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5/8 c10 Andre Barbosa
I think there is some things you should add much more depth like the commoners. You barely mentioned them, only saying they are more happy that corruption is decreasing. I should have expected more reactions for them, especially when a nation of 'commoners' gained respect of the nobles, when that same nation posesses much more powerfull weapons and devices that make the nobles jealous. A power that a battle against an army of magues is almost an one sided slaughter. I would expect the peasants, learning of those facts, would demand more rights from the nobles and better positions in the society.
Futhermore, the nations from Earth would paid much more attention to those people
5/7 c5 Andre Barbosa
I got to say, this is good. I didn't expect you would keep this a bit realistic like not jumping troops or civilians in another world, cautious talks about diplomacy and concern about weapons or people appearing in another world. Hell, you even made Trump actually beeing a good politician. Sure, he stil has that arrogant facade but he is really concerned about his country.
3/7 c26 123ABIR123
This is so freaking good pls update soon
2/17 c26 ReadingKingsly
I've been reading this slowly to immensely immerse myself with the story and it was one heck of a journey like WTF. I've laughed, cried and continuously amazed as how the story goes on. Especially how it depicts politics in both sides. Looking forward for more and more badass moments. Great job!
1/24 c26 TIMEMASTER101
Hey, author, may I have your permission to put your book on wattpad?
12/15/2021 c26 3Fyr RedNight
This is a really interesting story.

I look forward to see what'll happen in the following chapters!
12/1/2021 c26 69F-14 Tomcat Lover
When in doubt, Air Mail.

American and Canadian Transports could be called up to do Aerial Deliveries of Humanitarian Relief Supplies. Perhaps even using the latest model of C-47 Skytrain/Dakota Transports.

Yes. THAT C-47.

Incredibly, the C-47 is still in service with a number of nations. Britain included, but more as a ceremonial aircraft. Still fully operational and controlled and maintained by the Royal Air Force.

Though, that doesn't seem incredible on its own merits.

What IS incredible, is that there are a few nations buying NEW C-47s. As in either complete rebuilds or even NEW FACTORY BUILDS. There's a single company doing all that work and among the improvements is the plane being longer and equipped with Turboprop Engines.

Some of these C-47s are even used in actual combat roles. Typically, the AC-47 configuration with improvements. The South African Air Force has an order placed to increase their number of C-47s configured for various duties. Including SAR, Maritime Patrol, and Anti-Submarine Warfare.

Mark Felton has a YouTube video on it. Incredibly, the C-47 is INCREASING in operational numbers and even increasing in numbers of the type still in the world. Very rare, but there appears to be a limited run of them as I stated earlier.

While that is likely something to get any history and military nerd going, I didn't just randomly pick them.

Compared with most other transports, they're small, two engine aircraft with a good load capacity and with the new variants have better range, speed (from 250 to 300!), increased capacity, and can handle simple fields with ease unlike some of their bigger cousins.

They can fly in, drop their cargo, and fly home. Best of all, because of how fast they are, they can pretty much outrun anything, meaning a minor escort would be needed rather than a heavy escort. Their range gives them an advantage as well as they can fly from a secured area to Albion, drop off, and fly back.

If they need to land, basic fields could be scrapped out for them to do so. The aircraft are also capable of landing on skis as well.

But the general gist, is that to support the Tristain and Germania troops, US and Canadian pilots fly in with relief supplies for local Albion citizens. They drop their cargo via parachute and then fly back.

Friendly forces can recover and send back the parachutes for reuse.

It would be good PR for the Americans and Canadians and would provide vital relief to both the Allied Army forces and the civilians of Albion.

Also, in a pinch, the planes can fly in and evacuate anyone. As they would become a regular sight to see. No one could expect them to be doing more, such as flying a couple in in the AC-47 configuration or equipped for Intelligence and Recon purposes.
11/29/2021 c26 munkhazaya29
So will the CIA and CSIS take away saitos mini arsenal once the church gives it to him? Cause then it’s sad I’m betting they will even take away the luger
11/8/2021 c11 1Chuchiton Prime
This is a great book, and the coronation was from what I know quite realistic. Cudos
10/22/2021 c4 3Mikazuki Augus1
i do not know why but whenever i read this i Imagine Trump as he is in Family Guy
10/12/2021 c13 1BrokenLifeCycle
Oh my gosh. The idiots done did it. They declared total war on a nuclear-armed state.

You done goofed.
10/12/2021 c7 BrokenLifeCycle
I found myself unconsciously saluting to this scene. Nearly broke into tears as well.

Goodness, you've portrayed this ceremony well.
10/12/2021 c3 BrokenLifeCycle
I just love his explanation of the United states. I would wholeheartedly prefer that over what it is currently.
9/18/2021 c26 3Ghost iv
my favorite story of ZNT, i wait other chapter
8/25/2021 c26 1thewookie1
The Church is on the hunt for someone.

The Allies are slowly taking control of Albion

The U.S. and Canada are in a staring contest with the Kingdom.

Good to see you're back!
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