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6/5/2018 c3 fencer29
In all fairness to Saito and his questionable knowledge of Canada, polar bears actually are a concern at times in places like Churchill, Manitoba. However that's primarily because the town sits right in the middle of the bears' annual migratory path. However the image of a Mountie sitting astride his faithful moose is priceless.

As a minor aside, Agnes probably should have assigned a couple of her musketeers to stay with their mounts and the Princess's carriage. They might have found themselves to have a lot of common ground with their police counterparts (for one thing, tending of the horses should be pretty much the same).

Meanwhile I'm looking forward to Saito explaining himself - both the CSIS and CIA presumably went into overtime trying to learn as much as they could about him as soon as they learned his name, and once he identifies himself as a Japanese citizen the Japanese ambassador will most likely be called in on the negotiations as well.
6/3/2018 c2 Guest
Please update soon!
6/4/2018 c3 MadmanDSD
Fucking beautiful. I can't tell whether to laugh or beat Saito's ass for all the exstisential bullshit. I love it!
6/4/2018 c3 CommonwealthFlip
Will we see combat situations in the story like US and Canada vs. The Reconquista. Please include Britain
6/4/2018 c1 3UN Peacekeeper
Forgot to mention. If you can provide the history of the British Empire to the Tristanians.
6/4/2018 c3 UN Peacekeeper
Thanks for the update and keep up the good work.
Update soon.
6/4/2018 c3 1Assistant Elite General Matteo
Calling a photograph a painting is quite amusing xD
5/28/2018 c2 Guest
Was this inspired by Gate? Also please continue the story.
5/25/2018 c2 GB
Thank you for the LN info!

You were right about the ending being unsatisfying and kinda without logic. Still, it was really good to be able to finally read the ending. While I said it was unsatisfying, it's not all that bad.

I shall soon read your chapter! Thanks a lot again and take care!
5/24/2018 c1 3last admiral
# and human abustment
5/24/2018 c2 last admiral
Dont forget to include Britain too. Have them send unit to halkeginia. Should we have our British newlywed royal couple visit too? you know, to join in the negotiation too and for moral support and give the speech for earth expidition troops. Also, fuck you louise, you still beat up saito and dog/mutt or any equevielant. im hoping someone(earth) need to take action, cause no matter what reason, its still painfull to see someone get beat and hit and get insult by other. please teach louise some frickin' manner and hope saito parent(make them vip) send saito to psychitarist to 'deal' with his stockholm sindromn, cause no parent want to see their child recieve this trement and somehow just accept it(unlike southeast asian, japan dont cane their child and thus louise treatment can catogerious as slavery and human be funny if it drag to court.).
5/24/2018 c2 44Avro 683 Lancaster
I love this story, please do not leave it abandoned
now the princess has the power to form an allinaza with canada and the united states
and then with the United Nations
5/23/2018 c2 Guest
Dear lord, you actually managed to make Saito and Louise's relationship look actually functionnal there. i even awww'd a few time at their antics, what kind of sorcery is this?
5/23/2018 c2 3last admiral
5/22/2018 c2 MadmanDSD
I anticipate with excitement for the next chapter. The potential this story holds...
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