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7/5/2018 c5 9Robo Reader 21
Latest theory is that Cattleya suffers from parasitic infection contracted from all her animals since I doubt any of them have been treated.

The last crusade against the elves was two generations ago, IIRC.

Seems pretty even. I was expecting Canada and America to try to get the best deals over Henrietta. Used their greater experience. No insidious intent. Just politics and looking out for your home. Though Trumps move was impressive. Actually, the praise goes to the SecDef. By this point, I don’t think Halk civilization doesn’t realize how much information is power.

I can’t wait for that video call. We know that Saito had an emotional breakdown when he could finally check his e-mails in the later volumes. To see his mom and how skinny she must look with worry etched on her face. Well, the psychologist will have a field day.

Agnès, you wouldn’t stand a chance against those security guard even if they were barehanded.

While I’m a big fan of Stargate, I seriously doubt it ever aired in Japan so Saito knowing of it is weird.

Also, you may want to clarify that Halk is one CONTINENT, not the name of the world.
7/5/2018 c5 44Avro 683 Lancaster
the tensions resonate through the glass of diplomacy, now only positive changes will come
or maybe not, with Saito and Louis who knows
7/5/2018 c4 9Robo Reader 21
Small correction: Halk does not know that Brimir has an elf familiar. The church has kept the nature of the void familiars secret from the public.
7/5/2018 c3 Robo Reader 21
To be fair on Saito, there were a lot of stereotypes about other countries at his age. And I have heard of the many stereotypical views other countries have on America. Though he could’ve mentioned that his description may not be accurate to reality.

Mott was as expected. I expect everything he and his guards touched being swept for any DNA samples they can get. Would be interesting to see the results.
7/5/2018 c5 Vercingetorix Rex
1) Runes: I recently learned from an author who had also read the FOZ novels that runes had a "dark" side as they had the ability to brainwash a familiar. ex removing any feeling of homesickness, fear, disorientation, etc ...

2) you point out an interesting fact: magic!
How would the International Community and NATO react if they learned that Canada and especially the United States were the only ones who could possibly teach their soldiers magic?
A frightening prospect from their point of view don't you think?

How would civilians react if they learned that magic really existed and elves, dragons and other creatures could move freely among them and destroy everything freely?

Fear is a powerful weapon when it is used for their own ends by bad people.
I will take for example the X-Mens. How did the Americans and the rest of the world react when the existence of the mutants became public?

I think there is something to dig on this side.

4) that you are among those who don't like harems and you find that they are "bullshit", I can understand it.
I think it's a hasty judgment on your part.
I read another harem fic and the author looks for a realistic way for the hero to accept the feelings that every girl in his harem is wearing for him and is equitably sharing time with each one of them.
not easy to find a balance I recognize it
and that's all to his credit. why not try to do the same thing?

I am only a simple reader and I know that I am not very capable of writing a fanfic, not at your level anyway.
But is not a reason to be aggressive towards the readers who ask that your fanfic becomes a harem story!

I find your attitude deceptive and contemptuous of those who read you.

when we ask for a harem, I think you're mistaken.
the reasons have already been explained in previous chapters.

As stated by Last Admiral, Henrietta having no direct heir, it is Louise (and by default Saito) since she is the next on the line of succession and who will inherit the throne if Henrietta died suddenly.

the laws of the Earth do not apply to Halgenia, and don't recognize polygamy (not all countries but I think Saudi Arabia is one of them).
but if the Pope gave his approval, I don't think that would really cause a problem (on Tristain side at least) and maybe Saito's parents too.

If Saito became King of Tristain, the council would have much less power or not at all.
Him and Henrietta would be free to appoint advisers who would be more interested by protect people's interests rather than their own personal interests, stabilizing and strengthening their own political power. Not to mention that Saito would give an heir to Henrietta later.

sorry for the long pavement, but I wanted to answer you and raised some points that seemed interesting to me
7/5/2018 c5 10Nemoskull
this was good, but short. i worried the plot is moving a bit too slow.
awaiting update!
7/2/2018 c4 Vercingetorix Rex
happy to see that someone puts some common sense and lucidity into Saito's head :D
He will need it if he wants to support Henrietta

lord admiral this time you will be happy, I write in English! English not being my first language, expect that there are faults.

as you, I support the harem road.
as you point out, Henrietta has no heirs, which leaves the door open to many suitors
if Saito became King of Tristain, I think that Henrietta would be less vulnerable to the maneuvers of her council and the nobles. the nobles could also be tempted to forced a royal marriage with Henrietta in order to become King of Tristain and even to ally with Reconquista to sit on the throne.

or worse Cromwell himself might want to marry Henrietta in order to seat his power on Tristain
not to mention the image Henrietta gives abroad, the US and Canada would refuse to ally with a country with an unstable political and military situation
If Saito was on the throne, he could make a good leader/puppet that all possible pretenders

not to mention the many resources that Halkeginia can offer the Earth
6/28/2018 c4 Toolazytologin
Please give me more!
6/30/2018 c4 RizomataNyan
fantastic chapter!
iirc isn't there is a "zero" in Tristan?
not to mention a damn soviet nuclear submarine in the elven land iirc and a panzer tank
6/18/2018 c4 Fate
You know what i love with this story? Aside from the fact that it has an interesting premise applyed to a universe that i like.
It has aspect of political thriller, is set in the modern world, and incoroporate pretty controversial politicians...
... And the author stays politically neutral, and as objective as possible.
This is. A. Treat.
6/18/2018 c4 44Avro 683 Lancaster
My dear friend
do not forget that there is still a Mitsubishi A6M "Zero" in tristain,
and the body of a sub-lieutenant
6/18/2018 c4 1MSDeus
I have suggestion, if US and Canadian Armed Forces aid Tristan, how about create a US commander, who's related to the missing American soldier that save Osmond.
6/17/2018 c4 11USS Infinity U.N.S.C
Viva mexico!
6/16/2018 c4 10Nemoskull
please dont leave me hanging!
6/16/2018 c2 Nemoskull
this is awesome. very well written, and a truely origonal idea.
please, you must finish this.
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