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8/20/2018 c8 DEAGFL
I was reading about cattleya in the wikie, and it stated that one time she healed Saito from injuries he got from Louises mom and dad, maybe you could incorporate this to cause some political trouble?
8/20/2018 c8 fencer29
Sounds like the two Colonels ran figurative circles around those silly nobles (not that they probably couldn't have literally done so as well, had it been a physical contest). But even though the Duchess seemed to be about the only one capable of appreciating the value of a highly trained, professional military force you'd think at least a couple of those other overdressed, over-inflated egos would at least recognize just how valuable servants can be when it comes to gathering information. It's not like they're above using such techniques themselves.

And Fouquet's report to her superiors in Albian may be a bit delayed (in fact given a little incentive she might even be willing to switch sides - it's not like Matilda of Saxe-Gotha ever felt any particular loyalty to the Reconquista in the first place).
8/20/2018 c8 RandoFox
Finally some action! Show them the might of America's military. Don't mess with the USA!
8/20/2018 c8 44Avro 683 Lancaster
If it were possible to make a demonstration of weapons to the Tristian nobles, they would realize that they would need them,
you only have to see the first armored battalion, and the M1Abrams tanks in action
and that they have nothing to fight, besides capturing a fugitive that nobody else could catch is giving them many points,
I hope you send her to a real prison where she can not escape
8/20/2018 c8 Me Myself and I
I hope Matilda's capture results in a mission to get Tiffania out of Albion.

What reasons would the Canadians/Americans have to do so? Matilda would do anything to protect Tiffania, by taking her out of the Reconquista's reach and protecting her they would ensure Matilda's cooperation and loyalty. Why would they want her cooperation? Intelligence about the Reconquista and helping the scientific analysis of Magic.

Why would Matilda cooperate? As said above, to protect Tiffania, but also to avoid being sent to prison and to stay herself out of the Reconquista's reach (I would like to see Shefield trying to track her down on Earth).

Why would Tristain let this deal between Fouquet and the Otherworlders take place? Mostly whatever intelligence on the Reconquista they can gather, plus the guarantee that they won't see Fouquet again (I can see the Americans telling them they are sending her to an island in the ocean thousands of kilometres from the continent... and that is how Matilda finds herself on the Hawaii islands)
8/20/2018 c8 3OechsnerC
Ohh I can’t wait for next chapter. I can’t wait for cia to interrogate Faust. I hope they no she is doing this for Tifa
8/19/2018 c8 Gun Jesus
I don't know what to say in this chapter, but it's too brilliant and very interesting. And also will you interrogate Fouquet? Since she was shot in the shoulder and her leg.

Well I'll find out more in the next chapter
8/20/2018 c8 SpudyPotato
Great chapter, seems the 'strange muskets' have finally revealed their trie ability. Interesting to see the fallout from this event. Keep it up!
8/19/2018 c8 9Robo Reader 21
Okay, its winter in the northern hemisphere on Earth, right? Just making sure. Should have date stamps in the chapters.

Oh wow. I did not know how you would characterize Louise's parents. So, wow, pretty full of themselves. You did well to hide their distaste in the interlude. I want to beat them up with how they talk down not only to their daughter but Saito as well. Assholes and bitch.

While the Regency Council has alot of asses, it also has decent people who are more experienced in things. Their worry is understandable when you see things from their point of view and what they know. Henrietta is being a bit rash and naive. A flaw she carried all through the light novel. But she has seen what Canada and the US can supply so its a risk. She clearly doesn't fathom just how big of a risk.

Sadly, the banquet was unavoidable. The practice is so ingrained in their heads that Henrietta had no way to stop it from ever transpiring. Nice that Ambroise decided to play along and give the princess a bone to throw at the mages.

Error. Cromwell and Sheffield act like boss and secretary in public. But in actuality, Sheffield is in charge and Cromwell is her lackey. The whole Reconquista is just a ploy from the Mad King, Sheffield's master, King Joseph of Gallia. Seriously, she make the old fart kiss her feet and everything.

Unsurprising that Mott is allied with Reconquista.

Well, at least Cromwell is keeping his sights in the box. But for how long? Sure Joseph will tell his familiar to make him want to conquer the other side just for the hell of it. He is like that.

The Earth Colonels simply told them vague explanation of how their military is structured and some historic facts, while the mages of Halk are telling them military intel on how magic is used on the battle fields. And they are not the only ones listening. Nice tough with the waiting staff being spies. What a bunch of blowhard idiots.

Alright, seeing the intelligence community of Earth commencing the task of digging through the dirt to learn all they can about Halk and the governments there. Should be interesting.

Haven't the Canadians and Americans acquired more than enough samples of DNA and such to analysis? I'm pretty certain it will show that the mages are not really human. Also, fun fact: a mages brain is 'wired' differently from magicless humans.

I'm surprise they can move vehicles through the streets of Tristania. The city is renown for having the widest streets in all of Halk but that is still narrow by modern standards.

They are spies. Two months have passed already. Feels unnecessary but I'll go with it just to see what Earth has learned so far.

You know, I had an idea for how to prevent their magic from 'grabbing' the intended target for my fic. But I better keep that in my pocket till I get to it.

These soldiers are fast enough to open fire on Mathilda BEFORE she even lifted her wand, let alone chant a spell and released. Also, did the barrage just destroy the quick cast barrier entirely?

I hope those musketeers don't suffer too much but they were very slow to respond. And Mathilda offers an interesting opportunity. If done right, she could be an agent for Earth with the promise of amnesty for Tiffania and the orphans. A new life on Earth. There are alot of factors to work out but Mathilda is a character that no one sees the potential in all the fics I've read. Really think about that.
8/19/2018 c8 CommonwealthFlip
C8s are also used by the British, the Norwegians, and the Dutch for specialised use. The British Royal Military Police and some RM Commando units use it for close protection against hostiles and the UKSF also uses it to fit their needs

I haven't been reviewing a fanfic in a while
8/15/2018 c7 DEAGFL
Would be cool to see them going to a Rocket launch
8/13/2018 c7 11USS Infinity U.N.S.C
More than six hundred years now contemplate us, an old land difficult to tame.
Many wanted this to conquer ... one after another they had to resign.
Land carved with the bones of men who fought for their freedom.

Lords of the world came here ... they wanted riches and they found their end.
great empires of former times had the world and this land never.
Our freedom was never taken away from us,

if it was tried, we never hesitate to fight.
the sky saw wars by land and sea ...
there are still willing men here
to fight...
8/12/2018 c7 RandoFox
Is there going to be any combat soon
8/11/2018 c7 44Avro 683 Lancaster
I want to know if the other nations of Halkeginia try to intervene in the negotiations of Tristain and the Canadians,
sure romalia will try to stick their noses where it does not matter
8/11/2018 c7 10Nemoskull
yay! love this story.
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