contain our beasts that run towards death
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