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8/30/2018 c4 AmethystPone
Diplomatic talks also require that both side being diplomatically inclined for there to be a talk to begin with.
The Mess that is politic was briefly touched upon in Halkegenia Online is pretty clear... and the ones doing it aren't average citizen...well, they are, but they have some education on that front to fall on and a lot of luck...and skilled merchants of their own.
8/30/2018 c3 AmethystPone
So...what about those super human feats that was pulled off by Saito? Will they play any part in this story? Because frankly speaking, the thing he did...No normal un-enhanced human could quite pull off as well.
Being a 'Gandafl?' allowed him to use anything that could be considered weapons with masterful skill and increase his 'power' output like crazy if we go with what can be observed from anime and LN. Superhuman strength, reflex, reaction time, agility and dexterity, and knowledge of the weapons he uses...
8/30/2018 c1 AmethystPone
The characterization of Saito and Louise is kinda screwy in the original can work on their own interpretation and characterization. So long as we can recognize that yes, they are Louise and Saito and not some OCs with same names and appearances, it will work fine.
8/29/2018 c9 5Jeggetts
Erm, they don't use ships for sailing all that much. There's a giant sea monster that's actively ruined every single attempt to reach new shores. Think Godzilla big... kind of a good reason there's no coast guard.

Still usefule for airships
8/28/2018 c8 Fiernull
Nice! Am fortunate to have picked this up!

If anything, have you already thought of including NASA eyeing the windstones to launch their rockets into space easier? Yea, good for lower fuel consumption and might just help get the folks to the moon. Just throwing some random thoughts lol.

Keep up the good work!
8/28/2018 c9 Guest
Great chapter!
I have an idea, maybe the halkeginians could watch a rocket launch, with the Commercial crew modules coming up (i think)
8/28/2018 c9 44Avro 683 Lancaster
finally, the true strength of the Americans will be evident, especially if they decide to send the air force, the seals, and their special fierce, the traitors will fall like leaves of a tree

united kingdom will finally enter with everything, especially with the memory of oliver cromwell cool, surely send to the pirmera and second expeditionary force
8/28/2018 c9 fencer29
A few additional points regarding Fouquet (at least as she appears in canon - I suppose you can always rewrite her character). First, while she is a mage, she is no longer considered a noble - her family was stripped of its title after her father tried to help an Albion prince (who also happened to be Henrietta's uncle) hide his elf lover and her half-elf daughter (i.e. Tiffania).

In the light novels Matilda of Sachsen-Goetha (Fouquet's real name) apparently has a weakness for children, using the proceeds from her criminal activities to support the children of Westwood (a small village hidden in the forest of Albion which is occupied entirely by orphaned children, of whom Tiffania is the oldest - and the most hidden due to her being half-elf). Upon realizing that Tiffania may be at risk since she is a void mage (similar to Louise), Henrietta sends Saito and Louise to bring her to Tristan for her own safety. Tiffania agrees to leave Westwood only after being advised by Matilda that she would no longer be able to continue sending the funds which support the village, at which point Tiffania insists on bringing the rest of the children to Tristain as well.
8/28/2018 c9 1Stuka87
How long before Henrietta, Trump and Trudeau find out that Mott and Wardes are working for the Reconquista?
8/28/2018 c9 1MSDeus
Interesting, I like your way explaining history or major events happening from US and Canada to the Tristainians. Since Commander Andrew Sparrow will be training the Tristan's Navy how to deal with Pirates and Smugglers. How about explaining to them about Maersk Alabama hijacking in recusing Captain Richard Phillips from Somali Pirates that will inspired the Tristan's sailors.
8/28/2018 c9 3OechsnerC
The spy will not know what everything is thankfully. I cant wait for next chapter. I love this story. I can’t wait to see Louise show her strength with Saito to impress the Americans and Canadians.
8/27/2018 c9 9Robo Reader 21
Oh come on! Canada and America must’ve expected someone to try to infiltrate their embassy give the current political climate within Tristain and its relation with Albion.

High quality metals with no imputities or earthly components would make it exceedingly difficult for even the top level earth mages to mess with. Synthetic materials would also help.

While I also approve of Henrietta’s initiative and decisiveness, it does feel like she is overestimating herself. That’s ain’t bad as it fits the character and how she will turn out.

Richemont Is quite adamant about keeping Mathilda in Tristan and hoping not to anger Cromwell. Given the situation, that just screams suspicious.

Talk about weather reminds me, it should be Autumn now in Tristan but I believe it should be another month or seven weeks before winter rolls in.

Like the little jab Trump gave the Reginal Council and just all of Halk. Albion could wash their hands of Mathilda since she is a known thief. They can just say they never had her in their employ.

Makes sense that they don’t have a coast guard. Their level of civilization and tech doesn’t make that economically sound/viable. US Coast Guard was founded in the early 1900, well after the industrial revolution.

You captured Trump’s fat ego well. Still, he and the Prime Minister were able to convince the princess and even members of her council to allow more soldiers through. While they do mean well, they naturally have to look out for themselves first. And they can do it in ways no one in Halk can conceive of.

There are no Pegasus in Halk. And since you made Louise’s father an earth mage, a flying animal doesn’t match up.

I wonder what the ambassador thinking of the relation dynamic between Saito, Louise and her parents. Not pleasant, that’s for sure.

Important fact: things like a fork or even table knife can be used as a wand; though the mage needs to connect with the foci via concentration. Guessing where Mathilda is being kept is far enough not to get a good look at the city at night. Mathilda trying to be tough using words and descriptors she hates. Really though she is pretty obvious. It’s not gonna take that long at all. Just do Good Cop-Bad Cop. Cliche on Earth but unheard of in Halk. Or use truth serum.

Sacrifice a few weak links to bait them to a false sense of security. Tristan will fall for that but Earth is quite familiar with such tactics.

Wait, shouldn’t it be a Canadian military base? US is getting a lot of lie way.

You know, I am kinda curious on what the kids at the Academy think of all this. Kirche and Tabitha especially. The later due to her stance as a knight for Gallia.
8/27/2018 c9 RandoFox
I can't wait for the next chapter. This story is so amazing.
8/23/2018 c8 Robo Reader 21
On a side note, all the mention about how the people of Earth have different skin colors and with Henrietta spending time with the Ambassadors, she could ask questioned as to how/why that is? And the ambassador can mention that there is likely black people in the continent directly south of Halk.

Hell, the ambassadors can ask why they are still isolated into just one continent and have not tried exploring the west and south?
8/22/2018 c8 1tallburn1973
Can't wait for how the elves will be interacting with humans from Earth, especially Donald Trump.
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