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8/10/2018 c7 3OechsnerC
Awesome update. Loved it.
8/10/2018 c7 Sleipnir
Plz update the next chapter.
8/9/2018 c7 9Robo Reader 21
Preservation magic only protects the body from natural decomposition. You can cremated all the same, if that is your choice. Though I’m sure it has an expiration. Nothing last forever.

And a spook arrives in Halk. This will be fun.

I do actually feel sorry for Henrietta having to deal with her Council. And extremely disappointed and angry at her mother.

Agnes got a small history lesson for her small mind. And Henrietta learns to show respects to the dead by going all out.

It was a very nice and touching funeral scene. The reaction the visitors had when the priest mentioned God should be addressed soon.
8/6/2018 c6 11USS Infinity U.N.S.C
Saito sure already used his ability to learn how to use weapons on display
now he just needs to play "Call of duty", and watch the movie "saving soldier Ryan" along with Louis, Henrietta, and Agnes,
8/4/2018 c6 3OechsnerC
Awesome story. I hope the two world will work together to make it safe.
7/31/2018 c6 Robo Reader 21
Forgot to mention this but I’m sure the girls will want to know why the Pope has so little power over other countries. The answer will surprise that as well shed some enlightenment. Hopefully.
7/30/2018 c6 44Avro 683 Lancaster
an advantage that we have is that our communications with real-time, for when the United States, and Canada enter Tristian, and establish a deployment of troops,
Germania, Galia, y Romalia, barely knowing the existence of the door, let alone the combat capabilities,
7/30/2018 c6 SpudyPotato
Felt like a prety slow chapter overall. I think Hayate's introduction was poorly handled, people that launch insults within' a minute of meeting someone strike me as dickheads honestly and the way it goes from insult to physical assault then flirting with a 17 year old princess who is the friend of the person you insulted. It overshadowed the rest of the chapters events and I get that it follows the ZnT formula of slapstick humour but It just feels misplaced here. At least that's how I feel.
7/30/2018 c6 10Nemoskull
awaiting next chapter.
7/29/2018 c6 9Robo Reader 21
Little trivial: ZnT experts says that the elves speak Arabic.

Oh wow. Not a bad speech...Drag Saito back home and get those runes removed. That thing, besides suppressing homesickness which that alone is messed up, has to form a bond/attachment to the master. For a sapient being, that’s fucked up. And frankly I think his parent took all this too well.

Okay. Signed an agreement that non-binding but a start and something to rub in the face of those that looked down in her.

Actually, Halk is not as big as Western Europe. It’s far more compact and the land that makes up Ireland and Scotland don’t exist. Well now they have a better idea of the scope they are dealing with. These are people who explored there who world and not confined to one continent.

Wonder if the runes would glow if Saito touched one of those vehicles? Even if decommissioned, they are weapons.

Louise just slapped someone not if her world on Earth. And Henrietta did not call her out! What Louise did can be construed negatively. Hell, she’s given us a more negative view of her with how she’s been making Saito’s seeming desire to return home a bad thing.

Getting to eat regular food is nice. But how about turning on the news on TV. Sure that will be interesting.
7/24/2018 c5 TOWTWUKER
No trump/Henrietta for that matter...

Henrietta/... Agnes, or seista or me... that could be fun...
7/23/2018 c5 3last admiral
a good story, regardless of trope, will make a good one if it were focused and centered on vital point and realism in story. As you may or may not noticed, good harem story/fic are usually written llloooooonnngg story before author even shipped the characters. Why? because author focused on plot, worldbuilding, character developement, and etc before put harem relationship into the fray. Writing story is like cooking (in my opinion) , put too much any type of the flavourtropes, gerne) will ruined it and attract few. this author has potential if you ask me. Because, if you give this story's plot to any fanfic writer to wrote it, how many you think they will able to pull like this, with goodly written political and military subject with neutral. The author is still in well-written diplomacy talk in chapter 5. most writer? they would already have half of the world crossed the gate by chapter 5 instead. Unlike author, most writer would be more focused on, and i quotekick everyone ass and take name like bunch of asshole, including elf. wrote on how we gary-sue the shit out of nobles, pope, and of course, elf while wipe elf arrogance in most humiliate way
7/22/2018 c5 3Frontline Trace
Lol all these mother fuckers calling for a harem.
Y'all realize modern politics and polygamy don't go hand n hand right?
7/21/2018 c5 1The Tundra Fox
My boy Good got the political thriller reaching high.

Also to those guys who's asking for harems

having a harem for a blood line amidst a modern political setting
A political thriller that goes every mile to ensure a realistic depiction of modern politics and diplomacy amidst a crisis.

Pick one.
7/20/2018 c5 3UN Peacekeeper
Mr Guest is right here. Harem is nonsense and Heresy, let the fic continue as it should, because we like it as it is.
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