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6/16/2018 c4 1The Tundra Fox
Absolutely lovely. Great to see the complications arise and the plot thickening. I'm definitely going to enjoy seeing how national and transnational interests affect the the plot from here on out, the relationship between Trudeau and Trump, and the delegation from Tristian. We can definitely say that this isn't a story that will fall flat with tropes, but rather stay sharp as not only an engaging political thriller but also one that will set the standards for creating believable and winsome fanfiction based on trope heavy canons.

Also will state in agreement with the the author's note.
6/15/2018 c3 The Tundra Fox
Well Good, I'd say you have an interesting thing going on with this story. Aside from the memes in that particular section, pacing was good and well no bs transition scenes. I do feel like the diplomat would've had a bit more of a shock than I expected. And in terms of Trump, let's see how this goes.
6/15/2018 c2 The Tundra Fox
I was going to be nit picky with the lie detector thing since it checks stress and other things accompanied by it rather than one actually lying making it a flawed thing but you did have your save moment with Sajjan. Nonetheless, this chapter was thorough in presentation and keeps in touch with a realist approach. Familiar is a weird concept in itself but I do think you are giving a sense realism to it as crazy the canon is with this new interaction. With respects to the recent tariff crisis, playing it neutral was probably the best route although I do feel it may have an external implication on the western alliance albeit a minor one.
6/15/2018 c1 The Tundra Fox
Well, don't know much about Familiar of Zero but Good, you always stay consistent and balanced. Although a slow start, a definitely interesting take on the bridge of two different worlds. Noting that Tristian speaks some form of a French like language, the encounter will be hella interesting. I'll give my reviews on the next few chapters.
6/15/2018 c4 RandoFox
Show halkeginia the military might of Canada and the USA
6/15/2018 c4 3last admiral
also, glad you point out the teacher stupidity on fourquet issue. bash them more about it.
6/15/2018 c4 last admiral
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, nothing more awsome than bashing a mary/gary sue mc with logic and realistic punishment and consequesience, keep up the good work. Good thing you mention the stockholm syndrom, most writer forgot about that. Next, bash the mc plot armor and heal his brain problem. I want you pick the harem route that i mention below. About the windstone, based on one of fanfic, future earth human use it as fuel(after we discover halk's planet and landed on it). Perhaps we can dig the shit out of it to the point windstone crisis can avoided.
6/14/2018 c4 CommonwealthFlip
Will we seeing combat in your story
6/11/2018 c3 Austin23
Please continue the story
6/7/2018 c3 last admiral
flo463, im afraid that i cant understand you and i dont know how to translate it.
6/7/2018 c3 Vercingetorix Rex
avec le recul, je suis d'accord avec last admiral.
vous auriez dû prendre the harem road (ce qui aurait été un choix plus logique que votre version actuelle) et faire de Saito le roi/consort de Tristain et Gallia afin de lui donner l'expérience politique, diplomatique, militaire qu'il n'a pas jusqu'à présent. ce manque d'expérience lui fait cruellement défaut et peut lui couter très cher ainsi qu'a Louise et Henrietta.

Saito Roi de Tristain aurait non seulement sécurisé la position d'Henrietta vis-à-vis des nobles en lui donnant un héritier mais aussi représenter une image moins vulnérable de Tristain à l'étranger, le Japon (probablement aussi les Usa) aurait été beaucoup plus intéressé par une alliance politique, économique et probablement militaire, étant que donné que Saito est citoyen japonais.

la vision des États-Unis qu'à Saito était drôle je ne le nie pas, le problème est que non seulement cela fait passer Saito pour un total idiot mais j'ai trouvé cela aussi très inquiétant pour Henrietta. Les seules connaissances qu'elle possède sont celles du monde auquel Saito appartient sont celles qu'il a données, connaissances qui sont fausses et erronées pour la plupart.
Henrietta peut perdre toute crédibilité et commettre des erreurs diplomatiques, politiques, économiques ou militaires, fragilisant ainsi sa position comme Reine de Tristain. de nombreux pays seraient sans doute prêt à profiter de sa fragilité (Russie, Chine,...) pour déstabiliser Tristain s'ils y voient une opportunité, sans compter les nobles qui pourraient être tentés de se marier de force avec elle.
6/6/2018 c3 last admiral
Good, more please. However i would like to complain and give some piece of my mind by number. please reply it by number as well.
1. God dammit you Mott, everyone is not please with your action. im waiting for the good old marine's kick-the-door action on your manor. Which make me more concern with louise short-tempered attitude and cast explotion trigger-finger is just asking for hot lead. i mean, make explosive out of nowhere is a serious security issue here.
2. Saito, whats wrong with you? I know you're just typical otaku freak, lolicon, with serious family relation issue, basement-dweller weeb that its character purpose is to sell dreams and to give hope to loser out there that they can bang a girl too(somehow..). But the way you paint US are to the point that i would believe you are an extreme right-wing. I know you're typical ignorant japanese but you shocked me to disbelief here.
3. Why louisexsaito only!*change my uniform to commissar outfit* Mister, would you like to care to explain what sort of heresy is THIS! I mean, Wales is dead(for good, lol)! If Henrietta ascend to throne, are you planning for her to stay virgin to old age without an heir? Cause if she died, the legitimate heir by bloodline is the Valliare Family(wiki cannon). That why i vouched for the idea of saitoxhenriettaxtabithaxlouise/anyone. Saito would make a good puppet(i mean ruler) for earth cause he easier to control and know not to cross path earth. He's the perfect candicate for Earth and Water throne(Wind throne too if you want). The reason i want to united tristain and Gallia not only because of perferred shipping, also ecomnomic. Gallia had huge territory, manpower and resource plus with gorvement that less corrupt and more efficent by tristain will make easier for both nation to modernise if they sharing resource. So please include henrietta and tabitha beside louise(no, not vittorio. dont even think to ship that romalian pretty boy to both queen).
3. Louise, your attitude gonna get you to be drag to court sooner or latter. With CIA watching, they will raised an eyebrow on why an earth boy just accept to called 'dog' and treated like one including hitting on his head like an idiot and other plus they will no doubt related familiar thing with slavery. Girlfriend or not, no parents in the world just gonna watching their child get treated like that, in front of public or not. They gonna grab louise hand, ask her to bring them to her parent cause they gonna have some serious talk on her parent on subject of child parenting and civic attitude on treating a fucking human being! Please send saito to psychitarist please cause *cough*Stockholm Syndrom*cough*.
6/5/2018 c3 44Avro 683 Lancaster
the princess is about to open a door to something completely new, a power beyond her imagination
6/5/2018 c3 11USS Infinity U.N.S.C
the release of Tristain has begun! if you are going to flee, do it now, but if you are going to fight, do it with me! "
6/5/2018 c3 hellisonfire345
Canada's in the Commonwealth.. UK will probably join in...
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